Kundali Bhagya 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: The thieves and robbers caught

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Shrishti and Preeta tell Pandit ji and Karan that they are doubtful of one of the Pundits. Samar heard the conversation, he decides to place this fake diamond in place of the real one. Shrishti recalls that when there was smoke she spotted someone near to the Ganapati idol. Preeta goes to put off the candles that were burning a nearby cloth. Manisha comes there and takes Karan for Roka.
Bee ji signals the robber’s group in waiter’s disguise, everyone orders their choice of food and send them to bring it.
In the corridor, the robbers wonder where they will bring all those eatables. The lead robber warns them to stay silent, else people might be suspicious of them.
Manisha and Karan sit on the stage with each other. Rakhi was cutting the ribbon of a box, everyone suggests her

to bring a scissor. Bee ji goes to bring Kareena. Rakhi had forgotten sweets and goes to the kitchen. The robbers climb the temple stage and were about to pull off the diamond when Rakhi comes there, she scolds them for not paying due attention to their work. The robbers silently leave.
During the roka ceremony, Preeta leaves the hall. She comes towards the temple and spots Samar attempting to cut the diamond from behind Ganapati. She hits his hand from front and grabs him shouting at him to be a thief. She already doubted that he was a thief. Everyone hear Preeta’s shout and head towards the temple. Samar held Preeta at gun point to stop everyone else. The thief says he must have completed his task long ago. He came here to steal this diamond. Rakhi calls him an idiot, she might buy him more than one diamonds like this. Samar says this one is the real diamond, colonial 530 carat. He reminds Karan that he had stolen in from the museum as well. Karan recognizes Samar who pulls a mask off his face now. Rishab also recognizes Samar. He shows them the fake diamond as well.
Sarla was shocked to see Kareena under the table, tied and taped. She untie her arms and feet, sprinkles water over Kareena’s face to get her conscious again. She untie her mouth and gives him a few sips of water. Kareena says it was the tall man, he isn’t a Pandit. He even had a gun. When she spot that gun he was alert and hit her with that gun.
Bee ji looks around for Kareena and wonders where she must have gone.
Karan and Rishab begin to laugh at Samar. They get a chance to grab him. Preeta walks down the stage while the two brothers beat Samar hard. They turn to leave when the group of robbers stop them with guns held in their hands. They tell Samar to continue with his work. Bee ji spots this drama and prays for safety of everyone. One of the robbers spot Bee ji and comes after her. Bee ji makes a call that Samar has again stolen the real diamond, later they will share the money. The robber grabs Bee ji and brings her inside. Samar had brought the diamond and gives it to the leader. The lead robber questions Samar if this is the real 530 carat diamond or is it fake? Preeta uploads the video of robbery on social media. The robbers grab the phone off her hand but Preeta wish the right people get her video.
The police was about to leave the station but the minister had to reach the station in a while. The video had reached the police.
The robbers says Samar’s Dadi just called someone that he has switched the real diamond with a fake one. Samar says he has no Dadi. Bee ji comes forward scolding him not to recognize his own grandmother. She tells the robbers to beat Samar as he has denied recognizing his grandmother as well.

PRECAP: Sherlin warns Manisha to stay away from Prithvi. Manisha says Prithvi has no value at all, why would she try to snatch him from Sherlin then?

Update Credit to: Sona

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