Kundali Bhagya 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Ramoona and Sarla apologize Dadi


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The episode starts when Dadi spills kerosene over herself. She aggressively shouts at them to fight, she does not want to see all this. She is tired. Karan and Rishab stop Dadi. Rishab shouts at the to stop all this. Karan joins his hands and tells them to stop all this.

In the room, Preeta asks Sarla for an answer, why she fought Ramoona. Ramoona has always been wrong, she never speaks sensible. If they had enough brain, they would never have spoken about money always. Everyone knows Ramoona was right. Sarla apologizes to Preeta for being ashamed. Karan’s Dadi had to do all this, she should have stayed silent when Dadi asked her to. She scolds Preeta for not sharing with her that Mahira got permission of elders. Shrishti asks if Preeta has told Sarla, would she have stayed silent. Sarla was determined to always reply Ramoona for anything wrong. Shrishti was happy at her guts. Preeta was upset for Dadi. Shrishti says Dadi was also acting. Sarla scolds Shrishti for taking everything jokingly. Sarla says whenever someone is wrong, they have to shout to be heard; that is what Ramoona did. Preeta tells Sarla that she got to know about Mahira’s fast a while ago only. She is helpless. And family only acted sensibly, as Mahira could have got Karan into a problem again. Sarla understands the situation and was even more apologetic. Preeta gives the credit of her sensibility and thoughtfulness to Sarla. Sarla was in awe of Luthra’s luck who got her as their daughter in law. She feels love for Preeta on her first Karwachauth. Preeta must celebrate her Karwachauth well. She takes a leave from Preeta but had to meet Dadi to apologize. She sends Shrishti to get an auto.

There in another room, Ramoona walked across the room aggressively. Mahira tells Ramoona to stop now. Ramoona was furious of Sarla’s argument, and Bani’s action; she must have shown Sarla what she is capable of. Sherlin says whatever Dadi did….. Ramoona says Bani behaved insensibly. She must have been her , but she instead spilt kerosene over her. Mahira confirms Ramoona if she should fast tomorrow. Ramoona says offcourse, it is the best day for a wife. She must take whole benefit of her fast as well. She must melt Karan’s heart, snatch Karan from Preeta and stay near him. Mahira was determined to use her fast as an arm against Preeta. Ramoona says Mahira has to teach Preeta a good lesson for not letting her marry Karan. Her hatred for Preeta will help her tomorrow. Sherlin asks how? Ramoona tells them a plan. Mahira was appreciative of her plan, as Preeta would not even have an idea what happens in her life tomorrow. She was in disbelief that Ramoona can go to such an extent. Ramoona now goes to her melodramatic Dadi so that the whole drama goes on Sarla. She tells Mahira that tomorrow must be Preeta’s last Karwachauth. She shouldn’t recognize where this destruction will hit her. She asks Sherlin how she will fast, she is pregnant. Sherlin looks towards Mahira. Ramoona tells Sherlin not to fast, it will be good for her and her baby. Sherlin laughs that she will fast, even if she has to act. This is all very important for Luthra’s, specially her husband. No amount of husband’s love is ever enough for a wife. Ramoona leaves.

In Dadi’s room, Rishab was angry at Dadi for such an act. Dadi holds her ears to Rishab for sorry. Rishab asks for Dadi’s promise that she will never do this, no matter what happens. Dadi nods. Rishab hugs Dadi. It was now Karan’s turn. He asks Dadi if this is how someone handles a situation. He threatens to complain Dadi. Dadi says she was telling everyone to stop fighting, even Karina dig in Sarla and Ramoona’s fight. She wondered what she should do, then thought about doing this. Karan warns Dadi to behave like an elder of the house next time. Ramoona comes to the room. She apologizes Dadi that Sarla incited her aggression. Sarla was speaking falsely for Mahira and made her hyper. She apologizes Karan, she does not want Mahira to do anything silly again; so please take care of Mahira. She asks Rishab to take care of Mahira. Rishab assures he will. Karan asks what was this? Rishab asks Dadi if she believes these people cares for Dadi? Dadi agrees.

Sarla comes to the room. She apologizes Dadi as she had to take such a step because of her. She accepts she must not have argued. She does not want to get her any tension. She agrees when Dadi stopped them, they must have left the argument. They have no right to compel Dadi go to such an extent. She was so terrified. What if a scratch of fire had hurt her, she would have been the culprit. She cries and apologizes Dadi to forgive her. Karan consoles Sarla and hugs her. He says she was not at wrong. Sarla still apologizes. She never intended that Dadi hurts herself because of her. Rishab consoles her that she is not responsible for this all. Karan asserts that the way Ramoona spoke, anyone would have been furious. And this is being said by him, her son in law. Sarla was now moved. She hugs Karan and kiss his cheek. She takes a leave from Dadi. Rishab touches her feet. Dadi also turns to leave. She says she had enough, she needs rest now. Rishab tells Karan Dadi is not angry anymore. He appreciates Karan to handle the situation so well. Karan still felt that Mahira must not be in the house.

PRECAP: Ramoona was determined to show Sarla and Shrishti their deserved place and drives towards them. Mahira tells Sherlin she came to correct everything done wrong by Preeta. In the room, Preeta asks if Karan is angry with Sarla. Karan defends Sarla that she was at right, why anyone would fast for him when he is a married man.

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  1. I feel Sherlin is not Pregnant. There is definitely something very fishy about her pregnancy. She either had aborted the baby long back or miscarriage!!!

  2. Jab Se Ramona Replace Hui Hai Tab Se Zyaada Chaalbaaz Ho Gayi Hai

  3. When the story was finally taking a positive turn in Karan and Preeta’s life, the writers and producers brought Mahira back. Will it take forever for the producers to realize that there is too much negativity already out there that we, the viewers, are dealing with in our daily lives. When will this show turn back to positivity? Expose Mahira and Sherlyn now.

  4. Jessica south africa

    The story is getting boring. Let the father wake up and expose them. The storyline is being ruined and it’s going in circles.

  5. At this point, the story keeps dragging itself. How long will it take for the father to wake up and expose them? This slow burn is slower than the actual definition of slow burn. Not to mention when Mahira finally got kicked out of the house, it didn’t even last long, in the next episode she was already back. This story is dragging the negativity and it’s getting very much boring. When will the producers and writers realize that this story is being over dragged and boring now with all these not needed drama?

  6. how Karan stand there and looks like a fine jerk not defending his wife the literals is sick and wow writers u guys r great u will starve soon when people stop looking

  7. Serlain get pregnant before me I am now a proud mother after 9 month pregnancy..how long it will take for serlain’s to caught

  8. Mark Narain I totally agree Karan is a jerk he plays game in between Preeta and Mahira he is a kind that time to time with girlfriends dragging and boring show fooling people.i almost stop watching.Preeta is too good for him. Karena should be kicked out first .

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