Kundali Bhagya 19th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Preeta and Karan free themselves fro Captivity

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Kundali Bhagya 19th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sarla explains that she tried and did all that she could to save her daughter but was not able to, she is not a good mother as she was not able to save her, Bi jee explains that she is a really good mother as she had lived most of her life waiting for them and did each and everything for them when they were united so she is truly a nice mother, Sarla denies this saying that if she had done all that she could then Preeta would be with them, Bi jee explains that she is the strength of her daughters so must remain strong as Preeta will surely be with them very soon.
Janki mentions that it will be a miracle as she met them when god showed them his miracle and they were reunited so she must not lose hope, Sarla says that she trusted Karan but he once again deceived them so she cannot trust anyone, Janki pleads with her to remain calm, Sarla says that they can share their pain but Preeta is alone so what can she do, they all wish to be with Preeta.
Bobbi is holding Preeta while his friends are with karan they tie him to the chair, Karan asks him if he is the same person who was in the truck, Preeta demands him to tell her who he is working for, he gets mad then orders them to remain quiet otherwise he will do what eh was going to do to her with the truck but this time it will be with a knife, they then tie them both together as there is only a single rope. Karan tries to break free, but his efforts go in vain.
The kidnappers joke on their condition as they have tied two people on a single rope, they say that it is injustice as they wanted to have some fun, Karna asks him why he does not want cricket, the driver explains that he has a lot more desires but he is not able to do them, Preeta asks Karan if he is angry, then the driver tells his name after which Karan tries to have a discussion with him so that he can achieve his objective, Bobbi warns karan to not divert his friend then also scolds him for listening to Karan. They then tie them both together. Preeta asks why they are tying her hand with karan hand, they ask if she cannot hear things as they already discussed that there is only a single rope, they mention that Karan and Preeta have been arrested. Bobbi takes his men aside then they all go and have a discussion where Bobbi says that he should not talk with them both as otherwise their friendship will end.
Sameer and Shrishti reach the Dhabba where they see the people standing then when they ask then he explains that something happened today and karan came to their Dhabba and started taking photos with the truck drivers but when he saw Bobbi then started chasing them, they asks where they all went then when they get the directions then leave to go after then, Sameer asks why she lied to which she explains that the driver is their regular customer and so they might try to inform Bobbi.
Karan and Preeta are tied together but they cannot stand each other so they start to blame each other, she is constantly hitting his feet and asks karan why did he come to help her when he has only made things worse, Karan then tries to order them all to go and get another rope but Bobbi does not listen to him and orders his friend to place a tape on their lips.
Sherlin is walking when Bobbi calls her saying that he has caught both Preeta and Karan and so has a deal for her, he asks her how much will she give him when he kills her, she says that she will give him twice as much but Karna should not be harmed as he is someone else’s victim,
Bobbi comes inside them explains the plan to his friends, they untie Preeta and try to take her aside but she breaks free and threatens to kill Bobbi if he does anything to karan, they both act very quickly and overpower all three of the drivers, Karan is fighting them when Bobbi takes karan by his neck they get into a fight when Preeta hits Bobbi on the head with a rim and he gets unconscious, they both wonder if he is dead.
The inspector reaches the police station and asks the constable about Preeta but they say that they did not see her and so he decides to call the lady constable and when he calls her she explains that she is with preeta so he orders her to bring Preeta to the police station as soon as possible but when the call ends she thinks that she feels it in her heart that Preeta is innocent and she has done nothing wrong which is why she gave Preeta a chance to save her life.
Preeta is really worried and thinking if Bobbi has died, Karan asks her to check it as she is the doctor, then one of Bobbi’s friend tries to attack them from behind but karan catches him and when he pushes him behind, Sameer also comes with Shrishti then they hit him to the extent that he start to beg for his life.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. When at all will they know Sherlyn is behind all their misfortune and will preeta really have to go to jail for a crime she didn’t commit? And that Mahira lady she is really getting on my nerves

  2. Ektha Ji, please, please stop it now we saw enough of Kundali bhagya,
    please change your story line,

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