Kundali Bhagya 23rd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Shrishti-Tanvi break wedding Mandap

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Shrishti comes to Karan. He was curt that this wedding is happening. Shrishti says Preeto must be stuck somewhere. Karan says neither Preeta is attending his call, nor did she inform him about anything. He turns to go to look for Preeta. Shrishti says alright, then it will take Karan equal time to come. Sameer says Gathbandhan is about to begin.
There, Sherlin angrily stares towards Prithvi. Tanvi wonders what’s wrong with Sherlin, why she is staring at Prithvi in such rage. Sherlin recalls Prithvi questioned her about the remote. He asked if she was about to blast Rakhi; Rakhi is her mother in law. And why had Sherlin grabbed Preeta Ji so badly, what if she was hurt. Sherlin had slapped Prithvi, and warned to leave his life if Preeta stayed in it. She reminded that she got Prithvi engaged to

Preeta only so that Preeta stay away from Rishab; now they do not need Preeta anymore. If Prithvi didn’t leave Preeta, she would take over the whole Luthra property alone.

There, wedding rituals were beginning. Rishab thinks about Preeta. He thinks from now onwards, he and Preeta would be friends. He couldn’t live up to any of his relations to full. Tanvi asks Karan if Sherlin and Prithvi have some past. Karan replies they have a present.

Rakhi was happy that finally Rishab was getting married. It’s all because of Preeta that Rishab was ready. Karan thinks he won’t spare Preeta. He was then worried what if something was wrong with Preeta.

Preeta was tensed in the room. She wonders what if she can’t get out. She decides to tell Karan about it. She goes to the window, but was afraid and couldn’t decide to jump down.

Karan collects Sameer, Tanvi and Shrishti to create a drama. Shrishti and Tanvi must fight for Sameer together. Till then he can drop the Mandap. Shrishti and Tanvi fakes a fight. Karan signals them to go.

Everyone was attentive as Shrishti held Tanvi over a table. She screamed over Tanvi. Kareena and others try to stop Shrishti. Shrishti says this Tanvi wants to have an affair with Sameer, she won’t spare her at any cost. Karan joins in and asks Sameer what happened here. Sameer poses to be clueless. He goes to Rishab to clarify there is nothing between him and Tanvi. Sherlin doesn’t let Rishab leave the Mandap. Rakhi also tells Rishab it’s a bad omen to leave the Mandap. Even this fight is not the right thing. Dadi says only a sensible man can handle a fight like this. Janki also tells Rishab to get up and handle the fight, else the wedding would be spoilt. Rishab shouts at them to stop it. He tells Shrishti to leave Tanvi. Shrishti says she can’t leave Tanvi. Sameer is her best friend, she can’t watch Sameer being trapped by someone like Tanvi. Rakhi also shouts at Shrishti to stop it, why they are behaving so awkward. She says she knows there is an affair between Sameer and Tanvi, and she will marry Sameer to Tanvi. Janki objects as Sameer loves Shrishti. Shrishti denies Janki’s claims. Sanjana says no matter whatever the problem is, they must let Pandit ji complete the wedding. Kareena tells Pandit ji to begin the wedding once again. Karan stood helpless. Tanvi slaps Shrishti. Shrishti slaps Tanvi again. They run, pushing Karan in their way. The pillar of Mandap fell over. The girls fight around and ruin the wedding mandap. Karan untie the Gath Bandhan and helps Rishab and Sherlin to get off the Mandap before it fells. Karan parts the girls.

Sherlin thinks she is aware the girls created this drama only to stop their wedding. Kareena was angry and scolds the girls. Karan accepts his mistake in all this, but he would explain it later. Sherlin goes to her room. Karan hands the remote control of the bomb as well. Rishab notices Karan gave a thumbs up to girls.

PRECAP: Prithvi tells Sherlin to continue blaming Karan, but not Preeta. Sherlin grabs Prithvi’s collar and asks if his heart only beats for Preeta. There, Preeta decides to jump off the window

Update Credit to: Sona

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