Kundali Bhagya 17th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Preeta and Karan locate the driver

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Kundali Bhagya 17th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Preeta seeing the balloons and bear say that they must belong to those people who car he has brought, he explains that he met a vendor who requested him to buy the flowers so that he can also celebrate valentine’s day, Preeta gets nervous hearing this, then they both hold one flower as it is about to fly out of the car, she asks him if he has done all this for her, he placing the balloon back sees her but when she hurts herself as her dupatta is stuck he helps her take it out, they both are really close to each other, he corrects her hair then sits back, he explains that the flower vendors needed money so he bought all the flowers, she asks if he would have bought the flowers even when if there was some other girl, he mentions that he would have never done this for any other girl, she gets really nervous and they both leave.
Shristhi is scolding the auto driver asking him to dive fast but then the auto stops she tries to apologize but he says that it is not her fault as the auto has broken down, she then pleads with him but he requests her to find some other auto, she gets out and tries to call Sameer but her phone is dead so she thinks of running to her destination and moves forward.
Preeta is playing with the roses when she hurts herself, Karan asks if she is okay then pleads with her to not blame him as it is not his fault and she should be careful, she explains that she doesn’t think this way as he is only blamed for the things which are actually his fault, she asks the reason why he is acting like this, he explains that he is blamed for everything wrong that happens mentioning when the fuel ended in the bike and also when Maira was not able to reach the court and also was slapped by Sarla who refused to even let him explain, she apologizes to him explaining that she knows it was not his fault that Maira did not reach the court so she is apologizing on her mother’s behalf, but it is his fault that the bike’s fuel ended as he is the one who was riding the bike so he should have taken into consideration the level of fuel that remained in the bike. He asks her to not blame him otherwise he will stop the car, she asks him to do what he pleases so he stops the car, she gets mad and leaves the car, when he goes to her she explains that he is doing this because he knows that she doesn’t know how to drive the car so he is taking advantage of it, he apologizes to her explaining that he was not able to fulfil the promise so they must rush to catch the driver, he also thanks him after which they both rush to find him.
Rishab asks Sameer if he is sure that Karan did not react, Sameer says that it is not Karan’s fault as he tried his level best to save Preeta, Risahb explains that they both know that the court was going to give the verdict against Preeta but she was saved by the bell however they are aware, he mentions that they cannot understand them both as they were helpless and Karan was their last support but still he was not able to save them but is happy to realize that Karan did not say anything and did not react to anything, Sameer explains that he is angry with Shrishti as she also scolded karan and he got angry and left on his bike, he leaves after which Risahb wonders who is against Preeta and kidnapped Maira to make sure that Preeta lands in jail.
Sherlin mentions that she thought she was the only one to hate Preeta but is happy to know that she also hates Preeta and is really impressed with her acting, she assures her of the help even when she needs her, Maira asks her like the same person whom she is helping and who is the father os her child, she asks her to not involve herself in her matters, Maira is adamant that she will never be caught then Ramona and Rakhi come who explain that they will catch those who had kidnapped and will make sure that they are punished.
Karna and Preeta reach the eatery then they both plan to go inside and catch the diver, Karan asks Preeta to sit there as he cannot risk that she is recognized by the driver but she asks him how will he be able to recognize the driver if he has not seen him, Karan plans to go and take selfies with them all after which he will come and show them to her so she can spot the culprit, he takes the selfies then comes back to sit with her, Bobby the driver does not like the photos so goes to again request Karan for a photo, karan agrees but Preeta is stunned to see that it is the same person who also gets scared.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I want to slap this doormat Preeta so hard… harder than Sarla slapped tkl. Does she have any self-respect?? I hate her character more than anything rn, more than Rhea, Prachi, more than any other character ever existed. Karan gave her rose so, she is so happy that she even pricked her finger, he threw her out of his car, and said sorry, she agreed to go with him. This only Ekta’s bechaari abla naari (poor soul) can do. Firstly, there was a video, that video had Preeta pushing Mahira, but did anyone dared to question the video?? Why didn’t the lawyer challenge the video?? Why wasn’t the video tested?? Do the makers have any answer to this?? Just to show how much Karan “loves” Preeta and to what extent he can go to “protect” her (and later insult), they showed this nonsense track.
    The story was never of Karan-Preeta. It was all about Prithlyn’s revenge from Rishabh, which has gone to a totally different and twisted direction and, in which, the stupidity has no limits, and the female protagonist has no self-respect, no brains, no courage, she can just breath heavily and act like a 5-year-old, and the worse thing is she has a 3-year-old sister and her sister is full of cringe,I get second hand embarrassment during Srishti’s scene, especially when she gives those weird expressions….urggghhhhh!!!
    Sometimes the story is so fast that the viewers can’t believe their eyes and sometimes so slow that even if I come after 2 weeks, there is no progress, and by reading a single update, one can derive what had happened in these past 2 weeks.
    The only characters I like are, Kritika and Rishabh, who are given the least screen space and, they have literally made Rishabh the official lecturer of the Luthra’s. His role in the show is just to deliver those huge dialogues and to explain the other members that they are wrong, and then they are done with him.
    Where is the main villain Prithvi?? I heard he got a role in Naagin. I’m missing him already, as he was much better than any of these Mahira, Sherlyn and Kareena, and, at least we didn’t had to watch “The egoist, self-centered, proudy, distrusting prince and his doormat princess “,

    1. Verma4

      You are absolutely correct that Preeta is a door mat. This is Ekta’s production so please do not hope for any logic same as in KKB.

    2. Totally agreed even i dont want to see it nymore

  2. Verma4

    Rishab is the only sensible guy in the family. Oh, Mahira that was under the belt which Sherlyn did not like. cat fight, cat fight .. Thank god Kareena did not open her trap.

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