Kundali Bhagya 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan executes his plan with Tapsi

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Kundali Bhagya 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Prithvi lightens the mood and goes to use washroom of the guest room. Kareena questions Karan what this all is about, Karan says Preeta wants to meet Prithvi and he was only making arrangments about it. Kareena was curt over Preeta. Karan calms him down.
Sherlin decides to go to guest room to go and keep an eye over Preeta.
Karan spots Tapsi talking to a bunch of girls. He deliberately throws something from the table to signal Tapsi. She nods. Preeta watches this and wonders what they are signaling to each other so openly.
Sameer stops Shrishti in the corridor to thank her for all her care when he was injured. He tries to inquire Sarla’s reaction as she had seen them together. Shrishti places a hand over his shoulder and tells him to relax. She withdraws her hand apologetic, Sameer places it back and says he doesn’t need a support today at least. Both laugh. He asks if Sarla was really serious and angry that day, Shrishti says it doesn’t. Shrishti recalls her talk with Preeta; and asks about his feelings. Sameer says his bruise still hurts. Shrishti tells him to let it go, messes his hair up and leaves. Sameer decides to find Karan and set his hair again.
Tapsi comes for a drink to gather courage for all this. Sherlin comes to grab the same drink from the other side. Both confront each other. Sherlin questions how she came into this high profile party? Tapsi says she got an invite for it. Both fight calling Prithvi as his. Tapsi says Prithvi is marrying Preeta, then how can Sherlin be his girlfriend. She must better find someone for herself. Karan watches Tapsi speaking to someone, but Sherlin backs up and leaves before Karan could see her. Karan decides to break Prithvi and Preeta’s engagement at any cost. Tapsi goes to guest room.
Prithvi comes out of washroom. Tapsi was in the room and complements his dancing skills. She tells Prithvi she can never forgive herself for breaking up with him. Prithvi tells her to move on in life, he also did. Tapsi throws his coat on floor, both bend to hold it and hit their heads. Prithvi takes Tapsi to bed and turns to go and bring first aid box.
In the hall, Karan comes to take Preeta along him. Preeta wasn’t ready to go anywhere with him. Karan questions why she is showing this attitude, he doesn’t want a time pass with her. Preeta questions if he considers her a doll who would work with key for him. She was irked as he threw her on the dance floor. She helped him by dancing with him, and he would never be thankful. Karan says it’s his greatness that he bears her; and for three reasons that his mother likes her, his Dadi does and he likes… then changes his statement that he is too good to hurt anyone. Preeta boasts about being a pious girl. She mentions about Tapsi to him. Karan sense she is jealous of Tapsi.
Sherlin was worried what if Tapsi tells Karan that she is Prithvi’s girlfriend or she knows her name. She decides to do something about Tapsi.
Tapsi stops Prithvi and places his hand over her hurt head, she says his concern and love is enough to heal her injury. Prithvi sits beside her to hold her face.
Prithvi shouts at Karan that she can never be his fiancé or girlfriend, not in any of her lives. Karan asks her to come to guest room and speak there, everyone here is watching them and would think she is in a love fight with him. He intrigues her to accept her defeat by staying here. Preeta leaves for guest room. Karan wish Tapsi gives her best performance so that it may end the drama well.

PRECAP:Preeta opens the door of the room to find Prithvi and Tapsi together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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