Kundali Bhagya 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Preeta and Karan caught in washroom

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Preeta goes looking for tissue stock and knives in the house. Rashi had heard about it and sent them for new knife box and tells her the room with tissue boxes. Preeta enters the room and notices its Karan’s room. She goes to washroom to collect the tissue boxes and napkins, then screams watching Karan there. Karan says she is interested in him and even stalked him to his washroom. Preeta clarifies there is nothing for him in her heart. Karan asks what is going on between her and his brother. Preeta was left speechless. Karan shouts that he wants anything to end, if there is between her and Rishab. Preeta counter screams that he isn’t the one to dictate her who she speaks to or who not. She asks who he to question her is. Karan says he won’t let her plan succeed, firstly she was behind him and now behind his brother. Preeta places her finger over Karan’s forehead and asks if he can’t think about anything else. Karan tells Preeta about Sofia who has come with her parents to get engaged to him. Preeta recognizes Sofia was in the car the first day they met. She feels bad for Sofia and says she hates men like him who traps girls but then leaves them halfway. She curses Karan that Sofia never leaves him ever. She turns to leave but slips over a hand key. Karan holds her in his arms, and blows her hair off her face. They share an eye lock.
Rishab thinks he must ask Preeta about Sherlin’s suspense. He smiles thinking he likes what he feels for Preeta.
In the washroom, Preeta straightens up and asks why he is smiling. Karan says its victory smile, she is exactly like he thought about her. She is creating a record of falling into his arms. If she also keeps on thinking about him, like Shrishti. Preeta says she is actually trying to think how blackened his heart is. Rishab comes to the room and calls who is there. Karan shuts Preeta’s mouth saying Rishab would take a false meaning out of it. He calls from inside that he is here.
Downstairs, Kareena asks Shrishti about tissues. Shrishti thinks how she must tell her she has placed tissues somewhere and forgotten. She goes following Preeta to find the tissues.
Karan confirms if someone is outside and says there is no one inside. Preeta goes out, then hurries inside saying she saw someone coming in. If it was Kareena she must have killed her. Karan says she makes good stories, why she doesn’t say she can’t live without him. Shrishti had reached the room calling Preeta. Karan speaks from inside, Preeta steps over his foot. Karan says he saw her, and sent her to another washroom for tissue. Shrishti goes outside, her employee had come with tissue boxes.
Preeta tries to open the door but it was locked. Karan comes to help her but says he liked her pleading him today. Preeta tells him to open the door now, she doesn’t want to be caught with him at least. Karan leaves over her to open the door. When she fails, Karan holds the knob and goes out. Outside in the room, Sofia comes to see Karan and asks if he is here for a girl, she looks around asking where he hid the girl. Karan thinks about Shrishti’s idea. There, Preeta was happy to see Sofia there and thinks she would now see what he says to Sofia.

PRECAP: Karan brings Preeta held in his arms. Sofia tells Kritika and Shrishti that Karan now loves Preeta. Both were shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. Kakali Roy (Sarkar)

    still I am confused by thinking that who will be preeta’s hero,rishab or karan?

    1. Nivika

      Karan is hero

  3. Thus is my fav show. But today’s episode is not good


  5. We want preet’s hero as rishab

  6. Today’s episode was so awesome.. Full of preetam scenes… They both look so cute together… Just love their chemistery.. And precap is also very interesting..

    1. Shivampahar

      hello kashu . I am gonna write a fanfiction

    2. Hiii Shivampahar… So u r going to write ff on Preetan??

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      Yes technically on PREETAn

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      Kashu i also wanted to ask this question….shivampahar…r u boy?

    6. Shivampahar

      Yes I am not but I love this show much. Kashu try reading my fanfiction.

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    I like Preeta and Karan ?

    1. Nivika

      Mee tooo…they look cute together…?????

  8. yrr this is so confusing ……..whos gonna pair with preeta?? i want preeta and rishabh to be together

    1. Charmin Anderson

      Me too i like Rishabh and Preeta, can’t stand Karan so full of himself. Rishabh would be a really good partner for Preeta, proving her innocence, standing up for her and against his family, always ensuring to protect her dignity and always supportive, while Karan stands and enjoy her misery with that stupid grin and smirk on his face. I pray they make Preeta and Rishabh be the jodi ofthe show.

  9. Lila

    I ❤ this episode. Because it was full of PreetAn scenes????

  10. Khushnuma Khanam

    I want preeta and rishabh together bcoz they respect each other and care for each other…
    Who else wanna see preeta and rishabh together????

  11. I want rishab and preetajodi,they look so good together and not with karan

  12. i am so happy today’s episode is full of preeta and karan, love these two. they have great chemistry. PLzzzzzzzzzzz put these two together as couple.

  13. Shivampahar

    Hi everyone I am new to this .

    1. Nivika

      Helloo shivampahar…welcome here….
      Keep supporting

  14. rishab is perfect for preeta
    don’t like this overconfidence karan.rishab even perfect with sherlyn
    we want rishta?

  15. Yestrdy episode was Damn good ?????karan preeta ?????

  16. Karan preethA awesome jodi enjyd a lot…???????

  17. Nivika

    Epi was superbbbb….nd PreeRan rocks……?????

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey snehal how r u dear u r also preeta-karan fan? Me too ?

    2. Nivika

      Hellooo joyeee…i m gud…how r u….
      Yaa i m also preeran fan…
      But was disappointed as KB had only 2cmnts on previous epi…but now no problem…it will be increase day by day????????

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      Actually I only saw this show like yesterday and I liked it I didn’t know about this show just that its a spinoff of kumkum bhagya since I don’t watch kumkum bhagya I didn’t bother to watch this show until I saw some preetan scenes on Insta randomly and I decided to watch this show and I liked it
      Currently I only watch savitri Devi college and Hospital and Kundali bhagya sometimes once my exam ends will watch this one regularly too

    4. Nivika

      Yaa…joyee sdc&h is one of my fav show….love kaanchi…
      Nd swardha she is marathi actress and i had watched her marathi serial nd that was fabulous….i loved her acting in that serial so i watch sdc&h?????????

  18. RANdomfANCreationz

    One thing I m confused is the male lead rishabh or Karan? I like Preeta-Karan more but Preeta-rishabh is also not bad

    1. Karan is the main lead… And preeta and karan is the leading couple.. Though the serial is supposed to be a love triangle, the cvs have given many hints which proves that karan and preeta would be a couple.. Anyways.. Rishabh is also good!!

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Oh okay thanks. ? Yeah rishabh Preeta is not bad either but for now I like Karan Preeta more mainly cause of their tashans ????

  19. Today episode was nice! Want karan and preeta

  20. Rishab & preeta should be the couple.

  21. i like rishabh preeta jodi…..

  22. Hema69

    i like karan nd preeta
    just hope the story goes well

  23. Shivampahar

    Hey everyone see my new fanfiction . It is amazing and awesome need your support. See their character sketch

    1. Nivika

      Okkk….will read it!!

  24. i like Rishab&Preetah

  25. Love karan…

  26. Karan-preeta are very entertaining…I love karan open mind nature…I noticed and loved the way karan shares everything with preeran about sofia

  27. Isn’t this a Ektaa production? Then the show will eventually be screwed, like Kumkum. It’s supposed to be Preeta and Rishab. It looks like Preeta is older than Karan or at least she has a more matured nature. Matches Rishab more.

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