Kundali Bhagya 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Sherlin vows to also ruin the contract for Preeta.

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Rakhi requests Janki to forgive her, Janki questions why is she apologizing because when karan and Preeta got married, it was instead the two families which got married, she knows that when there are utensils which are together, then they create a sound, she feels these problems cannot harm the family but that the relations should not be filled with hatred, Janki replies that she cannot say anything about Preeta but she is always on the side of Rakhi as they are a family, both of them hug when Karina walking past the kitchen, gets really furious.

Karan while walking asks Kritika if she has seen Preeta because he was not able to find her, she says she has not seen her, karan exclaims that everyone in the party is asking about her but she is now where to be seen, Kritika questions what happened as he went to bring her back from the police station, she exclaims this means she has also made a fool out of him, Karan warns her to not taunt him since he went to the police station but they informed how they have not sent anyone to arrest her, he feels that this was a plan of Prithvi and Nagre, Kritika replies even Preeta could have done this as she is also a mastermind, she would have thought to get herself arrested for fake after which she decided to come and also spoil the party, Karan exclaims that he feels Kritika knows the truth so she should not talk like this, Karan leaves when Kritika exclaims that she is also supporting her husband so knows that he cannot do anything like this, Kritika wonders why is she taking the side of Prithvi.

Karina in the room with Bani Dadi explains she could not believe what she saw, that Rakhi was hugging that maid Janki, she did not know what to do so came here, she is wondering what a great game has Preeta played since she came as her Physiotherapist and took over the entire business, she came back one day claiming ownership of the entire house and business, Sameer coming the room exclaims she is right as this could have been of karan but she was not able to protect this property and business for him, it is better that she is the owner of the property otherwise Prithvi would have treated with them with immense hatred, he asks her to open her eyes that Preeta has done the right thing, Karina explains she feels whenever Preeta comes back to the house, he always starts talking what she desires, Karina questions if Shrishti told him to talk in this manner, Sameer explains he is a grown up so knows what he has to say, he still is asking her to see the truth as they are in a better position if Preeta Bhabhi is the owner, he leaves Karina turns asking Maa to see how he behaved with her, Bani Dadi replies that he is not wrong but his way of talking is wrong, she should complain about him to Karan, he would scold him so Karina agrees to what she is saying.

Sherlin is wondering where can they find Prithvi, the worker comes informing that the snake handler has arrived, Natasha questions what is he doing here, Sherlin replies she asked prithvi the same question, he informed her that there is no sign of Rishab Luthra in the business world, he wants to prove that Mahesh Luthra is mentally unstable so would show him the snake, then there would only be the son in law of the Luthra family, Prithvi Malhotra, Mahesh would come running to the party while screaming snake, she knows that big investors are coming to the party as he will be the only one to see the snake but not the investors, so then all the investors would not invest in the Luthra empire, but rather his company, after this party he would be a business tycoon, Sherlin questioned what was the need to show him the real snake but he insisted they only call the real snake as he doesnot want to take any risk, because if Mahesh suspected any ill doing then his plan would fail, he cannot allow it to happen. Natasha exclaims the plan is really good but both Rishab and Prithvi are not in the house, so if they have forgotten the way to the house.

Sherlin exclaims that Prithvi was not able to get the deal but she would also not allow Preeta to get it since she said that Mahesh is resting in his room but when he will come running to the party then her reputation would be ruined, Sherlin seeing the handler asks Mona to take him to the room of Mahesh Luthra, Natasha thinks that she is going to make a video when Sherlin exclaims no one can ruin the plan of Prithvi.

MLA is with Nanaware when he mentions that he has never heard about Preeta before, Mr Nanaware replies that either way she has made sure he wins the elections, MLA sir replies that he also needs to discus another matter as there is a land of his which can also be developed with the township project but he wants to talk with Preeta about it now, before she goes on the stage so then he can announce it at the party, Mr Nanaware asks Sameer to call Preeta since they need to discuss some matters.

Janki hears Sherlin leaving with Natasha talking about where is Prithvi, she sees them so thinks that she cannot let them ruin the desires of Preeta and would have to keep an eye on prithvi, she is standing when Preeta enters the bathroom, she wonders if she can leave now but decides to stay since she cannot let Preeta fight Sherlin and Natasha alone, she is standing when Sameer comes asking where is Preeta, she informs Preeta is in the bathroom, he asks her to send her downstairs since Nanaware is waiting, Janki questions who is he, Sameer informs he is the investor of this project. Preeta comes out of the bathroom, he asks her to come as Mr Nanaware wants to discuss some important things with her, they both leave.

Janki while walking thinks she can call Sarla as it has gotten really late so she would be really angry, Janki hears some people talking, she thinks that Preet advised them to keep their eyes and ears open, she needs to see who is talking. Natasha replies to tell the truth, Sherlin and Prithvi act as if they are really clever but in reality are nothing, Prithvi for long has been trying to control this house but Preeta within a short period of time ruined his dreams, he has even disappeared now, Sherlin warns her to watch what she is saying, Natasha replies she is a living human being and not a robot who would listen and accept their desires, Sherlin threatens her to not forget where she came from, Natasha replies she has not but will only give Sherlin respect if she talks nicely with her, Natasha warns her to not ruin her mood and mind since if she gets angry then she will reveal each and every detail which will ruin her plan, Sherlin asks her to watch her mouth when Natasha replies both of them are sitting on the same side, Sherlin exclaims she needs to make her realize where she found her, Natasha replies Sherlin should not talk about her as she herself came to seek her help, Sherlin stopping her mouth shows that someone is hearing them, they both walk out pretending to talk when Sherlin asks what is Janki doing, she questions if she was listening to their conversation, Janki tries to leave saying it is nothing like that but Sherlin plan to make her fall, Janki threatens saying that if Sherlin tries to make her fall, she will not only break her legs then even break her face.

Karan is walking when he sees Preeta so questions what is going on, she replies there is nothing to be worried about but karan says that when he came back home, Rakhi informed that she got arrested but when he reached the police station, they declined even arresting her and even suspected him, but when he took the name of Nagre they felt as if he was involved so he brought them to the party since he knew Nagre has been invited to the party of Prithvi, but after reaching the house he was shocked to see Nagre was favouring her, Preeta replies it is a good thing. Karan questions what is going on between her and Nagre, Preeta recalls the entire incident when she was about to be killed but managed to escape, she refuses to reveal the truth assuring nothing has happened.
Preeta tries to change the topic, but he still demands the truth, she replies she has told that she is really busy so needs to go, karan mentions she has changed a lot and doesnot understand what is she becoming, he questions how did she get so good in the business because he doesnot understand what is going on, Preeta replies he should stop thinking if he cannot understand because she knows there are a lot of important people she needs to attend to, she tries to leave when karan questions what has gotten into her since he got really scared thinking what might happen to her but she doesnot even know how fast he came back to the house, so he could see if she is fine, it is not that he is a one sided lover, Preeta starts crying hearing the name of love.

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