Kundali Bhagya 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shrishti listens to Kareena and asks if she is done now. She says she is well aware she brought the best options, Kareena is only rejecting this only to revenge her. She holds egos against her and her sister, she deters to ruin her reputation in the market. Kareena says she has a position in the industry and can ruin her career. Shrishti says she made a video of her, she can make it viral in her high society; if this is heard by wedding planners, no one would work with her. She warns Kareena not to trouble her anymore. She calms herself down and tells her to text her choice within in the next hour. Kareena throws everything down the floor, furious about how dare she talked to her.
Sherlin reaches the restaurant and wonders why Rishab didn’t come. Rishab was in the presentation not listening to Sameer at all, his client stops him for some questions but he was unable to focus on anything.
Sherlin complains her mom that she never waited for any guy but Rishab hasn’t reached the restaurant yet. Her mother scolds her for discussing about her past, she must focus on her future. She must only think about him now. Preeta reaches the restaurant, she tells Sherlin that Rishab will reach soon as she was stuck in a meeting. Sherlin question what she is doing hers. Preeta says Rashi wanted her to be here, she says when she went to her first date with Deepak her sister was there with her. Sherlin was relieved Preeta was engaged to Deepak. Rishab reaches the restaurant, Rashi calls him to wish him luck. Sherlin asks Preeta if she must marry Rishab, it’s a great decision of life. Preeta says she must, he is responsible, caring, a gentleman and respects ladies. Sherlin says she never met Rishab a lot and must trust Preeta. Preeta was sure her point of view would change. Rishab comes to restaurant, he was shocked to see Sherlin there and thinks she must be Preeta’s friend. Girls can’t take their decisions alone, they need their friends to approve of them. he goes to impress Preeta. Rishab comes to meet them and brings out a rose from his pocket. Sherlin was excited and says if he gives this to her, she would tell him what Preeta said about him. Rishab apologizes for the party, he didn’t know who Sherlin was. Sherlin says to Rishab she knows everything about him, does he like her? Rishab only smiles looking towards Preeta.
Karan was coming downstairs, he calls Malishka. Karan reaches the restaurant and join them. He greets Sherlin and introduces her as his college mate. He tells Sherlin he is here only because of Rishab today. Karan now whispers to Preeta if she went behind his brother now, Preeta tells him to shut his mouth up now. They throw a fork, and both get down the table arguing. They finally sit up smiling, Karan teases him with his step. Preeta forcefully steps over his show, Preeta warns Karan not to tease her any further, else she would tell Rishab about having an affair with him. Karan spots Malishka enter the restaurant, he takes a leave. Preeta says a bye to him.
In the restaurant, the manager asks to play a couple game. Preeta writes, her family is the most important for her, Rishab writes the same; Sherlin selects her mom. The next question was, what they can’t break, Preeta and Rishab writes Promise, Sherlin chooses deadlines. Hence all the answers match, Preeta and Rishab are announced as winner couple. The manager congratulates them. Sherlin interferes saying in this restaurant, all tables are pre booked and one was booked for them as well. Rishab is going to engage her and not Preeta. She says Preeta is a worker in their place. Preeta also agrees saying she is only a friend who came to make sure they like each other.

PRECAP: Shrishti tries to convince Preeta that she and Rishab are made for each other. There, Rishab tells Rashi he doesn’t want to marry another girl, if he doesn’t get Preeta he won’t ruin the life of another girl as well.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Ding dong!!!!!!!!!!!!
    confession time for rishabh
    preetan scenes were less but full of tashan
    sherlin is acting like an overprotective woman from now only
    i wonder when she wud come to know that rish likes preeta then wat will she do????????????????????
    trouble my preeta????????
    oh no atleast don’t spoil this show , i love the tashan bw preetan

    1. Aizaellahi

      me too..I love prishab…they r awesom couple…they r meant to be together.. and SHERLIN was tanu before in KKB..she has taken oath of destroying lives…1st ABHI
      N now RISHAB

    2. No Sherlin isn’t the old Tanu. The old Tanu is now in Chandrakanta in colours.

    3. hey ally sorry to say but I love preetan only:)
      I guess when I said that I am happy for rishabh’s confession u thought that I love PriShab but in reality I don’t , i like preetan and rishta

    4. Nivika

      Sherlin is not old tanu….but she looks similar to old tanu…

  2. I hate tdy’s episode and promo.☹️..
    Karan preetha means I vil watch… Otherwise I vil quit????

    1. I watched this serial only for KARAN & PREETA crazy fight but The makers will make PREETA would fall love with RISHAB.I quite the serial if preets will choose rishab.WITHOUT PREETAN scene TRP never increased.

    2. Yes yestrdy episode disappointed me???

    3. Ya me too vil leAv t show … Karan preetha pair is nice

  3. atleast rishabh confessed to his mom……it would now be interesting to watch how rashi is gonna take any step further….. hope preeta agree to marry rishabh

  4. I actually like Rishab and Preeta combination. It’s too much over acting with Karan and her. How old are they 5.

  5. I like Rishab and Preeta together they have awesome chemistry. I do not see chemistry between Karan and Preeta, sometimes that hate love thing does not work. That same old plot is repetitive and boring.

  6. Really Rishab and preetha r luking like a good friends… Thy r not luking like a couple’s… I like Rishab charctr but I dnt like Rishab vth preetha… Karan preetha nice pair… ?

  7. Nivika

    Shristi rocked today…

  8. rishab vt preeta best combination

  9. I love Karan and Preeta chemistry the most among all the serials .Stop showing this Rishabh in the serial .According to me he will ruin the serial .I hate him .Love you Preeta and Karan .If makers will not make them a pair then I will stop seeing this show and who agrees with my decision reply pls.Karan and Preetan?

  10. I love Prishab mre. Rishab is d ideal type of Man, perfect for Preeta.Rishab loves Preeta so mch already that he sees her everwhere. He truly loves her. My heart breaks seeing him so doomed.

  11. I love shristi’s charater. She sure has guts.

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