Kundali Bhagya 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi to pay for Shrishti’s murder

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Kundali Bhagya 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

A man appears from inside. Preeta says this isn’t Neil.
Neil turns to go home. Shrishti taunts and laughs if he is Mama’s Boy. Neil says his parents had a fight. Shrishti makes fun of him, she considers it a joke that his parents consider he can solve their problem. They are unaware he can only function because of these rented goons of his. His men were offensive. Neil warns to behave badly with Shrishti. Shrishti says he is unaware what she is capable of, and challenge him to once untie her ropes. She was ready to face him along with his men, she boasts of being a lioness and not like the girl they killed. Shrishti asks if Neil feels himself proud of being sensible. Her sister would soon be here finding her.
Preeta breaks into the house with Karan and Rishab. Neil’s brother says he isn’t home. They call Shrishti inside. Neil’s mother come asking who Shrishti is. Preeta says she is her sister who was kidnapped by Neil. His brother says Neil is in Delhi since yesterday. His mother tells them to leave their house, she already has a fight with her husband.
Sameer was worried that Rishab didn’t pick up his call. When Rishab finally takes the call Sameer asks them where are they. Preeta goes to check in a nearby place with Karan. Rishab tells Sameer that Shrishti was kidnapped by a corporator Neil, and the police isn’t ready to file a complaint before 24 hours. Sameer was tensed and asks Rishab to send the location, he would soon be here.
Neil says Shrishti flies high in air, he won’t leave without finishing her off. He says someone is paying off to them to kill her. He is only waiting to receive the money and leaves his men to take care of her. Shrishti was worried who could give money for her murder. Sameer reach where Rishab was. Preeta says no one at the Jagrata knows about Shrishti. She was tensed. Sameer recalls hearing Shrishti’s shouts from a van nearby Pandit ji’s house. He says he thought it might be illusion, but now he is sure it was Shrishti. Preeta says she is sure Neil did this, she insists they must not ignore it. Karan believed Neil was in Delhi, but they all suggest may be they are lying. They go to a nearby Pan shop. Preeta asks the vendor about her sister. Sameer asks if Neil owns a van. The shop vendor tells them he owns a lot of vans, in the morning when he met Neil he was in a jeep. Karan understood his family lied that Neil wasn’t in the city. The vendor gives them the address of old godown where he met Neil.
Prithvi was counting the money in bag. He tells Sherlin he feels like and ATM machine and that Neil as the card. Sherlin had the negative feeling and tries to stop Prithvi. Prithvi was curt over Sherlin for all her negative feelings.
Preeta tells Sameer there was none of Shrishti’s mistake. She had an argument with Neil as he blamed her character and even connected Karan and Rishab’s name with her. He even clutched her hand. Rishab and Karan were charged, they get into the car now. While driving, Sameer curses himself for not saving Shrishti. She must have called his name hopefully, but he is stupid and didn’t recognize her voice and let her be kidnapped. He prays for Shrishti’s safety. Karan silently promises not to spare Neil and revenge him for his behavior and insult of Preeta. Rishab asks Preeta not to cry, he assures they will find Shrishti and they can do it. Karan says Neil will pay off for touching Preeta falsely.
Prithvi was in the car when he gets a call from Neil. He promises to be there in 20 minutes. Neil asks if he is coming by foot. Prithvi says he is bringing cash and it takes time to arrange such big amount. Neil is charging 18 lacs for a murder, did he ever see such a huge amount ever? Neil offers him to speak to Shrishti. Shrishti shouts that this man is a coward, if he dare to come in front of her she will torn him to pieces. Prithvi warns Neil not to share his name with Shrishti. Neil and his men laugh and say they will tell his name to Shrishti. Shrishti was eager to know. Prithvi promises him some more money to hide his name. Neil was happy about it, then turns to leave with his men. Shrishti asks Neil about the name, it’s her right to know who wants her killed. Neil demands Shrishti to speak politely. Shrishti requests Neil to tell her the name, it may be her last wish. Neil mocks being emotional, then says they will get even more money if they don’t reveal the name to her. He only wish to tell Shrishti he is someone she knows closely.

PRECAP: Karan and Rishab find the van empty. Preeta finds Shrishti’s bracelet. They hear Shrishti’s cries from the nearby godown. She was crying and requesting them to untie her hands. Karan and Rishab stop Preeta from calling out loud.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I know you would not publish my comments like the last two I sent and was never published… but I am sure someone will read this…do not copy Kum Kum Bhagya story with murder, kidnap, shooting etc. Isn’t this show supposed to be a FAMILY drama? We already saw KUM KUM Bhagya we do not need a repeat. Kundalini Bhagya started with a bang and now its going down the drain. I love all the actors and actresses but the writer is killing the show with boring repetitive lines. get this show back on track guys!

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