Kundali Bhagya 23rd March 2020 Written Episode Update: Maira reveals the truth about Mahesh’s accident to Preeta

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Ramona wonders if Preeta has harmed Maira, Rakhi tries to convince her that she cannot do anything like this, Ramona is adamant that she is the one as she has already tried to ruin the wedding by stealing the engagement ring, Karina says that she knows them all too well and when they have already scolded them then they should not take a chance and so she will call the police who will arrest her,
Rakhi stops her explaining t5hat she should not hurry and they would first check in the Mandir as Maira informed her that she would go to the Mandir, Karina asks her why is she always taking the side of the Auroras, She asks Kartika to go and check the Mandir, then she explains that if Maira is not there then they would do what they feel.
Preeta orders Shrishti to let Maira come in as she mentioned that she has something important to say, Maira comes in saying that she is not feeling bad and feels nice that Preeta was thrown out of the Luthra mansion. Shrishti again tries to throw her out of the house, Preeta orders her to go back into her room, Shrishti mentions that she would never leave her alone as she knows that Maira has blamed her for doing all the wrong, then Maira explains that she is not the one as it was Sherlin’s plan, Shrishti does not like her blaming Sherlin as she has also wronged them, Maira constantly asks preeta to order Shrishti to leave their house but she doesn’t say anything, she only orders Shrishti when she threatens to hit Maira, then Preeta asks the reason she came to their house, Maira sits on the sofa saying that she got realty excited when she woke up in the morning, so she thought of sharing her happiness, she thanks Preetas as it is because of her that she is about to marry karan, she created such huge scenes but her plan got ruined when karan backed out from the wedding because of Mahesh, then she came which allowed her to marry karan.
Preeta asks does she really believe that she would think that Maira came to congratulate her after leaving her marriage function, preeta asks her to leave saying that she is different from her sister because she doesnot want to talk to such people, preeta asks her to leave but she doesnot listen to her, Preeta asks why did she blame her for pushing Mahesh because she knows that she cannot do anything of the sort, so she wants to know why Maira blamed her, She gets angry when Preeta starts to cry asking her to stop it as she uses the same crying to attain the trust of other’s but she even thinks that preeta should give classes to others and make then practice as this would really help them.
Maira explains that the reason she came to her house was to inform her that she really wanted to marry karan and so put the blame of pushing Mahesh on her as whenever she came to their house then it harmed her relation with Karan, Preeta explains that she knows that Maira is not a good person and would seem to any low to get what she wants so she wants to know what is it Maira really wants, Maira explains that no one can stop her as even the person that is Mahesh is in coma, Preeta gets surprised then asks what can she do to get Karan, Maira mentions that she should not remain doubtful as she was the one to push Mahesh and this helped her get two scores settled, the Luthra family got angry with her and even karan agreed to marry her so this is because of her that Karan is marrying her.
Kartika reaches the mandir wondering why Karina sent her as she is not even friends with her so they should have sent Sherlin, Kartika does not see that Sarla along with Bi jee and Janki are praying, they bump into each other when Kartika apologizes to her, but Sarla stops her saying that she should not act as if she is a good person, then they leave, Kartika wonders where Maira has gone if she came to the Mandir.
Preeta gets surprised after hearing that it was Maira who pushed Mahesh, Maira then explains that she should not be so shocked as she can stoop to any low to marry Karan, she has a team and they plan it all together, Sherlin is her team, Preeta gets shocked hearing this, then Maira explains that they threw Mahesh from the stairs but he caught on to the wheelchair and stopped, she came to the hall, he got relieved as he wondered that she came to help him but never thought that she came to him like an angel of death whose affects can still be seen on the Luthra Mansion, She mentions that she pulled his hand from the wheel chair and then pushed him hard which caused him to fall on the floor.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. This show is so bakwass now day by day same thing preeta always in trouble I’d the directors dont have any story line end the show and Karan is another dumb bell I would say end the show tired of this nonsense

    1. Verma4

      I second that. Total and utter crap and bull f**king shit. I just do not even bother watching episodes anymore.

  2. Leisa s morris

    Ok I know how these writers are but are u seriously telling me dat dis one time dey cant make d gd guys win and have shristi tape dis confession? I mean come on give d gd guys a break already. I still want maira to b married to karan though before dey get dat tape,/video IF and a very big if..shristi really taped it. I want d luthras to feel real dumb but of course if she did tape d confession its only gonna b partial where sherlyns part is left out as she wouldvw started taping late. Lets see wat these mooronic writers do.

    1. Agreed Leisa. I did visualize the squeaky voiced Maira getting hit on the side of the head with a 2×4 and being hauled off to the police station to be charged with a multitude of things. Shristi, better have taped/filmed this. But shristi is conveniently stupid, like everyone else, when proof is thrown in their face. Or when they have proof of crime, Shriti and Preeta remain silent. Over and over again. It is surprising that no one has recommended the same voice coach that the tuna-fish had in order to temper her voice. Hopefully, because the little flower girl will be gone ‘soon’, anyway. Perhaps a large flower pot could be dropped on her head and no one would have to listen to that squeaky voice again. No, I am not advocating for violence as a solution… I am mirroring the plot of the show which is focused on sociopathic liars, thieves and murderers. I have not seen any love story… ever in this show. I have no idea what Preeta ‘feels’ for Karan, but it is most certainly not love. I think having the brain of an adult or at least a functioning brain is necessary for love …and life. These basics of life are not represented in this show. I guess ‘uneducated’ India needs to have this drivel shoved down their throat in order to fool them that this is real for middle-class/elite families. You’ve got Covid 19 for many to be frightened about already, yet Miss Evil Kapoor thinks it’s a good thing to teach the ‘uneducated’ that middle-class and elite people are incredibly stupid so it should be just fine for them to also join in the fun of sociopathic behaviour.

    2. Leisa s morris

      Athough d luthras deserve it d fact is dey already has one criminal element in their family it kinda hard to bombard dem with another. I want sherlyn to take dem to d cleaners,leave dem with nothing and let dem have yo turn to d daughter in law dey dont want for help. I especially want karina to feel d brunt of her decisions,decisions dat she shouldnt e en be making seei g dat its rakhi house and family

  3. Zeenath Ssleem

    Arre Ektha yaar, abhi tho teri kahani mein kuch naya lekhe aao.Same same gissa peeta story.Preeta is caught everytime n she n her sister both are so dumb kids, baathein record karna nahi aathe. But the vamps know everything…how come?? You guys only want to drag this stupid story. My mother in law watch n she make us see it. God, …

  4. Did they stop showing it on sky.zeetv doesnt have the programme in ireland

    1. In fiji too..no program

  5. Don’t the Luthras have cctv cameras installed in their home or they have become oblivious of them completely. There is just one character that I admire and that is Rishabh. He only deserves Orders as he both trusts and respects her. Karan is a credulous and gullible guy , how can Preea love such a guy????~!!!

  6. LOL, Leisa! Wouldn’t it be worse if she had to go to her husbands family for help? After all, shouldn’t she be living with her husband’s family? I would like to see Mahesh recover so that he can stop, correct and punish Karina, while shaming her, horrifically. And demand that Rakhi never acknowledge Karina’s stolen authority, ever again. Aren’t we wicked!?

    1. No dear @Akituster, U r not being wicked ??. Not at all??. U r just being Wise???????‍♀️.

    2. No dear @Akituster, U r not wicked ??. Not at all ??. U r just being Wise ???????‍♀️.

    3. thx Viji! That line between stopping and punishing someone can be very thin before it becomes revenge. But this show AS IT IS SUPPOSED TO DO… sure does cross that line daily.

    4. Leisa s morris

      Not wicked,ur being just. I cant understand d indian culture to allow simeonr else to come call d shots in ur house with ur kids. Imagine rakhi has to take instructions from karina who even went as far as to lock her in a room as she didnt agree with dem AND her mother in law allowed it. I dont care if karina is d eldest sibling,shes married and should b outta dat house and leave rakhi yo make her decisions. Imagine she choosing d wives for rakhi children hmmmm.

    5. Agreed. What is also very disturbing is the lack of privacy. Anyone at anytime can walk in without knocking. anyone can be hiding (aliyah, tuna fish, sherlyn, maira) and spying ALL the time. And the older you are, the more power you have even when you are a complete proven and stupid idiot. Your ‘elder’ believes they OWN you and anything you earn/create even if you have not lived at home for years/married. Respecting an ‘elder’ or anyone… is appropriate when they have earned that respect. People forget that stupid, greedy, narcissist type people and criminals also become ‘elders’, even if they are your parents. And people like Rakhi? Sweet, but mostly pointless, possibly offering only cooking/cleaning services. They were bred to be victimized labour, just like the majority of ‘uneducated’ in India. It sure looks that way, doesn’t it? Even though I live as part of the diaspora, I am aware that these traits do exist within some Indian families. These were never poor or ‘uneducated’ families, whether in India or out of India.

  7. Bakwass show…. Nd bakwass writter.. Ekta jii kuch toh aya karein

  8. crappy all over again

  9. Ekta Kapoor shoes are always like that beginning very nice once you get hooked to it the bakwass she has no story line whatsoever at all look at kumkum bhagia no story line what ever but still going on

  10. Hey Naz Lakshmi Sapphire and can you believe it I forgot the other name I know it begins with a C smh. I am not here to comment on this serial where a woman is eleventeen months pregnant I am here to ask you guys if you are fine and take precautions with this horrible COVID19 we have five cases in Guyana one dead.????you guys be careful and sanitize make sure not to go to crowded places stay indoors as much as possible take care guys.

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