Kundali Bhagya 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Shrishti gets arrested for hitting Billa

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Shrishti say to the inspect that she is really the girlfriend and is only trying to make Billa say the truth, he say that she is not her girlfriend, they both start to get into a fight and so they are separated, The lady constable hits her from the back and she gets unconscious, Samer asks why she did this, she says that Shrishti was not stopping and so she had no choice.
The police inspector says that they have go to the bail papers and so Karan has been granted bail, the inspector asks how they were able to get bail because it is not easy to get bail from contempt of court, Mahesh say that this is because of Rakhi and her prayers.
The constable goes and asks Karan to come as he has been granted bail, Karan get happy as he thinks that they both will go home together, when he comes to know that he is the only one who has gotten bail, he decides to not leave and stay with his brother, he asks Mahesh if he does not love Rishab, eh say that he gets envy as when Rishab is at the house none values him and he feels that Rishab is taking his place.
He begs Karan to come with him to the house, Rishab goes to Karan asking him to go come, he say that he will not leave Rishab, but when he is forced he gets angry saying that Rishab does not love him and leaves in madness, Mahesh says to Rishab that he will do all that is possible to take him home also.
Preeta asks everyone to not worry as Karan will soon come home, he comes, everyone gets really happy and starts to hug him, Mahesh gets jealous and says that they have forgotten him, Dadi asks him to not worry and hugs him, Karan says that he was brought forcefully because he wanted to say with Rishab.
Preeta say that everyone was worried and he is talking nonsense, Karina say that he has done all that he was able to besides some who make big promises but are not able to deliver. Rakhi and Karina both calm him down saying that he is very brave and has done all that is possible to save Rishab in front of all; the world who were blaming Rishab.
Rakhi says that when they both were taken to jail she was not able to control herself, she never fought with Mahesh that is when Preeta came and made her realize that she has to remain strong and become the front man of her family because that is her family needs her the most, Dadi asks her to not repeat it but she say that she has said it as it was the truth.
Preeta gets ca call from the police station and comes to know that Shrishti was arrested, she tells everyone that Shrishti was arrested, Karan and Mahesh says that they will go with her to make Shrishti come out of the jail, Karina say that she will not let them because Shrishti would have done something stupid and that is why she went to jail.
Karna and Mahesh along with everyone prove her wrong saying that Shrishti would have only went to jail to talk with Billa so that she can get the name of the real mastermind so that Rishab could come out, if she needs them then they would do all that is possible to help her, Karan tae Preeta hand and walks towards the door, he bumps into Sherlin where she thinks how did he got out of jail, he apologizes and leaves with Preeta.
Shrishti is screaming with pain, the constable ask her to sit up, she say that she will and say that she is feeling dizzy, Shrishti threatens that she will hurt them really bad, she says that they have done really bad with her, the Lady officer are not moved and say that everything will be alright,
Samer says that he will apply the ointment and but he is pushed back, he says that they do not know her and she gets hurt really bad even after a little injury, they seeing his sentiments say that he can do it till the [paper work is not completed and as soon as it is done they both will be sent to jail.
He starts to apply the ointment and she seeing him gets nervous feeling blessed. Shrishti asks him if he is being her hero, he say that he is only trying to help her but she thinks that she feels that he loves her, they are talking when the constable comes saying at they have to go to the locker she gets excited and they both head towards the lockers.
Sherlin is trying to call Prithvi but he doesn’t up, she gets angry at him but when he does she says that he never picks the phone, she has some news or he, Sherlin tells him that Shrishti is in jail.

Precap: Shrishti tells Preeta that the police have not found Billa phone, Preeta gets happy thinking that she will get the name of mastermind after she finds the phone.

Update Credit to: Sona

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