Kundali Bhagya 22nd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rishab is shocked to hear about Preeta’s arrest

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Kundali Bhagya 22nd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karina mentions that she ahs tried to kill their daughter in law but Rakhi says that she knows that Preeta cannot do anything like this, Sarla says that she knew both Sherlin and Karina would never listen to her but she knows that both Dadi and Rakhi would help her so she pleads in front of them both to help her.
Ramona asks why Rakhi is still taking sides of the Auroras even when she tried to kill Maira in the hospital, she says that she is not aware of the black magic which they have implied on her, Sarla says it is not the case but Ramona gets really angry saying that she does not understand why Sarla still came but now that she is here she will respond that they will not let Preeta out of the jail as they intention which she had is against her daughter, Karina tries to take Rakhi away but she insists that she will stay with them all, then she makes her vow n the life of her sons, when they leave Sarla pleads with Dadi saying that she knows that she loves her daughter and even Preeta loves her as she came to her when she came to know that Dadi was ill, she came running, Dadi tries to explain that she cannot do anything, Ramona tries to stop her from saying anything else.
Karina brings Rakhi to her room, she says that she must stay in the room as she will always take the side of the Auroras and so it would be difficult for her to control each and everything so now she must stay in the room, she then locks her in the room ordering Ganesh to not unlock her under any circumstance, she leaves with Sherlin, Ganesh thinks of unlocking her but then wonders what will happen to him when karina comes to know what he did.
Sameer is able to finalize a deal which is really a big success, he then tries to share it with Rishab but it is not connecting, he then remembers that he has gone abroad, he then calls Shrishti who is crying, he ass the reason to which she gets mad asking him to not pretend as he knows each and everything, she then explains that Preeta was about to get into an accident and when she saved her then Maira got injured, they then helped to the hospital where Sherlin accused her of trying to murder Maira, which got her arrested, Sameer promises her to help her under any circumstance.
Ramona asks why she said that she will not let her do anything, Sarla starts to shout at which Ramona asks Dadi why is she shouting and what is the reason she is standing and not saying anything, she explains that she is saying this because Dadi knows that Preeta is innocent but Dadi says that she cannot say anything at this moment,
Karina and Sherlin also come, Karina says that she must not pretend and leave, they all get into an argument and Ramona also gets frustrated with each and everything, Sherlin tries to interrupt her but Sarla yells at her saying that she must not interfere, Ramona is amazed as to why are they listening to a woman who they should not have even allowed to enter their house, Karina explains that she is trying so orders that Sarla leave the house, Sarla is adamant that she will only when she has gotten the assurance that they will take the complaint back, they then are adamant that they will not take the complaint back, Janki also comes and hears that Karina is adamant to call the police but then when she shouts at them to call whoever they wish to, Sarla pleads with her to stop as the Luthra’s have no heart and it will not work, they both leave the house.
Sameer is calling Karan but it is not reachable, he gets a call from Rishab who is really impressed with his work as he was able to finalize a really big deal so their partners were also really impressed with his work, Sameer is really tensed he mentions that it is not the case as Sherlin has filed a case against Preeta for attempt to murder, Rishab gets shocked and rushes back to the house.
Preeta is waiting for Sarla, she ahs really high hopes and is waiting that everything will soon be alright as the relations have started to build when they were destroyed, Shrishti thinks of how will she be able to mention the truth to her sister who is so pure and innocent which is why she is not able to realize that the Luthra’s including karan are all traitors and might not come to help them at all.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Kathomi Lydia

    Karan is really selfish I hate him so much Preeta should never return to that house again atleast she should learn it now …she should keep her goodness with her ….. so they learn the truth and apologize to her with due respect

    1. Shilpa Mhatre

      True. He deserves the like of Sherlyn, Katerina n Mahira.

      I feel, even if Preeti had been wrong n I loved here, I would call her act wrong but still stood by her.
      And in this case, Karan’s character seems to lack basic reasoning … he doesn’t try to verify the facts of notice or anything … N call himself “the”.

      Preeti is better off without such “the”.. . Even if there is reconciliation why spend lifetime with a person who needs validation n appeasement every moment.

      1. @ Shilpa Mhatre, Agreeing with u, on ur point regarding “validation & appeasement every time.” D writers want to putforth a picture of women as dumb, helpless, shedding copious tears all d time.
        For a woman spending a lifetime with such an untrusting man, which requires constant validation frm her, wd be worse thn being sentenced to life imprisonment in jail . And who in her right senses would wish to choose someone like d brainless, remorseless, his conscience in coma & good sense missing karan as he’s portrayed currently by d CVs? And why shd he be made to get away wth his atrocious acts & abominable Abusive behaviour? He feels no guilt, no regret/remorse whatsoever fr his despicable act. Marrying sm1 by deceit z a criminal act. And abandoning her alone in d middle of d night in a deserted place, z such a heartless inhuman act. And wht do d CVs wish to call thz ? Do they wish to gloat over karan’s behaviour by labelling it as manliness, Machoism? Such behaviour warrants only fury frm enraged, normal viewing human beings like us. And those whose minds concoct such scenes & inject tht poisonous thought tht this z normal behaviour, into gullible/impressionable minds deserve only our contempt & condemnation. And d pompous ‘the’ in ‘tkl’ the karan luthra, can be replaced with ‘that,’ i.e., ‘that karan luthra.’ Till he’s shown as regretful/remorseful fr his behaviour & a sincere, mature change comes over in his characterisation, karan cannot redeem himself in our eyes.

  2. So Kareena has the authority to lock up her brother’s wife. But why not? Kareena brought a psychopath into the house as well.
    A travel advisory should be issued. Do not go to India!! the women over there have divided themselves into two camps. Overly dressed dumb women criminals against middle-class dumb victims. Tensions are flying! And money will be made… by the overdressed women only! Yes, we are watching the action right here and right now! Evil Kapoor is the general in charge of this battle. But do not go to India. It is too dangerous for for the rest of us, the human beings.

  3. when will karans father gain his health and spill the beans i hate this endless torture , we waited for janki and nithing was exposed thus ia f**king irritating

    1. how cud mahira turn out to be evil shit!

      1. Rishab came to Meet Dr Preeta to leave the Jail Karan Please you don’t talk to Maira you just leave her Karan you can go to Meet Dr Preeta I Request you don’t Scold for Dr Preeta and don’t blame her be careful Karan you love for Dr Preeta she will not do Anything for you Karan I hope you do like that This Not Aroes change your Topic be cool down 😇 and safe Karan 💗Dr Preeta is Nice couple I like it so much that time Sheryln did Planned to kill the Dr Preeta and also Karan please Scold for Maira Properly don’t leave her you just tell her to get lost Luthra House Right now itself Lock the Door okay Shame on All The Family because of you Kareena bua Sheryln Maira bAnd Rehina Rishab All The Family you just be careful okay

  4. Amal

    [email protected] my sister who’s really pure and innocent 😂😂😂😂 what’s this?

  5. First of all, I hate Kareena and that Ramona. They are the ones which are really irritating. Kareena is the one which brought the two useless bahoos Sherlin and Maira

  6. I doubt that Karan’s character is at the last stage and I don’t want to see this character anymore.
      This character is only a duffer and trusts all the characters of the series except Preeta. i haven’t been watching kdb for a long time 👿 the story is really shit 💩 rishta 👌🏻

  7. And yet karan and Preeta gets best jodi what a joke Rishab is the main lead to me why they don’t pair him with Preeta is beyond me beside having some height compared to midget karan he’s a more sensible character he sure he related to the rest of them brainless Luthra’s….if Preeta still love Karan after this trying to slap her I may destroy my tv this whole show is a joke

  8. What a nonsestical show.. How long will the writer keep dragging the story. It becoming boring. I loved this show when it started but right now its awful. I wish the writer will he sensible able to present preeta as an independent character so karan can realise his mistake or better still create another jodi for her, or letting privih marry her. I guess becos the show keeps winning the writer wants to keep dragging the story and the story is still in a circle, not moving. Boring story!

  9. Verma4

    Really fecken up show. what the f**k is Karina still doing there and whose died and made her the fecken queen – b*t*h. why is Sarla banging her head against a brick wall. And Ramona please look into the mirror again. Karan actually deserves a witch like Maira . It’s like ground hog day , same old blo*dy repeated story and please can someone please hit that slum class Karina b*t*h on her fecken head. Just cannot stand that fecken Karina. Dadi is in the same boat as well.

  10. The problem with this show is that it is devoid of common sense. Neither Sherlin nor Maira have been shown to take the bus. Sherlin drives and travels by car and Maira probably uses the Luthra family’s driver or Grab. But no one brings up the question of what Maira was doing at that particular bus stop on that particular morning and why Sherlin was also there, that too at the same time as Preeta was there. And there was a stall holder selling something near the bus stop who obviously saw the whole accident. Plus, Preeta called the doctor in advance so the hospital was already expecting the accident victim. Suddenly, in the hospital room, Maira throws things around and falls to the ground to make it appear that Preeta wanted to kill her because the police are outside. No sane person would choose to hurt Maira knowing full well that the cops are there. And yet some characters in the show can believe this. Wow! So genius.

    A normal person would call the family to inform them that an accident has taken place but here, neither Sherlin nor Shrishti did so nor Preeta who was busy playing goody-goody to the woman who is soon to be husband’s official mistress shrouded under the cloak of being the wife-to-be. Very nice.

    1. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 you said everything

    2. Verma4

      Let’s not hold our breath waiting for any sort of sense from Ekta’s shows. Sense goes out the window. With your analysis I would suggest you go to the top of the class.

  11. As always I want rishabh to marry preeta somehow and she should leave that dumb duffer Karan for good..

  12. Is it possible for Rishab to divorce sherlin and marry Preeta. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏. Cause that Jerk Karan doesn’t deserve her and her value he exactly like Karina no wonder she without husband who will stand this woman when she has a daughter too and till now sherlin is winning her truth doesn’t come out and her pregnancy is still under wrap 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. what do this karan and preeta do anyways.. always she will be tripping over and he wil be catching her and dumb eyelocks.. that she can very well do with rishabh.. and he is more deserving and sincere person too..he has a dignity of his own atleast.. duffer karan

  14. I have stopped watching this serial for now as i find it so frustrating. If Rishab gives Preeta’s side, then i would like to see Preeta and Rishab together. They have totally ruined Karen’s character. I would like to see Preeta take off her mangulsutra and give it back to Karen ( perhaps throw it in his face would be better) and wipe of her sindoor. It would be nice to see her as a strong, sensible character. I know love is blind but come on, it shouldn’t be that blind. They need to make the serial a bit more realistic. I can only dream!

  15. even if u come back after 6 months of not watching it there wont be a loss the stories will just be the same and repeating themselves nothing changed mahesh still in coma jankis memory wud never come back for lyftime sherlyns pregnancy evaporated and preetas justice wud never come
    this movie is just full of crap both kundali bhagya and kumkum bhagya full of stupidity everyday there are goons attack

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