Kundali Bhagya 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Everyone headed to look for Shrishti

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Preeta and Sarla were shocked to look around. Preeta was suspicious over a theft attempt and thinks about Janki. Janki lay on the bed half fallen and makes noises to tell them something. Sarla thinks about Shrishti. Karan runs out while the others all look around the house for Shrishti. Preeta tries her number which rings at home. Preeta says Shrishti has been kidnapped for sure. She panics and begins to cry. Karan goes to call Rishab.
Rishab was sitting with Mahesh discussing a business matter. His phone bell rings, Mahesh insists he should speak to Karan later. Rishab takes the call. Karan was in a panic and calls Rishab to the ACP’s chamber. Rishab was worried. Sarla and others leave.
The goons tie Shrishti on a chair. Shrishti cries requesting the goons to spare her. Neil tells her to shut up. Shrishti taunts they are afraid of her as she witnessed them committing a murder. Neil asks the men to tie her mouth with a tape, they argue as none had brought a tape. Shrishti laughs and says they can’t kill her, if they had to they must not have brought her here. Neil promises she will be alive only for next five minutes.
Prithvi brought food for Sherlin who was tensed and didn’t eat. Prithvi gets a call from Neil. Neil demands him some more money, a girl witnessed them killing the girl. He warns that the girl may now go and complain in police and his men might fall weak. He can’t shut their mouths. He offers Prithvi another option, to kill Shrishti if Prithvi agrees to send some more money. Sherlin was suspicious that this man might be lying and wants more money from them only. Prithvi calls Neil a liar. Neil was ready to send him the photo of Shrishti, and says Prithvi will have to make the extra payment. Prithvi was now sure someone had seen the murder.
Rishab asks Karan why he didn’t tell him about the matter earlier. Preeta comes to request him speak to ACP as he is his friend. Rishab says his friend ACP is outside the country. They go to speak to police station. The inspector there wasn’t ready to file a complaint and says the girl must have run away with her boyfriend. Rishab and Karan were irked, Preeta and Sarla were offensive about such accusations. Karan has a fight with the inspector. Preeta drags Karan outside forcefully. Sarla cries that they must not have come to police station to ask for help. Rishab calms her down.
In the corridor, Preeta tells Karan the police won’t bear his attitude. Karan was irked and not ready to hear the stories of that inspector, they don’t understand their duties. Preeta says right now they need their help, she wants Shrishti back home at any cost. Karan shouts he won’t hear their stories, he only want to get Shrishti back. Preeta convinces that they must let Rishab speak.
Rishab politely tells the inspector to listen to their problem and not make up any story out of his experience. The inspector agrees. Sarla narrates the story to the inspector. He asks how long did it happen. The inspector says they must wait for next twenty four hours, they can’t file an F.I.R before that time. Shrishti might return in a while. Rishab says he is going because they didn’t inform him they can’t file a complaint before 24 hours.
The goon’s man come to snap a photo of Shrishti.
Rishab and Sarla come out and say police won’t be any help, they say they won’t file an FIR before 24 hours. She suggests about going home and think what they must do further.
Neil calls Prithvi and says he would just send the photo of that girl. Prithvi and Sherlin look at the phone together and were shocked to see its Shrishti.

PRECAP: Prithvi decides to call that Neil and tell him to finish that Shrishti’s life right away. Preeta and Karan reach at Neil’s residence.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Dear God give the viewers the patience to deal with these shitless brain writer.

  2. Ha ha ha…one more murder going to happen.this ekta has gone crazy and this neil OMG is a real defaulter all these need to be wiped off. Plz save shrishti and thereby srishmeer.

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