Kundali Bhagya 15th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahesh apologizes to Preeta

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Bi jee asks where Janki and Shrishti are going, Shrishti asks if she wants to clean her hands, Sarla comes asking for Preeta, and Bi jee denies seeing her asking where Preeta is. Preeta comes and she asks about the keys of the marriage hall as she wants to go there for some preparations and to complete cleaning, Shrishti starts to act as if she si hurting, Sarla however knows that they are acting asking them to stop, they both agree to go with her, Sarla asks Janki what she is holding, she shows the knife mentioning that she was going to cut the fruits, she orders that they all come with her except Preeta. She asks that Preeta rest in her room as she is about to get married so must remain fresh.
Preeta shuts the door, Prithvi enters the Luthra house looking for Sherlin, he sees her sitting on

the floor, going to help her he tries to comfort her but she says that everything is ruined and they have been exposed, he comforts her but she says that Mahesh knows everything and now he is going to tell everything against them.
Prithvi calms her down asking if it is only Mahesh who knows everything, she is however not convince saying that he is the father of Rishab so they must leave because she does not want to go to jail, Prithvi asks her to call Rakhi asking if Mahesh has come to them, Sherlin mentions that he gave her a challenge that he will throw her out of his family, he request that she call Karan, she however says that she will not because he does not even talk with her so she will not call her, he explains that he will get angry with her, yelling as soon as she calls her so they will know if everyone knows the truth regarding them, otherwise he will himself pack their belongings,
She calls Karan asking him to give the phone to Mahesh, he mentions that he has gone to Preeta s house he can call there if she wants to talk with him, Sherlin asks him for the time when he left, Karan mentions that it has been quite some time so he is not sure, he ends the call warning that she not call him again.
Preeta opens the door, Mahesh is standing there, she asks him to come in, as soon as he comes in he apologizes Preeta for what ah happened, he explains that he is trying to correct the mistakes, he asks everyone to come out as he wants to talk with them, he again ask them to come out, Preeta explains that she is telling the truth and everyone has gone outside, he mentions that he trust her but has not fulfilled the right of being a father even when he said that he was like a father to her, he slaps her but Preeta stops him asking what the matter is, he explains that he knows all the things that Sarla and Preeta have done for his family, he is not able to understand what to do,. He is now aware of how dangerous Sherlin is, Preeta mentions that her mother is a truthful person and never lies, so when she saw what Sherlin was capable of she came to tell them but they did not trust, it might be partially because of her because she told the truth of Sherlin, Preeta starts to cry at which Mahesh comforts her mentioning that he will do anything, she must trust him.
He promises to introduce them all to his family once again with all the respects that they deserve, he asks her to come with him as he will punish her also saying that she will be the first one to punish her, then they will hand her to the police.
Prithvi explains that he was right as Mahesh is still going to Preeta, they will not let him tell the truth, she however gets paranoid saying that they will not be able to stop Mahesh as he is the father of them, she says that it is because of their doings that they are facing such a situation, Prithvi explains that if she believes in doings then Rishab will be the first one to be punished as it was because of him that they came onto the roads, he mentions that they were also good people once but then the Luthras deceived them which transformed them into criminals, the very cruel people, so they can do anything he asks her to calm down, Prithvi calls one of his men, he ask if he is free, he orders his men to kill Mahesh Luthra saying that he will forward the details to his mobile.

Precap: Mahesh mentions that he respects the promise which she made to her mother, he wished that she was the one who became the part of his family but still it has not been so wrong that they cannot correct it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. + Mahesh will be dead/in come/ badly injured with memory loss 💀
    + preeta will be blamed 🤦‍♀️
    + karan will marry preeta 👰🤵 for revenge
    + Preeta 🧚‍♀️ vs sherlin 👹 will continue in luthra house
    Story for the next 3 years

    1. Haha… well said… what we can expect more than this. I stopped watching Zee serials.

  2. Leisa s morris

    And of course he wont tell her bout prithvi involvement before he dies so d saga will continue. Maybe they might convince d luthras day preeta and her family caused Mahesh death furthering d hatred shm

  3. shrylin and 007 aka Prithvi will kill and destroy the luthras and preta this is a norm every body will think its normal to do what shyrlin and pritvi do is right AFTER ALL IN THIS SERIES RIGHT IS WRONG AND WRONG IS RIGHT

  4. Guys i have started to watch hamari bahu silk. Very interesting wayyyyyy better then these bhagyas i see a storyline there very different. Trusy me. I haf caught ip withose episodes. Not bad. I eeven saw theirs interview tooo. They wven say not like saas kabhi bahu shit..go watch it…u will thano me later

  5. If Mahesh luthra died this time then I will never ever watch this show. This show irritates me lot it’s really bullshit

  6. Dipti swargiary

    Why don’t you made pritvi as a hero of this so because everytime he leading this so as a hero waste of time pls stop this nonsense show we hate it

  7. Yes, both the shows kundli Bhagya and kumkum Bhagya have same have same problem with years of years, what makers think….and what story writer writes…… they only waste time by giving such rubbish concept.. no story nothing. I think they can shoot till 20 yrs by using only 5 pairs of clothes.. hahaha

  8. But you still watch it.

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