Kundali Bhagya 16th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahesh gets into an accident

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Kundali Bhagya 16th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Prithvi is taunting Mahesh while seeing his photo, explaining that he is laughing but his family will soon very for him, he sends it to Rakha, Prithvi calls him, he explains that he has got the photo, Prithvi orders that he should kill him so that his photo is on tomorrows newspaper, Rakha promises to kill him.
Mahesh explains that he will marry her to Rishab, he kneels to find the car keys asking her to get in, she mentions that she will not come with him, he gets amazed asking her the reason, she explains that he knows what Karan did to her and now even a single step is very hard for her to take , he promises that he will not let anyone say anything to him, she however explains that Karan will not listen to anyone and will do what he feels like, Mahesh says that he knows she has been humiliated

but he promises that everyone will come and apologize to her, she however mentions that she doesn’t want them to apologize but only want them to believe that she is telling the truth, Mahesh says that this means she does not believe him, She mentions that when they came back that night, Sarla said to her that Bi jee was not sleeping even when she gave her a sleeping pill, she also had to give her drugs, that family insulted her even when she cared for them at her age, she asked her to cry and forget the entire family, even her relation with Karan and Rishab, she has a high regard for her, they did not trust or repse4ct her so she will not look back at their house, also to not go to them, they must cut the rotten part of the body otherwise it can harm the entire body, she cannot see her cry, so she has to promise. Mahesh agrees mentioning that he respects her decision.
Mahesh leaves while Preeta is standing there.
The truck is driving very fast while looking for someone, Mahesh turns onto the road, they try to hit him but he dodges it, they turn the truck to follow him again, he drives the car and is thinking what he said to Rishab that he likes Preeta more than Sherlin, he thinks that nothing has been wrong so he will correct everything, he thinks that they both trust each other and are friends which is the first step in love.
Prithvi says that he has to go, Sherlin however refuses requesting that he stay, he however says that they will get into a lot of trouble if the Luthras see them, she takes his phone calling the murderer, he answers asking who she is, she mentions that she is his boss and they are working for her, they promise that they will kill him, they plan to kill him from the front as then it will see like man accident. There is traffic on the road, the truck driver explains to Mahesh that the bridge is being repaired requesting that he take the alternative route which is much quieter but cleaner, Mahesh thanks him taking the turn towards the road.
The driver is following Mahesh on his truck, he taunts that he will now kill them wondering how they can trust someone like him, he thinks that now they will kill him leaving no notice of the incident.
Prithvi is very worried, she wonders that now the truth will come out, Karan will also realize that she did everything only to protect his family, he will also understand that she only cares for his family, her mother will regain her lost status.
Mahesh is driving his car, he thinks to call Karan asking if they have left the Mander, the truck overtakes him, he is left shocked on seeing that it is the same truck, the driver decides to scare him, Mahesh gets curious on seeing their actions and reckless driving.
The truck driver pushes Mahesh’s car behind forcing him to get locked in, then Rakha comes out with a pole hitting him on the head, Mahesh gets unconscious, he again hits him before leaving Mahesh on the side of the road, he sees Mahesh is dead but he is still looking to minimize the chances of survival

Precap: Rishab asks Karan what happened, he says that Mahesh has gotten in an accident, everyone is at the hospital, Kartika calls Preeta explaining what happened, Karan asks the doctor who explains that Mahesh is in a very critical condition and his chances of survival are very low.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ha ha knew it ??? he deserves it…man you know Sherlyn nd Prithvi are dangerous why u waiting before telling revealing truth to ur family? dunno why wanna support Prithvi…he’s smart funny guy…only if he didn’t had a baby with Sherlyn would have root for him with preeta ?

    1. just waiting for rishabh and preeta romance :))-

  2. Ya exactly happen wat I expect from this stupid show. Now mahesh will be in coma n sherlyn n prithivi will celebrate for their victory. This shit keep on going from past episodes n no body can expose this 2 devils n this show will keep on going with this same bullshit story huh I am really fed up. Good bye kundali bhagya. I stop watching this show from today. All the best sherlyn n prithivi. Jay hoo.

    1. I feel the same.

  3. abdullah hafeez

    Worstest i have ever seen
    Lets get this ban or either warn the writers and producer to change the storyline

    And agr preeeta or us ki family ne dobara luthra family se rishta joda to dunya ke sb se besharam log hn ge

    1. poor grammar :p

  4. as expected from Prithvi and Sherlyn. Maar do Mahesh Luthra Ko. this is bad wins over good. not fair. the show must be stopped. Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya both should stop. so boring and lengthy. ?????

  5. hehe hehe we write the next episode u writers don’t have any shame only in India look at different soaps u will see that everybody gets caught bi=ut not is this show where the is going same as the past incidents

  6. Same story line over and over…time for a change as the story is getting predictable.

    1. SHANKI

      victory to Our Shertvi

  7. Bawass serial. Kundali Bhagya. Targeted Mahesh Luthra by prithvi & sherlin. Next target to murder is Preeta,Rishibh, and Karan. Prithvi and sherlin will murder all persons of Luthra and Arora family it will be record that is called kundali bhagya.
    This serial should be stopped and banned and also kumkum bhagya
    Mahesh will be in comma enquiry will takes place points to Preeta as sherlin is standing behind preeta blame will be in pretta .


    Bye bye Mahesh Lutra love you Sherlyn Mukro ki maharani Khurana! Mahesh Your death is certain.. Poor Preeta
    Foolish Karen lutra wil blame Preeta and will take revenge.. next episode is just Sherlyn n pritvi victory finale.. I have excepted that no one can defeat Shethvi ! So Ja ho

  9. Worst show ever

  10. I guess may be hes has asked for hike in his pay then ekta told writer to let him know abt sherlin….so tht i can kill him…hahhaaa…i still dont understand how it tops trp

  11. Leisa s morris

    So I’m going to write d part of next episode as we viewers can predict wat d writers write next. Mahesh will whisper preetas name with his dying breath. Sherilyn will convince d entire stupid luthra clan dat Mahesh was pointing to his killer. Everyone will lament ever getting involved with preeta and her family and Karan will vow revenge against her and her family. I’m sure dat is wat is goin to happen as we’ve all seen it before. Making Karan d biggest dumbest fool of all as he of all ppl know Sherilyn better than anyone yet he believe her over preeta SMH.

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