Kundali Bhagya 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Karina blames Rakhi for everything that is happening

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Kundali Bhagya 13th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Preeta is really worried about Shrishti she wonders where she might be and that she would go to check in the room of Maira, Shrishti is writing the letter she is really sure that the Luthraโ€™s will end the marriage after reading the letter. Preeta enters the room, Shrishti tries to act not knowing that it is Preeta, she comes in and starts to slap her, she says that she should not have come to the engagement, Preeta says that she should not have done this as she is not a criminal and she should correct every wrong which she has done, Preeta explains that she should not worry as everyone knows that she is Shrishti and they are searching for her. Preeta tries to hit her she hides in the bathroom, Preeta asks her to come outside she then again starts to hit her but the Rishab comes to the room, they both leave after making an excuse, karan comes explaining that he has something important to say to him.
Preeta asks why she is doing this because it will not create any difference as Maira knew everything yet still wants to marry Karan, if karina finds out that they both in the Luthra Mansion then she will insult them both and also their mother which she will not be able to service, they must respect her wishes that as she is sure that karan is really happy in his life so even he is not able to marry Maira, even then he will not come back to her, they will continue to live at their respective houses. Shrishti thinks that he would come to know of his mistake and come back to her, she mentions that he had the time before the engagement, Preeta tries to explain that nothing will happen, She makes Shrishti vow on her life that she will come back with her, then she agrees , Shrishti mentions that she will go with her after opening Maira, they both leave to the guest room.
Rishab asks karan to listen to his words, he explains that karina feels Shrishti has come to stop his engagement but he feels that she cannot do this alone so must have come with someone else and it might be Preeta, karan thinks that Rishab is right, Risahb asks that he thinks Karan wants Preeta to come and break his engagement and he is waiting for her, karan refuses to say anything, Rishab thinks that he will make Karan explain his feelings to them.
Rakhi asks Dadi if she feels that what they are doing is right, Rakhi then explains that she feels that what they are doing is wrong and Karan is already married to Preeta, Dadi explains that Rakhi has a really nice heart and she should not worry as everything will happen to their wishes.
Shrishti and Preeta arrive to the room, Preeta gets really tensed and opens Mairaโ€™s mouth, she starts to blame them both for not being on the right side of law, she explains that Shrishti came in a disguise and ruined her makeup and then also tied her to the chair, her mother claimed that the Luthraโ€™s have not provided the upbringing to their children to make them respectable but she now feels that whatever Karina was saying for them was right, they all are really clever and only want the property of the Luthraโ€™s.
Rakhi comes with Dadi asking what happened, karina mentions that Preeta and Shrishti are both in the party and they came to stop the engagement, Karina start to blame Rakhi as she was the one who claimed that they both were her daughters but she was wrong and they were really the reason behind the ruining of the house, Rakhi still is not able to believe it explaining that she feels that they are not in the Luthra Mansion, Dadi gets pissed saying that they all have come to realize how bad the Auroras are for them even then she is still supporting them both.
Maira is constantly yelling bad things for them both then also questions Sarla upbringing, Preeta gets angry saying that she can talk rubbish about her but should not indulge her sister and mother, Maira still starts to yell at her then says that she should open her arms then she will make her pay, Preeta gets frustrated then goes to shut her mouth with the cloth, she apologizes for doing the act but says that she was forced to by the rubbish that Maira was talking for their mother, so now has started to feel that what Shrishti did to her was really appropriate.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Amal


    1. I agree Amal, but then we can laugh at Karan’s towering skyscraper hair and at Shristi’s weird ‘acting’ style or the fact that Kareena and shristi are very much alike when it comes to their reactive (stupid) decision making. Shristi’s weird ‘acting’ style becomes more obvious the more screen space she is given. I have seen similar performance levels from grade school theatre productions. The joking around about her height has become as stale as the biscuits lost underneath a couch. There’s a report out of a dancer at a wedding in Uttar Pradesh who took a break from her work (don’t dancers deserve breaks?) and was shot in the neck by one of the guests…. because she needed a break. Wow. Ekta Kapoor isn’t really ‘reaching’ is she, when creates the direction and tone of her ‘productions’. If I had a son who came home with that Karan inspired hairstyle, first I would ask, “Who did this to you?” and then, “And you were stupid enough to agree?, where are the scissors? We’ll fix this this right now! Don’t you have any shame? Or do you want to look like a clown?” I wonder if the sycophantic breather, Preeta and the joke Karan just don’t deserve each other? Another marriage based on, no communication and a reaction level of badly bred three year olds. It’s sad and laughable that the actress for Preeta believes that this role will make her a ‘star’ like Sriti Jha. Has she read the script? Has she watched herself in the finished product? Preeta, Shristi and Kareena should all register in Clown School. Looks like they have already completed some of the course work. Why is the ‘not funny’, awkward walking, goofball Shristi receiving so much screen space?

      1. Amal

        Akituster lmaoo your comments always has me on stitches ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ how could Karan not recognise Preeta whoโ€™s always breathing heavily? And no one could recognise Shrishti being that lanky? Ok so done with Ekta ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  2. Verma4

    Can someone please put a nooses around Karina’s neck and shut her up once and for all.

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