Kundali Bhagya 18th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Preeta returns at the party arranged in the Luthra Mansion

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Prithvi exclaims Mahesh has given him everything which a father gives to his son, the honour and respect but above that he has given the signing authority of all his companies, he has done a wonderful deed, today is the most important day for him as it will decide his future, this is the day when he is going to throw both of his sons out of this company, he explains today is the inauguration of a flagship town, in the city, after which Prithvi will become one of the best business in the world, rather would be an established business tycoon, and only two people know about it, either him or Mahesh, all the credit goes to him, Mahesh in anger starts to suffocate Prithvi exclaiming that everything belongs to his sons and he will not get anything from this property, Prithvi at once calls mona, she comes seeing whom Mahesh hides, Prithvi demands her to come outside, he questions how is Mahesh getting better, Mona starts to think about the threat of Preeta, how she threatened to cancel her license when she replies she is just following his orders, Prithvi exclaims that she should show Mahesh something new, she must show him a snake as then he would get scared before coming to the party, they all would laugh at him and then he would not have anything to do, everyone knew him as a really big businessmen but now would give him a new of Mental Mahesh Luthra.

Rakhi is in the room with the entire family when she exclaims something is not right because Prithvi has arranged the party in their house but no one is happy, Prithvi entering the room exclaims everyone is looking really nice, they all know that all of the guests have arrived in the party but they all have to act and entertain his guests, they have to just make them believe they all are a happy family, but if they are not able to then he would harm their lives, but if everything goes as he has desired then they all know he will be in a good mood and give them what they desire, Natasha comes informing that the guests have arrived, he asks Kritika to hold his hand exclaiming he is going to introduce himself as the son in law of the Luthra family, and If they do not follow his orders then they know what the result would be, Prithvi leaves with Kritika.

Prithvi along with the entire Luthra family walks into the family, Nagre coming exclaims that Mr Nanaware is coming with his men, prithvi seeing him goes to greet him, mentioning the party has gotten a new light after his arrival, he introduces him to Kritika, Nagre also welcomes him. Prithvi mentions he is going to introduce him to his entire family, Prithvi calls the entire Luthra family, he then mentions Dadi is the head of the Luthra family, after which he introduces Karina who is the mother of Kritika, exclaiming that she loves him a lot and because of which she has given him her daughter, then he also exclaims that Rakhi is just her aunt but loves Kritika as the mother, while Sherlin is the wife of Rishab Luthra, Mr Nanaware exclaims he in a long time has met a joint family which has a lot of love, his companion explains that sir only invests after meeting the family so that they can be deemed fit as a couple because if there is love in the family, he feels only then can the business flourish, Prithvi asks everyone to go and enjoy the party, Sherlin thinks he is a master in pretending to be a good son in law.

Nagre seeing that the MLA is approaching informs Prithvi who also goes to greet him, MLA Suriyander greets the entire Luthra family, Prithvi mentioning that everyone has heard a lot about him and how he serves everyone, MLA exclaims it is his honour as whenever the people need him they are ready to serve, Prithvi offers them to sit down, he leans asking Nagre if the speech is ready. Nagre sitting at the table questions how much amount is Mr Nanaware going to invest in the project, he replies this would be seen after the finalization of the design, the repots coming also ask the MLA about the surprise which they have heard about, he replies the surprise is that he is once again going to win with a heavy gain over the opposition.

Prithvi sitting is shocked when he doesnot find Nagre beside him so wonders where has he gone, Prithvi thinks now he is going to show what a true family means, he taking the hand of Kritika walks to the stage, the song starts after which both prithvi and Kritika start to give a fantastic performance which can make anyone believe that they really love each other, Sherlin however is getting really jealous to see the dance, prithvi after some time offers Natasha to also come on the stage, she even takes Sherlin. Prithvi leaves after he receives a call from someone.

Karan and Sameer enter the party with the police, they are constantly searching for Nagre but not able to spot him, the dance finally ends when Karan sees Nagre so asks the inspector to arrest him however he replies they only have suspicion on him and now they are going to wait for the proof after which he will be arrested, they can hear his speech.

Nagre standing at the dice exclaims the Luthra’s have been a wealthy business empire since long but now their business is going to reach new heights under the one person who is capable of doing it, he has full confidence in her and she is a one woman show, Nagre welcomes Preeta who walks onto the stage, everyone is shocked to see her while Sherlin is stunned. Preeta stands at the stage wishing them all, when Shristhi also walks out with Janki, Sameer tries to greet her but she doesnot pay him any due attention.
Rakhi smiling exclaims that she is glad Preeta has finally come back because even the police have come to drop her back to the house, the change is that the inspector who has come to drop her is not the one who arrested her. Rakhi is really glad that she has come back.

Preeta appreciates them all for their arrival and exclaims that the Luthra’s are now going to start a flagship project which will be available for everyone so they can afford the house of their dreams, she thanks Nagre mentioning everything which is happening has been made possible because of his efforts they have been able to arrange this party, his support has really helped them take Luthra industries to new heights, one of the reporter questions if the Luthra’s are going to enter the construction industry, she replies they have heard it correctly as the aim of the project is to provide favourable housing to everyone.

Preeta asks them to start the presentation, everyone starts listening to the presentation with immense attention, Sherlin looks to Preeta in a state of confusion thinking that she had died but how did she return, she worries what Preeta might have done to Prithvi.

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