Kundali Bhagya 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Karina assures Sherlin of her support

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Kundali Bhagya 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Preeta feels that she is being blamed for everything and she also thinks that’s he is wrong, Shrishti triers to make her understand but Preeta leaves without listening to a word that she has to say.
Samer gets a call from Shrishti he however does not pick up, Shrishti plans to call him until he picks it up, she calls and start to scold him for not picking up the phone, he apologizes and she also feels embarrassed and says that he is also important but must be asleep but she has to pick the decision that she takes, she says that Preeta is disturbed because of what happened, Samer says that he only did it after seeing the proof, Shrishti tries to explain that it can be made as the world has advanced.
Shrishti mentions why he thought wrong of her sister because she doesn’t even think of something wrong happens to Karan, smear also mentions that Karan is also not able to sleep, he is also broken and this is because of their attachment with each other and they are missing each other, they both are not able to understands their feelings.
They plan to remove the misunderstandings between them both because if time progresses they both will not be able to remove their differences so they have to make them meet, Samer asks her how she will be able to make it happen.
Shrishti says that she will bring her mother to their family, Samer requests her to not bring her mother because this will only make the matters worse, he makes her realize that what has happened will only cause problems, she ends the call he thinks that Shrishti was not able to realize what he was trying to say that Sherlin is a cruel person.
Sherlin hides in the hall and picks the call, it is Prithvi who asks her if she has spent the night with Rishab because this cannot happen as he is the only one who can touch her, Sherlin explains that’s he has to take care of Preeta because only after it will she be able to think of taking over his property, Sherlin listens to Prithvi and thinks that it is good for her as Rishab has not said anything. She also says that he has to come to her ceremony, he tries to explains that he could only come with Preeta but since they are not coming so he cannot also come, she however says that he has to come.
Rakhi is looking after the preparations and calls both Kartika and Tanvi, she delegates them both work and asks her workers to prepare a specific area because this is the place the event will take place, Dadi and Karina come asking her to calm down, but she says that she has to look after each and every thing, Karina mentions that she has to rest and the caters will prepare the food however she refuses saying that she will make it herself because her elder son has finally gotten married.
Karina get to the room, after seeing that it is closed wonders that they might be asleep and she should not wake them however she then decides to do it as it is imperative for them both to be there, she knocks and Sherlin comes out, mention that she was just getting ready band will soon come because she was not able to sleep, she enters saying that she will wake Rishab but she is amazed to hear from Sherlin that Rishab slept early and she was thinking of her mistake but only came to the conclusion that it is all Preeta’s fault, Karina promises to help her throw each and every memory of Preeta from their family,. Rishab comes from the washroom, she asks him to get ready and come for the ceremony.
Sherlin request Rishab to not tell the truth of their relationship to the family because they will then get hurt, Sherlin wonders that she will make him act to the extent that he will also fall in confusion if he is really happy with her, she thinks that she is sitting in the function because she want to see her victory, and the start of ruining of Luthra family.

Precap: Prithvi is threatening Sanjana that if she tells the truth then Sherlin will also be thrown out of their family because she is also linked with him. Sherlin hires a kidnapper to make sure that Sarla is not able to tell anything against her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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