Kundali Bhagya 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Preeta and Karan reach the truck

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Prithvi is searching the truck anxiously for the mobile hut is not able to find it, eh thinks of weather it will be in the back side, Sherlin asks him if he found it but he says that he has searched everywhere and now thinks that they must look at the back side.

Preeta says that they are just a few minutes away, Prithvi is still not able to find the mobile, Karan stops the car a few steps away, Sherlin wonders who it is and is shocked to see Karan and Preeta, she calls Him and he thinks that he must ask her to shut up s that he can focus, she again calls him and just when he is about to shout she tells that Karan and Preeta have come, he thinks of where to hide and feels that he will be caught.

Sherlin wonders what she will stay if they both come towards her, Karan and Preeta try to enter the truck but it is locked. Sherlin asks Prithvi to come with her, he is about o come but Preeta calls and he heads back, Sherlin looks at them again calling Prithvi to come out, Preeta comes after which Sherlin hide and Prithvi gets into the truck.

Karna and Preeta go to the other side and are shocked to see that the truck is open, she ask him to hurry as they are not allowed near it,

Sherlin is scared seeing Preeta standing, Preeta heads to the back but Karan calls him, she asks him what happened, he says that he has not found anything, she suggests that they must look everywhere for any sort of clue.

He heads at the back, Karan says that Preeta must look for any person, she disagrees saying that she will also come to help her. He also agrees to this.

Sarla is very worried thinking that it is the first time that Preeta and Shrishti have not called her back and she knows that her daughters are not like this, she feels that Karan and Rakhi are hiding something from her, because she knows that Rakhi is also a mother but she cannot let her daughters do anything that will harm them and will not allow them to risk their lives for others.

Preeta and Karna are looking but with no success he says that they must also search the boxes, they are also start to search it again when they hear a car moving and get worried believing it to be man accident. They both leave to find out what has happened.

Prithvi seeing the opportunity runs and falls into a pit of mud, Sherlin has met with an accident hitting a poor man, he starts to yell at her but she runs away, they both ask him what has happened but he says that some girl has hit him and left with a lot of mess.

Sherlin thinks that her phone is in the car and if Prithvi call’s then they will find out and she will be caught.

BI Jee asks Janki to put more pressure on her shoulders because it is getting more serious, Janki says that she is going through this pain because of the tension that she is facing, Janki says hat she must get so worried as they all; can take care of themselves. He asks Bi Jee to say nothing about Sarla and Shristhi, Bi jee says that if she wants her to be quiet then she must bring her cough syrup, at first Janki dis agrees but seeing how she pressurizes her she agrees.


Preeta and Karan search the ruck, he asks her to not come by herself and she will help him, Preeta however does not listen and when she is about to fall he holds her and prevents her from falling, she hugs him after getting on the truck. She does not feel what she has done, they both stare into each other’s eyes not knowing what to say.

They continuously stare into eahcohters eyes, a car stops and they both leave each other and see that a car is coming out, they see Sherlin leaving. Karan asks if she is thinking what he is thinking, Preeta neglects it to which Karan asks why she is not thinking, she asks how she can think of something like this because she is about to get married, he says that she cannot think because he feels that the accident was done on purpose, she knowing this gets relieved and asks him to come and help her.

Karina wonders who has come at this time, the servant opens and it is |Sarla she ask her why she has come at this time, she asks Karina to get away as she wants to talk with Rakhi, Karina gets angry saying that it is her house and she will; stand no matter what the situation is, she says that Karina must respect the guest that come to her house but she has no respect for them. Rakhi comes and is left shocked to see them both.

Rakh8i asks her to stop this but Karina says that she will do what she feels like as Sarla is a mother and will do what is best for her daughters. She starts to get nervous and yells at them, Rakhi asks Karina to stop as she will explain all that s happening, they starts to shout just then Shrishti comes with Mahesh and hugs her saying that she is okay and is infornt of her.

Sarla asks he hoe she got the bruises to which Rakhi says that it is their fault but Karina says that she got these because she got arrested for fighting with Billa.


Precap: Prithvi says to Sherlin that they must get the [phone not matter the consequence, Preeta says to Karan that she has found the mobile.

Update Credit to: Sona

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