Kundali Bhagya 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan, Rishab and Sameer trapped by goons

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Kundali Bhagya 22nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Neil laughs over Karan and Rishab. They argue with each other, blaming one another when Neil and goons open fire over them. They run to save their lives. Preeta could sense something was wrong and hear Neil order his men to shoot any of them at sight.
Sameer and Shrishti had been tied again. Shrishti complained that she had been tied again. Sameer tells her to stop speaking, she already wasted his time by her emotions. They argue with each other. Sameer wish his brothers succeed in their plan because they had been badly trapped.
Karan hides from the goons and successfully divert their attention by throwing a bottle at the other corner. Neil and his man had been able to get Rishab. Neil pointed a gun at Rishab, he wasn’t ready to let him go until he grabs Karan. Rishab says Neil can’t touch his brother until he is here. He shouts at Karan to be here, else he will kill Rishab. Rishab shouts at Karan not to get blackmailed. Karan grabs a wooden rod from his way. Neil begins the count down. Karan fell on his way, hurting his leg but reach Neil. He stands between Rishab and Neil. Rishab questions why he returned? Karan hugs Rishab saying he is his life, he couldn’t have left him. Preeta watch this from outside. Neil tells his goons to take both of them. One of the men stop by the window to see Preeta but she hides herself.
The goons discuss about the capture of Karan and Rishab in front of Sameer and Shrishti. He tells them to rest peacefully now.
While driving the car, Prithvi cursed the day and then himself for hiring that Neil. He says he is now paying such a huge amount to Neil for murdering Shrishti so that all the proofs against him will be erased. He gets a call from Sherlin, she was tensed and says she can sense something very wrong happening. Prithvi was irritated and forbids her to stop her melodrama of bad omens happening around. A photo frame around Sherlin fell down. Sherlin asks Prithvi to return, but he was irked at her and says he is going for a very important task, she may better not interfere with his work right now. He now gets a call from Preeta and thinks she would now tell him about Shrishti’s kidnap. Preeta asks for his help in getting Shrishti released from a kidnapping. Prithvi walks into the godown with a smirk, promising Preeta to be at her house in a while. He was shocked to see Preeta standing in the godown. He poses as if there was a disruption in line and promises to call Preeta back soon. He walks outside and decides to run away from here, but was afraid what if Neil takes his name in front of everyone.
Karan and Rishab were tied and sat together. Neil gets a call and says they have another brother. Both were shocked to hear this.

PRECAP: Karan promises Neil double the amount to share with him the name whoever paid for Shrishti’s murder. Prithvi tries to stop an auto but was shocked to see Sarla, Mahesh and Rakhi in it. There, Shrishti tells Preeta someone paid for her murder to Neil.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I told you viewers that these idiotic writers would put stupid twist in episode. A BUNCH OF IDIOTIC MORONIC WRITERS. HOW MUCH MORE STUPID CAN UOU GET.

  2. Mellu

    I was hoping that shrishti and sameer will run , but they are stretching like hell !!!

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