Kundali Bhagya 20th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Rakhi slaps Sherlin for portraying Preeta as a Thief

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Kundali Bhagya 20th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sherlin and Rakhi come into a room, she slaps her saying that she has caused a lot of embarrassment to their family because she has done something that has caused a lot of pain to them, Sherlin thinks that she could also slap her but she will not do it, she explains that she did not knew that their necklace was not stolen, Rakhi explains that she considers Sherlin to be her daughter but she will correct her whenever she is wrong, Rakhi explains that she knows that the necklace was with her in her room and she also knows it. Sherlin apologizes to her to which she replies that she should seek apology from Preeta.

She explains that there is a lot of difference between her and Preeta because she tried to stop her wedding by blaming her yet she still protected her, she has now understood that Preeta

still loves her and has respect for their family, Rakhi leaves after which she thinks that she will apologize to her and make sure that their wedding is stopped.

Shrishti takes Samer hand and thanks him for bringing Rakhi, they start to talk at which She mentions that she knows Preeta does not want to marry Prithvi, she says that she knows this because Preeta doesn’t know this even herself, Sameer asks her to think first and then act as otherwise they would not be able to stop the wedding, Samer is very happy that he will make sure Karan marries Preeta.

Rakhi says that she is very worried because of all the problems that are causing delay in the wedding, she vows to stay with them until the wedding is over, Preeta thanks her for understanding, Sherlin comes from behind apologizing but Sarla does not listen to anything saying that she knows Sherlin is not a good person and came to stop the wedding because she wants her life to remain ruined, Sarla mention that she knows that Sherlin tried to blame Preeta yet still she forgave her which was not because of her yet it was because of Rakhi and their love that they have for each other, Sarla does not listen to anything ordering her to leave. Rakhi also asks her to leave.

Sherlin tries to explain that she will do all that she can to make up for her mistake, Janki and Chacha also order her to leave, she still pleads them for forgiveness yet they all are angry, Janki throws her out of the house, Sarla turns towards Preeta saying that they will again go to the hall to resume the ceremony of the wedding, they all head towards the wedding hall.

Shrishti is not able to understand what happened, Janki explains that everyone at the house threw her out and not listened to anything which she had to say, Janki explains that she feels Prithvi’s mother and Sherlin have a really bad past which they are not telling about, Shrishti is worried and when they ask what the matter is she explains that she wanted Preeta to get arrested as that would stop the wedding for another six months, she mentions that now she wants the Mandap to burn.

Janki along with Preeta ask her to stop saying bad things at the time of the wedding, Janki explains that she feels Preeta is getting married to the right guy who is truly made for her. Shrishti gets worried asking what has happened to her, they both leave while Shrishti is left wondering

The wedding ceremony resumes, Karan looks at Preeta thinking that she wants to get married to Preeta as it is really important for him, Samer looks at Shrishti thinking that he knows she does not want Preeta to get married with Prithvi yet she does not know that it is Karan, he gets frustrated and thinks that she is a die-hard fan of Karan and if she knew then it will expose them all.

Sarla looks at Rakhi asking what happened with her and the reason for her crying, she explains that she is not tensed but rather happy, she wants Preeta to live a happy and contented life, Janki answers with over excitement that she is also not able to control her emotions, Sarla sees her with curiosity, she takes her aside asking what has happened with her as she never liked Prithvi so now what has happened. Janki answers that she did not knew it of who he really was. Janki explains that she thought he was wrong but now knows that she was the one who was wrong as he loves her a lot so will do anything for her, she changed her mind when she saw his real face and that was when he took the inspector aside to protect Preeta,. She taunts Sarla for taking her aside and leaves. Shrishti gets worried seeing Janki, she is not able to understand why Janki is so happy as if Preeta is getting married to Karan.


Precap: Prithvi gets free vowing that he will be the one to marry Preeta, Rishab is with Mahesh who moves his hand leaving Rishab amazed. Samer bumps into Prithvi who has disguised himself as a waiter.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I can’t stand the character of Sherlyn. It is appropriately evil. And I wonder about the actress and her very few expressions. We know they are limited because of the script, as well. But I have to admire the actress because her lips aren’t botoxed out of shape… currently. It is refreshing seeing a real woman, a beautiful woman, who does not inject crap into her face/lips. I throw her roses for remaining a real human woman. Much better than the other females who turn themselves into desperate clowns, hiding who they really are. Obviously, if they have to hide who they are , we already know what they think of themselves.

  2. This show should be called Kundali Jalebi. They are so dumb in the Luthra family. They cannot make 2 & 2 and figure out what Sherlin keeps doing to interfere in Prithvi and Preeta’s wedding ?

  3. hermione granger

    what a show…..hats off to the makers for being able to drag the story so well…what a complete wastage of time

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