Kundali Bhagya 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan performs Salsa dance with Preeta

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Kundali Bhagya 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Preeta and Tapsi have a confrontation, Karan takes Tapsi aside. Preeta turns around and was shocked to see Prithvi. He asks why she got tensed watching him, if any problems. Preeta goes to speak to Shrishti.
In the room, Tapsi complains to Karan that he showed smartness and invited her to party. Karan says she is lucky that The Karan Luthra wants to get her love to her. Tapsi leaves the room showing an uninterested in Prithvi. Karan decides to stay calm as Preeta’s future is much important. Karan follows her to corridor and urges her to at least play the game, this will prove she is a strong player. Tapsi says it’s just that Karan wants to use her for his gain. Karan agrees there is an intention, but it’s because Prithvi and Preeta are mismatched, Prithvi only belongs to Tapsi. He was able to convince her. She asks what she must do to get Prithvi. Karan tells her the plan and was sure Preeta would herself break this engagement after watching this all. Tapsi agrees and leaves. Karan was happy that Prithvi would now see what Karan is capable of.
Rishab speaks to everyone at the party for bearing their music. He asks everyone about dance. Mahesh was excited for participating in bhangra. Rishab announces Salsa dance arrangements and requests everyone a big hand to a professional salsa dancer they had invited. He wish them to smile wide and join them on stage. He asks who in the hall knows Salsa dance. Sherlin at once speaks out that Prithvi is an amazing Salsa dancer. Sherlin’s mother scolds her at once. Sherlin says Prithvi looked excited when Rishab was mentioning about salsa dance. Prithvi wonders what Sherlin is up to, if she has gone crazy. Rishab calls Prithvi to the floor. The dancer apologize accompanying Prithvi to dance. Karan jokes about Prithvi but Tapsi comes to be his partner. Preeta wonders why she wants to dance with Prithvi, she is Karan’s girlfriend. Sherlin was curt over Tapsi but her mother stops her. Prithvi holds Tapsi close but fells down. Karan comes to make fun of him. Prithvi forbids him to comment on others, or point faults. He challenges Karan to come and perform Salsa. Karan conditions he would do Salsa with Prithvi’s partner, Prithvi looks towards Tapsi and allows him to go ahead. Karan passes Tapsi to ask Preeta for dance. Shrishti and Prithvi allow Preeta to dance with Karan and prove him wrong. Preeta says she doesn’t know Salsa, Karan asks her to only follow the steps; he would handle what has to be proven.
On the dance floor, Preeta and Karan dance together which everyone enjoy. After the dance, Karan holds Preeta over his arm. She asks him to leave her, everyone is watching. Karan asks if she has some problem, then think again. Preeta tries to stand, Karan winks at her and drops her on the floor. He laughs saying Preeta asked him to leave her. Tapsi compliments Karan’s dance, he boasts about winning every challenge. He deliberately pushes Tapsi who fells into Prithvi’s arms. Sherlin curtly leaves the hall.
Karan comes to the room and places a cell phone for recording, so that by chance if Preeta doesn’t comes to the room.
In the hall, a waiter hits Prithvi and the tray spills over him. Prithvi shouts at the waiter but Karan comes to save the waiter. He insults Prithvi always invites filthy things over him. Kareena comes there and sends Prithvi to her room to freshen up. Karan stops him suggesting Prithvi might steal any expensive jewelry from there. Prithvi was intrigued and warns Karan to do this again. Prithvi decides to keep calm, Karan might be trying to postpone his engagement.

PRECAP: Sherlin clarifies to Tapsi that Prithvi belongs to her only. Karan watches Tapsi speaking to someone. Karan tells Preeta he is only bearing her because his mom likes her, his dadi likes her, he likes….

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. what silly track is going on no rishabh preeta interaction no any love command really show is going to unintretsing track

    1. yes you are right rishabh preeta is lucky charm for serial but really they losing their charm day by day rishabh preeta couple is interesting not karan preeta

  2. agree with you

  3. Karan & Preeta’s couple is interesting and worthful for show if its Rishaba Preeta the show will turn boring.
    Because a crazy boy and sweet girl is always a best couple atleast it brings trp for show??????… sorry if i hurt you but truth is truth . Trp is only because of #preeran ??.. and also Prithvi(villan is important in show?)

  4. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Sona
    Love Preeta and Karan’s pair

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