Kundali Bhagya 12th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Karan married Preeta


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Kundali Bhagya 12th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Prithvi is yelling a5t the pandit6 asking him to come and start the rituals again, he looks at Karan who is smiling then he forcefully makes the Pandit sit asking him to again start the wedding, he explains that he will marry her now just like it was planned in the beginning, they both sit and the Pandit starts the rituals, Karan gets angry he then pours water over the fire, saying that he will not let him marry Preeta, Prithvi asks what they both want as they never let him marry her.
Prithvi runs to Sarla asking her to come with her, she comes asking Karan why he did this because her daughter is not any commodity which can be won, Karan explains that he did this because he has married Preeta so Prithvi cannot do it again, Prithvi explains that it was not meant, Sarla asks him why he hid

in the veil and married her. Sarla scolds Prithvi at which his mother gets really angry demanding her to not say anything to her son.
Sarla says that she is talking with Karan, he answers that he wanted to marry her, Sarla asks him why he never came to ask for marrying Preeta, she exclaims that she does not believe in this wedding.
Dadi is with Mahesh saying that she was never able to say anything to Prithvi who was the one behind the accident of Mahesh, she explains that Preeta has taken away the comfort which prevailed in their house and it was all because of Preeta whom they considered their family, she feels pain in her chest, Rakhi runs to call Rishab.
Karan goes to holds Sarla’s hands saying that he has married Preeta with all the rituals but had not the time to make it a proper as when he came to know that he was missing Preeta it got very late so he had to make a drastic decision, he makes Preeta stand with him explaining that he felt that he will lose everything if Preeta got married to Prithvi so he decided to not let him and take what was his. He got very late and when he came the wedding had already begun so he without talking to anyone of them married her as otherwise it would have gotten very late. The audience start to say that he has done it in the wrong manner and has ruined the life of a girl.

Prithvi says that he has married the girl who was about to become his wife so this wedding cannot be taken as the truth, Karna turns saying that everything is fair in love and war, he is in a war with him and loves Preeta. Everyone gets happy hearing this.
Rakhi knocks on Rishab’s door explaining that dadi has a severe pain in her chest, he runs back calling the doctor to come then they all run to Rakhi’s room.
Prithvi says that it is not love but hate as he himself has said that he hates her, Karan says that he doesn’t care what he thinks but only what Preeta thinks of him, Sarla asks if he tried to know what Preeta thinks of marrying him.
Karan turns saying that he has said it a lot of times that he hates her but whenever he went back to his house he always wondered why he said this, he is famous and a lot of girls wanted to be with him but he is alone and so only wants to be with her, he explains that when a famous person goes after a girl it is because he loves her.
Karan mentions that Rishab said to her that he is not able to convey his feelings to anyone and he was right, he never knew what Love was before he met her, Karan kneels expressing his feelings for her by saying that he loves her and she is in his every heartbeat. Karan finally explains that he fights with her but she is everything for him, if she is not with him then there is nothing. He apologizes for the way he married her but then brings out what is in his heart, I LOVE YOU PREETA to his life. Everyone is shocked, he asks why they are looking at him as he has told what he felt for her, he says that those who have a heart will be with him, Sarla along with her family are very happy.
Karan finally kneels asking Preeta to take his hand promising that he will never leave her hand, Preeta is confused and shivering on whether she should take his hand and go after what her mother wanted.
Shrishti is over welcomes asking if it is not romantic as Karan has told everyone of his feelings, all of them also believe that he loves her, She exclaims that she has accepted him as her brother in law, he also smiles at her, she says that she knows he will make sure her sister remains very happy, she says that she feels god also wanted them both to get married.

Precap: Karan says that eh doesn’t care what the world thinks but he will fight them all if she is with him, Prithvi is exclaiming that everyone doesn’t believe that this wedding is true.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. The Luthra Dadi did a fine performance in front of Mahesh. She displayed the same quality of stupid thinking that I have repeatedly seen occurring in some Sikh families who live in the diaspora… not necessarily from one country. Blame some poor victim for the convenience of not having to become responsible for your own actions… keep taking instructions from the family boor. Who is Kareena, in this case. This is always family secret, business of course. You wouldn’t let your new community know about the fact that your family has complete sadist nutjobs abusing family members and that you are a really cruel and egotistical family. The excuse of having been a refugee/survivor of India’s separation just doesn’t work anymore as way to explain away criminal behaviour.
    You have to wonder if Karan is pretending love so that he can get Preeta home so that he and his family can start tormenting her. Now, that would be typical.

    1. What do you mean by Sikh families?

      1. I am of a Sikh family so my experience is mostly with Punjabi’s or Sikh’s living in the diaspora. And yes, a number of the parents were teenagers when they were made into refugees. Some of those survivors did receive much trauma and a skewed idea of life. Not ever given a chance to heal their trauma, they have passed those unresolved issues to their children, unconsciously. Some of their parenting techniques are simple, cold brutality, a reflection of their own unresolved experiences. I know that good, decent, caring and honourable Sikh families also exist.

  2. I know Karan is saying all of this because he does really love her, but will cancel it all once he gets her home in the name of anger. When Mahesh wakes up in 2 years he’ll clear all the confusion.😂
    Can anyone tell me why Preeta maam hasn’t said a word yet and was being taken to the mandap for a second wedding and did nothing? Can anyone else tell me why Janki is not speaking up about being put in the closet bound and gagged by the would be groom? That might possibly help Preeta decide.🤣

    1. And supposedly, Janki loves Preeta. Preeta is a silenced slave. She just does what she is ordered to do by whomever is her boss at the moment. whomever is claiming to love her

  3. Hi Arki; you know what I genuinely think that karan loves preeta but he just does not know how to express it as he has this kind of childish behaviour; both he and preeta drives me up a wall when they start to argue man it is like two man rat in one hole and like they cannot stop…..could you imagin the two of them married and living together whey that will be confusion every day will be uproar in that house but on the other hand I love Rishab for preeta the seem to get along quite well…. I cannot stand that Oaf Prithvi he is too bold face and I cannot take the way he stands up and the way he walks; I find his Bottom is way too huge for a man and his posture when you look at him his bottom is way too high and big he looks like he is keep up a S…. and wants to use the bathroom urgently lol … for me Prithvi and sherlyn derserve each other and they have the same profession that is CROOKERY lol so they will make the perfect pair …. I love Shistri and Sameer they too make a perfect pair especially how shistri has the Spicy way about her on the other hand sameer is so quiet …. that domineering way shistri has over sameer makes it all the more romantic cannot wait to see them in some loving action.

    1. I agree Sapphire! I think Karisma said it perfectly! Mind you, when they do live together, at least Preeta (we hope) won’t be second-guessing every decision as she will no longer have to consider Prithvi or Sarla. Now she’ll just be focusing on her survival. Will Rishab begin to hate Preeta and end up helping sherlyn abuse Preeta? Especially after he hears love noises coming from Preeta/Karan. That wouldn’t surprise me. but Ekta does the things that are opposite of what the viewers may imagine… to add to the ‘drama’ no matter how ridiculous her plot becomes. I thought Prithvi was looking less ridiculous lately. He has put on some weight but I could be thinking that because he’s mostly been tied up and I haven’t had to watch him. the poor actor! He does a good job portraying a freaky kind of criminal. He’s stuck with that Sherlyn demon. She’ll want his services when she realizes that the easy victim Preeta is moving into the household. Prithvi might become deranged. You know, “If I can’t have her then no one will have her!” He won’t hurt Karan, he’ll destroy Preeta to hurt Karan. Like Preeta has had any choices anywhere, ever. Her father likely told her to become a doctor so someone could pay for Shristi’s life, just in case she didn’t marry. And of course she obeyed.

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