Kundali Bhagya 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Sherlin’s plan against Rakhi and Sarla

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Karan was restless and waiting for Preeta. He was frustrated that he offered to pick her up, still she wasn’t ready. Sameer comes to Karan and asks what he is doing here. Karan replies he is waiting for Preeta, she had to do some task for him. Sameer inquires about the task. Karan shouts at Sameer to leave, he is already angry. Karan tries the phone.
Preeta and Sherlin watch Preeta’s phone ringing. Sherlin asks whose phone it is. Sherlin warns her not to think of taking the call, else she would kill his mother as well. Preeta was shocked to hear this. Sherlin smirks that she heard right, Rakhi’s life is in danger as well.

Sarla was again tied to the chair. Sarla shouts at the goon that it is a sin, she is sure her daughters would save her. She curses that they will be caught in police

and no one would be able to save them. Raaj, the goon place a gun over Sarla’s forehead. They notices she had hidden something in her hand. They bring about a glass piece. Raaj warns all the other goons to keep a strict eye over her. Sarla thinks its difficult to leave this place now.

Sherlin tells Preeta how she learned to plant a bomb. The purse Rakhi carries has a remote controlled bomb. Sherlin warns Preeta that if she tries to expose her at all, show her pregnancy report to Luthra brothers, or try to warn Rakhi or take the purse from her; she will kill Sarla. And if she doesn’t marry Rishab today, she will kill both Rakhi and Sarla. She recalls how she deliberately spilt the yogurt bowl in Rakhi’s hand over her saree, then made a call and instructed to fit the bomb in Rakhi’s gold purse. She makes a call to come to the room she is in.

Preeta grabs Sherlin’s neck and suffocates her. She shouts at Sherlin that she won’t have her phone, and won’t as well be able to call anyone. A man in mask comes into the room and grabs Preeta. Sherlin held the remote of Rakhi’s bomb. Another masked man comes to snatch the remote from Sherlin. Sherlin sends Preeta into a separate room. When Preeta had left, Prithvi removes his mask and questions what Preeta was about to do with the remote. Sherlin replies she had to blast Rakhi.

Preeta resists while the men carry her and locks Preeta into a room. Preeta finds Sherlin and her mother’s photo. She was helpless, still determined to get out of this place.

Sherlin and Prithvi were in a hug. Sanjana and Kareena come to take Sherlin. Kareena complements her. Sanjana tells Sherlin to come downstairs. Sherlin grabs her purse and takes the remote with her. Prithvi was hiding behind the wardrobe and wonders why Sherlin would carry this remote. Preeta’s phone bell rings in Prithvi’s pocket, he notices it was Karan. He was curt that Karan was behind Preeta, and it’s because of him that Preeta became an enemy of Sherlin as well.

Karan comes downstairs, frustrated that Preeta isn’t taking his call. Prithvi is also missing. He also has to stop this wedding. He turns around to notice Sameer stare at Shrishti with a smile. Shrishti comes to Karan, he complains Shrishti wasn’t looking at him. He teases that Sameer is staring her, and they claimed there was nothing between them. Shrishti says Tanvi told her how he and Tanvi planned a confession. She hugs Karan and thanks him. Karan asks Shrishti if she confessed, or if he is the only one to know about it. Sameer now comes out. Karan scolds him for not keeping an eye over Prithvi. Sameer says he was lost somewhere.

PRECAP: Karan tells Prithvi that he loves Preeta, and Preeta also likes him. Prithvi tries to punch Karan but Karan warns him to do it again. There, Bee ji promises Rishab to marry any girl he would choose, no matter it’s her Preeta.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. My gosh could someone tell me what the heck is going on with these serials; you want to tell me not one but all of them going down the tubes on a daily basis; I still comment because I feel that it is necessary to let these Stupid Dumb writers know how we the viewers feel. Why on earth did they kill of Sarla why the hell they did not let Sherlin fall off the bridge instead, the damn girl is a real wicked witch she and her evil man prithvi just killing and getting off with it all the time and they are both so dumb if they will take time to assess each other they will see that they are so evil that they could do the same thing to each other. As for sherlyn she is fast becoming like tanu with that child she is carrying man it is months now and her belly is not growing in size at all and the way she running like a wild horse a behind prithvi and sarla one would thing that she is not pregnant. Back to you writers sarla was a good person yet for no reason you got rid of her leaving the evil wicked ones prithvi and sherlyn to carry on with their evil acts for once please do the right thing and something about the evil ones; show that good is good and not evil is good you know what i mean no way must evil take president over good; stop the nonsense I say because you will loose all you avid ztv watchers before you blink your eyes. with sarla out of the show it makes no sense we need her to take care of her daughters and another thing why on earth that aunt cannot get her memory back as yet and expose prithvi and sherlyn for knocking her down and making her a cripple in a wheelchair for so many months; come on you writers give us what we want and that is some good worthy watching serials.

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