Kundali Bhagya 24th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Karina accepts Prithvi as her son in law


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Dadi exclaims that she married him only after he saved her life, Kritika says how she is not finish as the criminals did not stop following hem so after a while, she along with Prithvi je stopped at a communal wedding.

Kritika asks Prithvi why he stopped the bike, he explains how there is a crowd, and they would be able to blend in, then Kritika asks what is happening here, Prithvi explains how there is a communal wedding, the organizer explains how they have chosen a very good MLA who cares for them so he now asks the Pandit to start the rituals of the marriage.

The MLA is shocked to see them and even asks his adviser to go and throw them all out because they will now ruin the wedding, they come to him and after taking his blessing exclaim how there is a someone who has come to hide after beating them and he should just allow them to look for once, the politician agrees however warns them how if they create any problem then he would ask his mother who would take them after beating him.

Prithvi and Kritika are both performing the rituals, he even feels her Mang which worries her as she feels that it is a ritual and they also start performing the circles, when Kritika remembers how they took the clothes of one of the couples who were not ready to get married and it is when they both took their clothes and got married.

Karan exclaims how he doesnot believe in such a marriage Preeta also explains what Karan said mentioning how she doesnot have to accept such a marriage with Prithvi who a kidnapper is and doesnot have any character, Kritika says how Preeta said the same about Akshay, Sherlin also takes the side of Preeta and Karan mentioning how she doesnot have to accept such a marriage as she should not say that she can live her life with Prithvi.

Prithvi asks what he has done wrong to receive such hatred from then and they are thinking wrong of him, karan shouts at him ordering how he should not talk in between, prithvi says how he would talk when they are judging him for his past, but he is a changed man now, Kritika turning to him exclaims how she would always stand by him and not judge him on his past.

Preeta mentions how she should not say this because she is not thinking clearly and even they were not married with love but it was just because of the situation so she should not even think of living her life with such a man who is not worthy to be a husband, Kritika then says how she has also marred Karan in disguise and is fulfilling her life so why can she not do the same, Preeta explains how she was married to karan even before and had accepted him as her husband so why can she not accept her marriage, Preeta explains how she should not even worry about her and not listen to anyone but should only think if she would be able to live her life with such a man, Kritika exclaims how she can live because she has also married Prithvi according to all the rituals and has accepted him as her husband, Prithvi also comments how he has also accepted her as his wife.

Karan refuses saying how he doesnot believe in such a marriage and they should consider it null and void, Kritika stops him asking why is he doing it because she has accepted Prithvi as her husband so what problem do they have with him. as she is now his wife, Karan holding her tightly inquires why is she not understanding what he is trying to explain and leaves saying that he will never accept the marriage. Kritika starts crying hearing this.

Rakhi rushes to Kritika pleading with her to not cry as everyone would be with her but they just need some time, Dadi also coming to her mention how she should not cry because she is with her, Prithvi takes her blessings, Karina then exclaims how she has not still yet accepted her, Preeta thanks god when Karina mentions how she has no personal problem with him but is bothered by the fact that he is the ex-fiance of Preeta, and she cannot change what has happened however she cannot accept their marriage as it did not happen in front of her, Kritika rushing to her exclaims how she can understand her feelings as she is her mother and is worried because she could not be a part of her wedding so she would once again marry Prithvi, she asks him if he is okay with it, he exclaims how he doesnot have any problem and would love to marry her if it causes happiness to their family, he however mentions a condition that the entire preparations would be done by Preeta, Rakhi asks what is he saying, Prithvi explains how she has a lot of experience in marrying as she has married Karan twice and also held four functions with him, even Shristhi is a professional, Karina agrees saying how Preeta caused the marriage to end between Kritika and Akshay however this time she would be in charge of arranging the entire functions and must make sure that there is nothing that causes problems for them.

Prithvi after coming to Karina exclaims how he would never ask her for the reason which caused Akshay to leave the Mandap as he feels that she is his present and thinks that couples are made in heaven, Karina then asks them both to go and freshen up while she would send their belongings.

Mahira is with Sherlin who is constantly crying, she asks her to not be so worried as everything would work out, Sherlin explains how nothing would happen, Mahira is worried when Sherlin asks why is she looking at her in such a manner when Mahira says how she never saw her like this, Sherlin says how this is because nothing of the sort ever happened so she feels as dying, she then asks Mahira to leave as she needs to rest and doesnot let her stay, she sits on the floor thinking how Prithvi has wronged her after marrying Kritika.

Precap: Karan tells Preeta that his family doesn’t know Prithvi’s true side. He will never accept Prithvi and Kritika’s marriage. Preeta thinks there must be a motive behind Prithvi marrying Kritika. She will have to find it out.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. And…….. Sherlin is still pregnant. She is breaking a lot of records… Hahaha

  2. Sweet_Shadow

    soo karina is also mad well done ekta.
    now i dont know what to expect from you, kya hai bey?
    I support sherlyn right now (i might regret it though) what the hell is wrong with ekta, when are the guns gonna be ready, i will kill her in trigger mode mad woman. yaarr isne toh hadd paar kardi. purre pagal samjh kar rakha hai kya? Uss prithvi ki haldi mein zeher rakho, aur garland mein zeher se bhara hua needles. Go rot in hell ekta. not even die. ravan ke sath sade reyna

    1. Sweet_Shadow

      i mean just die in hell yarr

  3. ekta is a very discusting women in the universe

  4. I ma really disappointed with the producers, how on earth can Prithvi be in the same city as Krithika, she knows he is bad guy, her family despises him and yet she marries without consulting her mother, this is becoming a lot of bullshit in the form of entertainment, there is no more a story line, just a lot of crap for the public to watch, please just end this show if there is nothing more constructive to the show.

  5. I think it’s time they find out the truth about sherlin prithvi and mahira

  6. Very crazy indeed
    I think who ever is writing this crap and producing it should consult with me first.
    I think I have better ideas and fantasies. This is absolute nonsense which is all in one drama
    Okay let’s do it this way, let me also add some of my crap to it😂😂😂.
    Since prithvi is in the luthra and he obviously loves preeta right, whenever preeta is low, down, depressed etc he should show very much serious concern, that way karan will become very jealous and love preeta more, which will make us the fans very happy to see our favorite jodi getting along, at the same it will be angering the villains in the house, that way neither one of the villians will win, that is all the villians will end exposing one another, therefore how is that for more crap.

  7. I think the show is too long and becoming boring. Some twist are not necessary. Kindly the writer should shorten the story. Karans father should come out of coma, regain his memory and Expose mahira,sherlyn,prithvi and prove Karina wrong.please end this show and bring a different new show if you want to continue entertaining us, characters maybe the same with different roles. Thank you.

  8. don’t understand what the problem is for some people. Kritika marries Prithvi again that’s great.
    ok Prithvi deserves something better not such a sleeping pill but who cares it’ s Prithvi he will manage the matter very well. 😂😂
    I am happy for Kareena, can you imagine when she finds out that Prithvi is the father of Sherlyn’s baby?🤣😂🤣

  9. Steve

    Prita should just stay out of Kareena and Kritika’s matters. Why does she only have to be the ‘mahan’ one each and every single time!
    She is such a bimbo to even try and save these blind people.
    She has done her duty as bhabhi by warning Kritika but the final decision will be Kritika’s.
    Why does Prita need to create a scene in every function and get her family insulted each time. She is just proving Kareena’s point each time. I understand that she has a very big heart, but she should know her limits and learn to respect herself. She should instead focus on her marriage with Karan as that is most important. When will Rishabh return?? I hope that Prithvi doesn’t stay in Luthra’s house now. That would be the worst thing ever!!

  10. If there are any problems it is shistri because she would come diving in to help prove and stop the wedding and fail yet again. I want her gone from the show. She not even nice to say keep her for viewers to look at her pretty face. Make sure to keep pretty Mahira

  11. kartika you don’t make her upset for dr preeta.
    kartika so please don’t like that I promise you kartika try to understand that karthika I don’t like it stop it.
    kartika you know that karan he gets upest because of you kartika be careful okay.
    kartika so I hope you that don’t like that okay.
    karan you go near to dr preeta that nice for you that is better for you.
    Karan you tell to maira don’t stay away from there not you maira you are rejected x. wrong impossible.


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