Kundali Bhagya 21st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Karan doesnot answer Shristhi’s phone calls

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Kundali Bhagya 21st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karina mentions that the doctors have advised to keep maria under observation, they are both talking when Ramona falls unconscious, they all try to help her and also call the doctor but she insists that she will stay with her daughter, then Karina insists so Karan offers to accompany them till the car. Karina also informs Sherlin asking if she wants to come with them back to the Luthra house.
Preeta asks Shrishti to call karan informing him that he must take matter into his own hands and make sure that everything is done peacefully as the Luthra’s will start to blame Sarla and he is the only one who can handle his family members, Janki explains to Preeta that she has always taken care of everyone so they will help them as she is really a nice person. Shrishti tries to call karan but he does not answer and takes the phone in his hand just when he is about to enter the room, Maira calls him explaining that she thought he would not come as he might still be angry with her, she explains that she is in this condition because she loves him however she will continue to love him, Karan also takes her hand saying that he is amazed how big her character is, just then Shristhi again calls him but he cancels it when Maira asks him to answer it, he assures that he would make sure that everything is sorted.
Shrishti is wondering why karan is not answering the phone, Janki explains that he is not answering it as he might not want to talk with them, she asks what she will tell Preeta then runs after her, Shrishti enters ad Preeta in excitement asks what karan said, Shrishti mentions that she talked with him yet he did not answer her call, but he again called her after which she explained everything to him then he promised that he will come as he is not in the city, she acts as if there is something in her eye so both Janki and herself go out.
Sarla is in the auto heading towards the Luthra house, Bi jee calls her asking about the progress she explains that she is going to the Luthra house as the inspector has said that he cannot grant them bail until someone from the Luthra house takes back the case, Bi jee is not optimistic at which Bi jee explains that she should do anything that she can to make Preeta come out from the jail, then Sarla explains that she understood it in the mall that Maira has an evil mind so she is just praying that the Luthra’s take back the case.
Shrishti comes to the hall and starts crying, Janki comes after her asking her to stop, Shrishti explains that she lied to her sister for the first time, she did not had the strength to say the truth to her as Preeta was hoping that karan would come to save her so how could she tell her that he did not even answer her calls, she does not know what to do and has a feeling that it would be difficult to make the Luthra’s take back the case, Janki demands that Shrishti remain strong for her sister meanwhile she will go to the Luthra house so that they take back the case filed against Preeta.
Sherlin hands Dadi the packet of medicine, Rakhi scolds her for not opening it for Dadi, she orders that she can do it herself but Sherlin apologizes to Rakhi for not doing it properly, Rakhi also apologizes explaining that she was thinking of something else so should not have scolded her, Karina explains that she is aware of the reason as a lot has happened recently, with Dadi falling and also Maira’s accident, Rakhi mentions that the idea which is the cause of tension is how could Preeta throw Maira in front of the truck as she cannot believe that Preeta has the guts to take someone’s life.
There is a bell, hearing which Ramona wonders that it might be Maira as the doctors might have discharged her, she heads to the door, karina asks Rakhi why is she constantly taking Preeta’s side, Dadi asks Ramona who is at the door, she explains that it is Sarla who comes in, she greets everyone and says that she has come with a cause, Karina explains that she vowed to never come near their house.

Sarla goes to Dadi explaining that Preeta came back to their house as she was ill and in pain, when karan called her she insisted that she had to come even when Sarla warned her that she should not go yet she still came and now she is in jail for a crime which she did not commit, Sherlin says that she is the witness to the incident and saw Preeta pushing Maira, Sarla demands that she stop talking as she is aware of the character that Sherlin possesses, Karina gets frustrated explaining that Sarla is standing in the Luthra house where Sherlin is the elder Daughter in law so has the right to say anything, Rakhi tries to stop her to which Karina pleads with Dadi to stop her from interfering as she always takes the side of the Aurora’s, so everyone is completely shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ive started hating this movie
    when will juatice prevail
    evwry single day a new drama shit!
    the auroras are akways in pain wont they ecer be happy
    whos writing this movie shit
    we always wait for the day sherlyns truth will come out new drama begins this ia stupid

    1. Karan Please you go to Meet the Dr Preeta in the Police Station so I Request for you Karan he likes you so much don’t Scold for Dr Preeta she will not do Anything for you Karan you can love for Dr Preeta okay Karan that Sheryln And Maira she Planned to kill the Dr Preeta in the Road Accident only Truck Man did Not Dr Preeta than Not Aroes Karan please Scold for Sheryln And Maira you don’t leave her you tell her to get lost Form Luthra house Right Now itself

  2. Oh dear me, checking all the episodes of Kumkum Bhagya, Kundali Bhagya, Kasauti Zindagi Ki and other Ekta stories, I have concluded that even though it’s meant to be a love story, there is nothing like boy meets girl, falls in love, gets married and lives happily in peace(with very little/normal issues here or there of course).If you have not been kidnapped, molested, accused and hated by the grooms family, undergone terrorist attack, gone to prison, accused of being characterless, shot at, lost your memory, maybe even have your look alike live your life at some point🤔 etc, then you can never live peacefully in love, SMH.😖
    The current episodes of all the three series I mentioned have their lead women (Pragya,Pretta and Prerna) in tears over loss or separation from their loved ones due to the wickedness of some evil women from the so called grooms’ families. How can 3 stories be so similar????????

  3. Golmei sanathoi

    Mahesh should ve recovered from coma by now,and revealed all the truth to Ruthra families, why preeta has to suffer and humiliate again and again before sherlin,guys every one eager to see karan and preeta romantic moment,

    1. exactly hey who is writing this movie u are irritating us mahesh should really come out of coma sherlyn should learn her lesson hey please!

  4. Your Comment
    come on this has to be a joke karan can’t do this to preeta seriously where is this story heading to??? when will mahira be caught??? DAT girl is something else after everything preeta did for them

  5. The director of the series has lost focus , he kept repeating character which is hatred without moving forward

  6. Dont these makers get any new concept …
    Arent they just bored of repeating the same story over and over again….
    I wonder how these shows maintain such good trp its just beacause of us…
    We are stupid viewers and we are to be blamed more than the makers….All our taste have gone down to hell and we are watching this shit and just wasting aur precious time..this kumkum bhagya kundali bhagya and all that nonsense stuff…
    I know whatever i say the makers will continue their same story line and viewers will still watch this junk..but its done for me and its over..
    Will never look back to this stupid shows instead ill prefer cartoon atleast good entertainement with no horrible plots

    1. Rightly said.. My thoughts also are the same… Sick people are making this serial and that’s why they show horrible characters living happily while stupid people like preeta make sure to get humiliated every day… When will sherlyn s stomach show that she is pregnant… Such negativity is shown only from day one

      1. exactly i was pregnant aftet her and now my son is 9 month awh shit ! this is too much i think the writer of this movie is some dumb ass shit and hes absent minded
        sherlyns pregnancy
        preetas truth
        maheshs recovery is what we want

    2. exactly even am loosing my patience this is f**king stupid whenever we hope the next day wud be a better day new junk and stupidity appears stories reapiting itself f**king stupid
      hey pleaseeeeeee

  7. Too much negativity being projected on screen. Lies winning over truth. Such kind of movies are teaching people wrong. How long more will hatred continue in kundli bhagya?

  8. Ridhabh please return soon bcs he is the only normal LUTHRA n mahesh wake from coma now….and sherlyn will be pregnant another 10 years without showing…. Prithvi is so useless. Also Janki…is she ever getting her memory back??

    1. Verma4

      10 years…LOL try 20 without showing. Although I disagree regarding Prithvi , I think he is the smartest of the lot. His left hand doesn’t know what the right has done.

  9. Are the writers capable of writing a script which features regular people with simply a normal level of intelligence? Do all the characters need to be so stupendously DUMB? Can you imagine being stuck in a room with a bunch of overdressed, really emotionally bankrupt, dumb Indian women with anger/hatred issues? Oh. I’ve had that experience. Repeatedly as I was not offered any choice. I told myself that this group had to be the exception, not the rule. This production alongside KKB, makes one wonder what the truth is about Indian women. Maybe the writers are simply mirroring the truth about how many Indian women function. The desperation, greed and arrogance of these Caligula type of women is truly disgusting. Self-appointed little dictators. Their ‘men’? “Oh, don’t worry, they are keeping busy and this is what women are like”. That’s the type of answer I received when I questioned a few husbands (Uncles) about their wives. I questioned my own father about the lies and why this quality of behaviour was tolerated, anywhere. He offered a similar answer. Sure, being a part of the diaspora I know that old traditional ways remain while India grows and moves beyond the diaspora culture. Really? I’m not buying it anymore. India herself is generating this sick, deluded debasement of men and women both, while sending out secretly s*x-crazed gurus to financially rip off westerners and europeans, while claiming that they are spiritual. Must be, India’s revenge for India’s own rape and plundering by the British Raj. How else can you explain the stupidity of a Preeta and the criminal darkness of the rest of characters. It would appear that India became so used to her abuse that now she simply cannot live without these dehumanizing dramas. When does india get over her victimhood and begin to behave like an adult human? The truth is shown in India’s leadership and it’s corruption. To the adults in India, I wish them strength and endurance to overcome the emotional barbarism that clearly still exists.

  10. Remember, this is a family show aired when whole families watch. Excellent material to train teenagers to become as hopelessly DUMB like the victim Preeta. Gotta’ train a new generation into believing that this barbaric travesty is about ‘love’.

  11. Verma4

    I need to puke , can someone give me a bucket emoji . Maira is really pissing me off. Can someone please throttle Karina or mix something in her food feckin b*t*h. Sarla, do you reckon the Luthra’s give a shit about Preeta. Where is Karina’s husband ? , he is probably the only smartest one.

  12. The show is getting rediculous day by day. I’m getting bored and I hate this show now

  13. I don’t think EKTA has any creative writers with her …..
    Sherlin has been pregnant for more than a year now …kumkum moved a generation with their script and this spinover is still figuring way to turn the stories ….
    Request all actors to look for better shows if they don’t want to risk their reputation.

  14. more people should comment EKTA dont care about the people who made this show popular she just care about he written FILT BAND THIS SHOW IT DISRESPECT POLICE DOCTORS PRIEST AND DECENCEY SHAME ON U STUPID WRITERS WHOW WORK FOR CHAPATI AND DALL

  15. One of the shitiest series I have happened to watch so far… the writers are sadists who like to inflict pain in the main character over and over again.. and where is the “love” between preeta and Karan? They seem to be forcibly made a couple for the sake of the story.. the female lead is the weakest character of the show who neither has self esteem nor intelligence, so she gets repeatedly humiliated by others

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