Kundali Bhagya 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Prithvi plans to stop the wedding

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Kundali Bhagya 23rd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Samer is walking with Shrishti, he stops her then taking off the cloth says that he did this because otherwise it would seem odd, Shrishti praises him when Bi jee comes from behind slapping her, she explains that she is very angry with her as she did not call her when Sherlin came as then she would have come to hit her but she did not call her, Shrishti mentions that a lot of things were happening so he did not get the chance and then the police also came, Bi jee thanks him saying that he was the reason that their reputation was saved. He asks her what kind of a boy she wants for Preeta then she says that she wants someone like Rishab, they are get surprised then she leaves.
Rishab turns then is stopped when a car is blocking the road, it is Ragha with his men, Rishab is constantly honking

but he does not move and then Rishab gets out demanding that he move the car, when he goes to him Ragha starts to misbehave so he slaps him but then Ragha takes out a knife and is about to hit him but the police arrive and they run away.
Samer takes out his phone, he is surprised to see that Kartika has called him, he calls her asking what the matter is she explains that a lot has happened as Rishab called the doctor explaining that Mahesh was waking but instead of being happy he was angry and left murmuring saying that he will not let him marry Preeta. Samer thinks that he might have come o0t know that Karan is marrying Preeta so is trying to stop him then he must inform him, he wonders that Karan might be of no help so he must do it himself.
Prithvi is walking when he enters a room, Janki comes and is surprised to see where he has gone, then looking from the door she thinks that he is doing something wrong and has something in the box that is going to cause trouble, she decides to call Shrishti with her as she will understand, she plans to do anything to stop him from stopping the wedding.
Rishab is driving his car thinking what has happened and the reason he was not able to understand that Prithvi is a curl person, he starts to blame himself for not eliciting his brother who always believed that they were wrong, he thinks that this means Prithvi knows him from before they met Preeta as they got to know him because of them.
Preeta is sitting in the Mandap and thinking why she is only remembering Karan, Karan is wondering what is taking so long as they might not know any meaning of the Mantar so it might be better that they marry in the court.
Janki sees Prithvi’s men coming, she sees Prithvi going in the bathroom so immediately hides, then when they plan she is sitting in the wardrobe, they all leave so she steps out but Prithvi is standing in front of her, he tries to act as if she is unaware of the entire fact, he asks her why she was sitting there and what happened so he might help her, she gets tensed wondering why he is acting as he knows what she is doing in the wardrobe. Prithvi asks her what she was doing in the wardrobe, Janki explains that she came to check the clothes so must have fallen asleep, he agrees with her saying that she is looking sleepy but is also looking afraid, she refuses to accept that she is afraid, he asks her to leave but when she is about to he stops her saying that she was not deceiving him and he knows that she is trying to stop his wedding and whoever is against him is his enemy, whom he does not forgive, he says that she should have accepted his marriage yet she went against him so now he will punish her, he will give her a small punishment by giving her a sedative before locking her in the room as no one comes to the particular room.
Pandit asks both of them to get ready for circling, he asks Karan to help Preeta to which he obliges, she takes his hand feeling that it is Karan as she knows how his hand feels, she looks at the veil with suspicion remembering how her relationship was with Karan.

Precap: Both of them are taking the circles when Prithvi comes to stop the ceremony at which Karan gets suspicious. Rishab is driving his car very fast and gets into an accident.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. told u coma the whole family I going to a coma why is these writers r prolonging wickedness mrs Kapoor wow these kind of low life episode entertain u eh u got a high on this bull shit

    1. Well said, Mark! Sad little rich girl, showing off how powerful she is, forgetting that when the game gets old, most will notice the fact that the girl is capable of only carrying crap (?tutti) back and forth. I call her a girl because her ‘creative’ work reflects the mind and heart of an immature abuse victim, turned into an abuser, herself. Ekta is magical at locating real true talent and then controlling that talent so that she can believe that the talent is actually hers. And if people love the talent… well then, she crushes the talent trying to make the talent look stupid. Good game (for Ekta), wouldn’t you say?

    2. This track is going on since 2 months. I think this will beat Tanu’s pregnancy report track at Kumkum Bhagya.

  2. I keep saying ..Ektha writes nonsense.she makes the viewers stupid.

    waste of time

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