Kundali Bhagya 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Karan assures Preeta that he will not fight with her


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Preeta explains that she would have to wake up early in the morning for Karawachot so would go to sleep, Karan mentions that there is another thing, she got jealous when Mahira came close to him so she said that his coach called him however when he came there was no call and he even called the coach who mentioned that he had never called him. Preeta says that he is a busy cricketer and even his coach would be busy so might have forgot however he still thinks that she is the one to blame even when she informed him of such an important news, Preeta tries to push him away however they both fall on the bed with Karan on top of her.
They both start arguing on whose mistake it was, Preeta asks him to say sorry because he did not let her go near her bed which is why they fell, Karan refuses mentioning that everything belongs to him in the room so if anyone should apologize it should be Preeta, she however insists that they both would say sorry to each other at the same time, Karan agrees but when Preeta counts he doesnot utter a single word, he accepts her apology, Preeta gets mad saying that he is a cheater and even hits him with a pillow, Karan gets tensed asking how can she hit him before Karawachot, Preeta responds in anger explaining that she would not have taken this step had he not cheated with her.
She goes to sleep, Karan realizing that she would not be able to sleep in the cold turns off the air conditioner, Preeta realizes that he has turned it off, gets up to turn it back on just because of concern, he turns to look at her, she once again lies down to sleep after smiling.
Sameer inquires about Sarla’s health from Shrishti she explains that Sarla is healthy but was just depressed for a little time, She then explains that even though what happened was wrong she is still happy, Sameer also says that he Is not worried because no one ever says anything in their house when something wrong happens so there should be someone who can say the truth in front of everyone, Shrishti also says that she knows that nothing wrong would happen with her mother after what she said to Ramona.
Sameer asks her to inform Sarla that there is nothing wrong with the family because everyone is busy in preparing for the Karawachot function, Sameer also asks her to keep the fast for him, she mentions that he has indirectly proposed her as the fast is only kept by a wife so if he desires that she should keep a fast for his health then should propose first as otherwise she can never do such a thing, she forces him to propose and when he is about to Karina enters the room calling his name, Sameer is left perplexed, he out of confusion is about to drop his mobile phone and ends the call, she asks him who he was talking too, he mentions that it was just his friend then Karina orders him to cancel all the meetings of Rishab tomorrow, Sameer says that he would first have to ask Rishab which angers Karina, she once again repeats her orders exclaiming that she doesnot want that Rishab even leaves the house on account of Karawachot, she is about to leave when Shrishti calls him a nervous, he is about to say her name when Karina once again comes into the room, she asks him to show her who he was talking to in the night, however he refuses to show her the mobile phone, assuring that he would focus on his work, she threatens to send him back if he doesnot focus however Sameer promises to work with all his might, when she leaves he is relaxed that she did not see the name on the mobile as otherwise it would create another scene.
Preeta wakes up at 4am to prepare for the function, she quickly turns it off so that Karan doesnot wake up, she sees Karan remembering what he mother told her that on the first Karawachot the diva gives her blessings for the better relation so she should keep the fast with all her might, when she is about to turn he takes her hand saying exclaiming if she was about to take advantage of his sleeping however she mentions that she was just looking at him, he asks her to not fight with her as he doesnot want the same, Preeta asks him to not talk in a manner that angers her, she turns back, Karan says that he is doing this because of Dadi as she ordered him to be nice with her, Preeta also comments that she did not understand why he was being so nice.
Rishab comes from the bathroom and turns off the alarm, he realizes that Sherlin might have set it in order to wake for the Rasam of Sarghi, he is about to wake her up but she asks him to turn off the lights so he also lies down, she then wakes up inquiring why he did not wake her up as she is the elder Daughter in law of the family and if she did not attend the Rasam then what would the family think, she even blames that he doesnot want that she be respected In the family, however Rishab explains that there is nothing of the sort.
Kartika comes out and is shocked to see that both Rishab and Karan are awake, she inquires if they both are also keeping the fast at which Rishab mentions that they would not do anything of the sort as it is only because they both have to witness the rituals, Karan also exclaims that this misconception arose because of some men who thinks that it is alright however he has no such intention.
Karina presents Kartika with the Sarghi that came from her in laws house, Preeta comes with the thali and Karan is shocked to see her dressed in the beautiful attire, she takes the blessings of Dadi who gives her and Karan the blessings of their long life.
Karan mentions that he is feeling so important, Rishab explains that it is because his wife has kept a fast for him and on this day the husbands are a step ahead, so he is feeling like this.
Preeta calls Karina to take her blessings, even she gives her blessings. Rishab says that Preeta is keeping the fast because of his long health, Rishab even answers why Preeta would keep the fast.
Karan leaves after which Rishab thinks that he would be tough on the outside but has a soft heart, Sameer also comes explaining that he would be compelled to praise Preeta till the afternoon, Rishab says that he would not calm down till the end of day, they both start a bet on when would Karan be compelled.
When they are having the meal, Dadi tries to give Sherlin the laddu which Sarla had brought however she refuses to take them, Mahira comes seeking the blessings of Karina, she demands that she give her the blessings as the wife of Karan.

Precap: Sherlin exclaims that she would not keep the fast, Dadi asks her to explain clearly what is happening, Sherlin mentions that there is nothing to worry about but a news that she is about to become a mother.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Somewhere in last episode , preetha mentioned its her second karwa chout. And sherlin is still pregnant.. how that can b..

    1. That’s the beauty of serials. Time goes on, but the story stays exactly where it is.

    2. The timeline for serials and real life are quite different. For instance a year here maybe just 3 months and seven years in the serial can be just one year.

    3. They made a very big mistake

  2. Dear Kitty, I will assume that you are being sarcastic? it is also an indicator that you are being shown propaganda not an actual written serial meant for entertainment and engagement of the human mind and heart. I’m sure that you recognize the false beliefs that this program of indoctrination is vomiting out for the hapless Indian viewers. Recently, in a video about Indian life, a young man insisted that the only things that allowed survival of the Indian male was “food, water and s*x”. This young man forgot about ‘Air’ and truly believed that his survival depended on having s*x. This young male was unmarried and thought it was his right… human survival… to have s*x when he ‘needed’ it. It would appear that currently, India continues to try and de-evolve the population. This series is part of their tool-kit.

  3. Verma4

    No blo*dy way, Sherlin is pregnant ?? I did not see that coming. Rishab must be thinking, Kamaal hai mein ne chuwa bhi nahi aur yeh ho jaya ? Finally the elephant is among us.

  4. why u guys fight this is not entertaining anymore the writers forget shrylin is pregnant it shows that the other woman is fasting for a woman’s husband in his house wit the family how disgusting THIS SHOW PROMOTE EVIL AND WRONG DOINGS AND BAD OVER GOOD KIDNAPERS INFIDELITY ATTEMP MURDERS ARSONIS PS KARAN CHARACTOR NEEDS TO ACT LIKE A MAN AND NOT A JACKASS I WILL NEVER SEE A WOMAN DISRESPECT MY WIFE AND THE DADI U SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF INCOURAGEING MAHAIRA SHAME ON THE EKTA ( SICK ) KAPOOR

  5. How can Shirleen be pregnant for over a year and is not showing baby bump? And I thought shevand Rishab didn’t consummate their marriage, that the pregnancy belongs to another man?

  6. shrylin character is that of a pr*stitute but ( even pros hacve shame ) now Mahira is the same so rehab is the fool sleeping wit a pro who is sleeping wit prithvi (007) he know everything he can’t get caught enjoying ah another mans wife and rehab aunt grandmother very sick grandmother is suppose to make the rules she is encouraging malaria and her mother to create havoc on pretas life WELL THANKS TO THAT JACKESSESSESS EKTA KAPOOR

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