Kundali Bhagya 18th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Preeta gets arrested on attempt to murder charges

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Kundali Bhagya 18th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Preeta explains that the police have arrived and she thought that they might have come to investigate the incident but they have come to arrest her on the behalf of Sherlin as she feels that Preeta was the one to push her in front of the truck, Maira explains that it is not the case and she will explain to the police that everything is not what it seems, Preeta says that she Is relieved but then Maira gets up thrashing the entire room, she also lies on the floor shouting for her mother, then when Ramona and Karina enter she explains that preeta has tried to take her life so they have to arrest her, Shrishti tries to defend Preeta but Sherlin says that she had explained to them what Preeta would do but they did not believe her, Maira explains that Preeta threatened to kill her saying that she would take control of Karan and then her revenge would be fulfilled. The inspector orders the constable to arrest Preeta, she however tries to plead that she is innocent and cannot do anything of the sort, she tries to explain what her mother would feel when she comes to know that Preeta has been arrested.
Preeta request Karina to help her and she will never again come to the Luthra house, the doctor comes into the room asking what has happened, Maira acts as if she has gotten unconscious, Ramona asks the police to arrest them but Shrishti tries to defend Preeta explaining that how could she try to kill Maira knowing that the police were standing outside, they both start to blame Sherlin after which the police say that she can prove her innocence and gets bail, they take her away and Sherlin says that Maira has gotten a lot of benefit for helping her, as now Preeta will not be able to enter their lives.
Karan is trying to call but they are not answering, Rakhi explains that she would come with her as she has to see Maira, he tries to call Preeta but she is not answering, Dadi wonders that she is the one responsible for bringing Preeta back to the house so she tries to pressurize karan so that he can go to the hospital and tries to walk so then both of them leave.
Preeta is being taken as a criminal, Ramona asserts that the police lock her in jail, karina also assures that she will not let her come out so they both get into a heated argument,
Sherlin is with Maira saying that she never thought that she would be able to do anything of the sort, she says that she has put the final touch on the plan which Sherlin has orchestrated, they both start to plan and then Sherlin gets mad when Maira explains that she is more clever then her, Sherlin explains that will bring Karina and Ramona into the room so she ahs to again start the act.
Shrishti again begs with the police that her sister is innocent, they blame that the police have arrested her without any proper cause, then the police mention that she will come and file for a bail order, she tries to sit in the police vehicle but is not allowed and so is adamant to follow in an auto.
Karan and Rakhi are about enter when she sees the police van then is adamant to ask them, Sherlin thinks that she will now be really happy as Karan has been fired against Preeta. Karan asks Karina for the room and when they enter Maira explains to Karan that she was pushed in front of the truck by Preeta, so Karan is left shocked.
Sarla is wondering where she left her medicines and both Janki and Bi jee are talking, she gets a call from Shrishti so Bi jee puts the call on speaker, Shrishti explains that Preeta was about to get into the accident and she saved her but then Maira got into an accident and when they saved her then Sherlin and Maira blamed her for the incident, Sarla ends the call assuring that she would come to the police station, Bi jee apologizes saying that she did not listen even when Sarla tried to explain that they would harm her, but now she must bring her grand daughter back to her, Sarla immediately sets off for the police station followed by janki.
Karan explains that Maira is mistaken as Preeta can never do anything of the sort, Rakhi is also convinced saying that Preeta can never push anyone in front of a vehicle, Sherlin abruptly says that they are wrong as it was Preeta who pushed Maira in front of the truck.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Well, it begins to make sense. According to this show with the quality of doctors, police and the darling privileged women of India, no wonder India is thought of as the rape capitol of the world. With women like Sherlyn, Maira etc. it is easy to hate women and assume that all women are like this. The ‘nice’ women are dumb. The not nice women are raving criminals, wearing perfume and jewellry and in the minds of some likely ‘deserve’ rape because the way women ‘behave’ is outrageously sick and dangerous. And why not? The men are all portrayed as being dumb, some criminals and some not but very dumb none the less. Wow. The real women of India have some work to do. Like dealing with Ekta Kapoor who wants Indians (male and female) to remain living in a horror show of medieval brutality and barbarity. Let’s face it… this show paints India as being a land of barbarians. The cheap sleazy type and the ‘psychopath in a rage’ type. Have I just described Ekta Kapoor? And what does one do when one has witnessed over years a few Indian women behave in this manner? All the scheming, plotting narratives to destroy the lives of others for their own pleasure. Sherlyn does a good job of portraying the gloating which seems to be an aphrodisiac to these types of women. It makes stories like this production very very real. Even when you rationally accept that this couldn’t be true about all Indian women, you ask… is this truly the picture of the majority of Indian women? The neighbours and community that these diaspora Indians live within, notice and observe and come to their conclusions. Their conclusions are far worse than mine. So, Ekta must be happy with all the power she has. She is affecting how Indian women are treated across the globe. Isn’t it time that Indian women put a stop to this gloating queen of barbarity? You know, stop the rape culture right where it is being created? By a sick over-privileged Indian woman and her friends! Oh. I nearly forgot. The media is allegedly controlled by the ruling political party. So, it is not just Ekta. She has friends who also want India to remain (at least for the indian majority) to remain living as barbarians as evidenced by the brutal corruption and the treatment of women.

    1. Are the rapists worse or is it the narcissistic women of India who are helping to create the problem… knowing THEY won’t be raped, they have security and privilege… and they seem to ENJOY making all other women into victims.

    2. very brilliant at least put a stop to it AKIT u r a philosoph but EKTA is just laughing she dont give 2 hoot fir what was shrylin and mahaira doing at the but stop dont the hospital have camera the doctor listen to miharia. and not report what she said the police is very dumb no questions 3 yrs shrylin is better that 007 even the smartest Alec gets caught wow wow wow OH ONLY IN INDIA RIGHT EKTA

    3. Karan you Scold for Maira Properly you don’t leave him Karan you you do talk to Maira see Karan you can talk to Dr Preeta Rishab please Scold for Maira Mother Properly don’t leave him Shame on you Family if talk like this now see what I will do now Karan you don’t to Dr Preeta Please I hope you Karan loves with Dr Preeta she will not do Anything About with you Karan God Promise Rishab please Scold for Sheryln And Maira you tell her to get lost Form Luthra house right now itself That Sheryln call the Police Station to Arrest the Dr Preeta gets upset so Fast so I am telling to you Rishab please Scold for Sheryln And Maira don’t leave him okay

  2. Amal


  3. Nine month na gone yet???πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Chhoti Sarrdani start a couple of months ago and that girl tummy showing and Sherlyn sophisticated she high-tech she own na show man leh me come off of here before me put me foot in meh mouth.

    1. Verma4

      this was for your comments—Hear hear. Well said.

    2. Stupid show should go off air now like really now

  4. Verma4

    Hear hear. Well said.

  5. See Maira if do talk That to Dr Preeta why Arrest to Dr Preeta Karan please don’t Waste The time see the Watch and go to Police station Dr Preeta She will not do anything to Karan don’t Scold to Dr Preeta I hope you that time Sheryln And Maira Sitting in the car she planned to kill the Dr Preeta so I am telling to Karan Hury up If don’t Stand like that in City Hospital Karan you don’t talk to Maria Please try to understand that you can to Dr Preeta loves to Karan so much but he it so much so I am telling to you Incepeter you just leave the Dr Preeta Not Aroes that Truck Man did Incepeter Please Arrest the Truck Man Not Dr Preeta Karan I Promise you you can love to Dr Preeta And Karan okay

  6. Stupid show should go off air now like really now

    1. Verma4

      you can say that again but Ekta runs or ruins the industry.

  7. Please, let’s Karan ask what was Shirlyn and Maira doing in the bus-stop near Preeta’s house? The hospital, don’t they have cameras? Is Karan going to believe Sherlyn now whom he known for long that is evil and is looking for a wah to expose her? Just asking. Ekta Kapoor, please be wise and know that we are not bunch of fools and illiterates. Change the story linevfor the happiness and good livelyhood of the audience and viewers….Thank you!

  8. Omg ekta when are you going to turn around the series by arresting or plotting against sherlin poor women they have to suffer cause they are MIDDLE CLASS. ! So richy ones wins and another dumb is RAKHI who can not stand up for her side of family and least but not last THE KARAN LUTHRA 🀣🀣🀣😁. My Jut-hi πŸ‘  he doesn’t have guts to speak up for his wife what a jerk and kiddish. Change him he is very kiddish bring in some mature actor and with guts

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