Kundali Bhagya 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Misunderstanding

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Rashi comes to hug Kareena and cheerfully says Rishab is ready to marry Sherlin. Kareena boasts her choice never goes waste. She goes to congratulate Sherlin and says Rishab has selected her. Dadi also cheers.
In the room, Shrishti hugs Preeta cheerfully. Preeta says they can speak when back home but Shrishti was excited that Preeta would marry in Luthra family. Kareena comes to Rishab and congratulate. Rishab asks if she also likes her. Kareena says she had brought her here, and asks them to dance together. Kareena discuss with Rashi that they are even talking to each other. Kritika wonders how Rishab can be interested in two girls on a single day. Rishab talks to Sherlin that he has to discuss a lot with Preeta, he says he needs to speak to Preeta while someone would drop Sherlin home.
In the room, Preeta was in a disbelief. Rishab had come outside. Shrishti says she knew already Preeta would become Mrs. Luthra, she was excited to select dresses for Preeta. Preeta shuts Shrishti up for a while. Shrishti says she is mad out of happiness. Preeta asks Shrishti who she is marrying. Shrishti asks what was Preeta doing in Karan’s bathroom then, Preeta explains it was only a misunderstanding. Shishtri was lost with thoughts of Karan saying he is really handsome. Preeta tells her she won’t marry any Luthra. Rishab comes downstairs thinking if Preeta was discussing about him with her sister, this means she is ready to marry. He wonders whom she must share this news with.
Kritika comes to Karan’s room and thinks about speaking to him about Preeta. She tells Karan that Preeta is a very nice girl. Karan thinks she must be talking about that theft incident and says they helped in the party a lot. Kritika complaints he didn’t share about his and Preeta’s affair. She cheerfully says he has chosen the right girl to marry. It must be a treat for her, best friend along with sister-in-law. She was even ready to help Karan in court marriage with her. Karan was alert, he asks who knows about it. Kritika says everyone know about it. Rishab comes to speak to Karan but stops in front of Kritika. Karan leaves the room.
Preeta looks around thinking Shrishti decorated the house well. Kareena comes to her and asks if she is considering this house as hers. She tells Preeta to forget about Rishab. He has agreed to marry Sherlin, after all class is class. Preeta clarifies she spoke to Rishab to get married, she is happy he selected Sherlin. Kareena says she is sure she would try and go near Rishab again, but she has kept her eyes over her.
Karan comes downstairs and stops Preeta. He asks what rumor she is spreading about being a couple. Preeta says already has a lose character and bad image, he thinks she would ruin her name by connecting her name with him. Karan says he would connect with waiters but never Preeta. He knows she is crazy about him. Preeta says neither she is crazy nor is boring, if he says another word she would actually go and tell everyone they have an affair. Shrishti comes looking around for some work, she goes with Shrishti leaving Karan speechless.
On the way back, Preeta explains she couldn’t come in such an expensive dress. Shrishti explains she changed because the dress was Vandy’s. She hires an auto as Vandy had given her some money. In the auto, both await to meet their mother as everything was well between them. Shrishti feels bad about her behavior with Sarla. Preeta watches her crying, Shrishti explains the tears were due to air. She confesses she wants to give Sarla a tight hug, and wonders what that feeling is. Preeta says she was also thinking about Sarla, she is so worried whenever they are in pain. She loves them dearly. Shrishti says she must fill the space created in so many years.

PRECAP: Sarla scolds Preeta and Shrishti that Tannu attempted to kill Pragya only to marry Abhi. She is their enemy, she had better died than to ask Tannu for help.

Update Credit to: Sona

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