Kundali Bhagya 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan gets drunk in the Party

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Prithvi meets with the Doctor and they both start to have a chat with each other, the doctor asks him about his business at which he says that he is a don, they all get scared, he says that he is joking and has a lot of business but is interested I event management, he also praises Shrishti for her work. Preeta sees Karan who is drowsing, she wonders what happened as he hadn’t drink anything but he had so much to drink in such a short time, when she is about to Leave Prithvi stops her asking her if she invited her boss to their wedding, she says no as the date is not fixed, he also agrees.
Manisha is with Karan and says that she will bring lemo0n drink for him to have as this will help him in hi9s hangover, but he says that he doesn’t want to, she mixes something in it and forces him to take it.
Shrishti walks in the lounge where Dadi is watching TV she wonders why Dadi is still awake and what can she do, she goes to the door when Sarla comes and opens the lights, she asks Dadi why did she open the lights, Dadi says that it was not her, when she turns she gets afraid at seeing her, Sarla asks what she is doing and also why Dadi is still up, she says that she told Dadi to not watch TV at this hour and what is Shrishti doing, she says that she is only rechecking but Sarla does not listen saying that she will make something for Preeta and they must both go to sleep, she then forcefully sends them both.
Manisha asks Karan to come with her to get rest, he says that he will not go as he has to listen to something important, Manisha wonders what she can do to make him come with her, she then texts Prithvi to take Preeta somewhere else, Prithvi does the same and takes her to the dinner table, Manisha walks him where he drops some cutlery after which everyone including the reports start to film them and then she takes the opportunity to make her plan work and take him to his room. Sameer says that he must look after Karan and Preeta he unknowingly bumps into Karan and Manisha but does not see Karan and goes away.
Prithvi tells Preeta that he at first only admired her beauty and never thought of her other abilities, he now understands what she is capable of it is because of that he loves her even more, Preeta is not listening, he gets confused and asks her he wonders what he said and asks him ,he says that he always thought she was only gorgeous but she is also intelligent, Preeta says that’s eh never thought like this, he also confess that he misses her a lot and she is his life, she sends him to the food court and goes after Kara, he thinks that she is so innocent and only belongs to him.
Preeta looks for Karan and is not able to find him, she thinks that it is her fault as she knew that Karan was not right and still she did not look after him, she then asks the waiter regarding Karan but he excuses her, she is about to leave when Sameer calls her from behind, they all greet each other after which she says that she knew that Karan has had a lot to drink but he doenot care for himself, he knows that both Sameer and Preeta are also in the party but he do not care and when she will find him she will teach him a lesson, Sameer starts to gets amused at this, she scolds him asking him to go and fin d him in the back and she will check the front, Sameer leaves when Preeta is about to start Prithvi comes from behind after which eh request her to join him as they will both eat together, Preeta wonders what she can do but feels helpless.
Prithvi and Preeta are walking when she purposefully ruins her own dress, she apologizes to the waiter but Prithvi gets angry and says a lot to him, Preeta sees this and asks Prithvi to stop this he also wonders what he is doing and realizing this apologizes to the waiter. He says that he is not able to see Preeta get hurt and so acted like this, which will not happen in the future, Preeta says that it is her fault and she will go and clean her clothes. When she leaves Prithvi says that he must keep himself in control as Preeta loves a gentleman and not like Sherlin who is in love with the devil.
Prithvi looks for Manisha and Karan but he doenot see them both, he is happy to see that as this will mean his plan is in motion and Karan will not be able to see a bright future. He gets a call from Sherlin who is eager to know what is happening, he says that Manisha is with Karan and will ruin his life which will be beneficial for them both.

Precap: Preeta walks towards the bathroom when she sees both Manisha and Karan together in the bed, Preeta gets disgusted seeing this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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