Kundali Bhagya 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahesh is going to meet Preeta

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Janki explains that she wants to delay Preeta’s wedding, she first wants to remove all of the mis understandings between the Luthra family and theirs, Shrishti asks what she will do, She explains that she will use the method which her mother used with her aunt who was jealous of her mother so tried to degrade her< Shrishti asks for the plan, she takes her aside.

Sherlin is planning to leave the house saying that she does not want to go to jail, she tries to run but as she reaches the door, Preeta comes and slaps her, she tries to hit back, everyone comes in, she is forced to take her step backwards, she apologizes to everyone mentioning that she is not wrong, she pleads to Rishab.

Rishab explains that everyone can be wrong but Mahesh who herd it from her own mouth, she tries to convince Mahesh that raj is lying, but he explains that he told the truth the previous time but this time he did not let him take back his words. Karina mentions that she trusted her and stood against her own family for Sherlin but she deceived her.

Sarla heads to her, slapping her for each and every thing that she has done to her family, she starts to shout but Shrishti forces her to remain quiet threatening that she will hit her to the extent that she will not be able to survive. Sherlin requests Rishab to help her.

Rishab agrees asking first if she is pregnant, she lies completely disowning the blame, Rishab gets frustrated but she insists that it is his child, Karna heads to him saying that it is the child of her boyfriend, Prithvi.

Sherlin looks to Preeta who mentions that she is not broken because they trusted Prithvi but he instead deceived them all breaking their trust, she wants to know why is he so revengeful of them.

Everyone is trying to make her confers, Samer says that she should be taken to the police station, she runs away, they follow her but she picks a knife and takes Preeta as hostage, holding he knife against her throat, they all order her to release Preeta, Dadi also advises that she make a deal with her and Preeta should not be harmed. Sherlin explains that she will tell the truth but will not go to jail, she says that she is pregnant, Chachi was right and she has been pregnant since the last 3 and a half months. Rishab asks the reason that they want to take revenge, she however refuses.

Sherlin sks them why they do not like her and trust Preeta with their hearts, she says that she has the heart to decide what is wrong and is able to stand and fight for her family, Preeta hits her on her stomach pushing her against the table, Sarla takes her threatening that she will beat her because she warned her if she did anything with her daughters she will be really angry.

Shrishti says that they should beat her with their slippers and when they’re about to beat her she wakes up from the dream, Sherlin stands up thinking how did she make such a big mistake, she should have closed the door before taking Prithvi’s name, she scolds herself blaming hat she is the reason behind ruining Prithvi’s dream, she decides to call Prithvi.

Prithvi is with his family they all are selecting their clothes, he gets a call from Sherlin and leaves making an excuse, she answers that they have been exposed so he should come to the Luthra house immediately.

Rakhi is calling Mahesh, Pandit ask them when he will join them, Karina inquires her about what Mahesh said, she explains that he said it will take some time as he is going to Preeta house to apologize. Mahesh says that he is going to meet Preeta, they have done things that are not right, she has extreme importance in their life and Karan is also not in his right mind, he wants to correct their future lives.


Precap: Mahesh says that he will take everyone from her family back to his house, they will now punish Sherlin, she will be the first one to do it. Prithvi hires a man to kill Mahesh Luthra.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Leisa s morris

    Sighhhhh…so predictable,stueps.

  2. This blasted producer aintbrealize ppl fed up with she dreams…in every one of her serials..it’s the same thing. She’s so freaking predictable

  3. If they (Sherlyn & Prithvi ) succeed in killing Mahesh, that will be the last straw of how stupid the writer can be ?
    Won’t the evil people ever be caught out , portraying all these to children will make them think it’s alright and this bad

    Be more constructive in your writing

  4. This were to happen like this that how makers fool us by showing expose of shirlyn but now they shame of them because how to hurt feelings by showing false track and everyone was thinking finally shirlyn will expose but as always shame boring story will continue I don’t how long until we breaks ur tv because they will never listen to viewers feelings dumb deaf maker of this show where evils always in win and hero’s always lose such a disappointment of this series

  5. Ekta kapoor what is the meaning of Kundali bhaya ? It is killing and do evil things telling lies.murder and kidnapping. If supposed the Mahesh luthra is killed the blame will be in Preetha and Mahesh is going to meet her she ordered gunda to kill mahesh luthre.
    If Mahesh get accident by gunda of Prithvi then Mahesh luthra will be hospital in Coma stage or paralysed
    Karan will says this all due to Preetha. Prithvi will marry with preetha.
    Bawass serial Ekta kapoor kindly explain meaning of Kundali bhagya In your serial it is killing.evils, and crime

  6. Kum kum Bhagya was one disaster… Kundali also following the footsteps.. The producer and the writer of this serial needs to know the sentiments of the audience especially the children.. These soaps spoil our young generation by portraying evil winning all the time. This was expected and one more attempt to murder Mahesh.. Will Sherlin and Prithvi succeed.. Will the truth die and evil emerge in a new twist.. Producer you are phenomenal.. Cheers!! Just for TRP you will do anything

  7. Tamanna Sharma

    kya bakwass h yrrrr???


    For the sake of crying of out loud.. You f**ked up writers will just do your man mani.. Mahesh Lutra destruction has started.. kidnapped..murdered..memory loss.. Rakhi will blame Preeta and so will that stupid foolish Karen Lutra. I literally laughed when they said that sherlyn was pregnant for 3 months! 2 yrs up she didn’t get baby yet hahahaha Sherlyn Murko ki maharani Khurana!
    Writers get a life and Ekta hope all your antaganists finish you!

  9. what bakwaas??half of the episode was a f**king dream of tht b*t*h! like what crap is happening? arent the actors of the serial tired of the same storyline? i mean trp ke liye kuch bhi? i litreally predicted tht mahesh is gonna be kidnapped, or memory loss, or coma! tht stupid janki’s memory also didnt come back yet! ive seen in so many shows tht memory comes after u look at something you have forgotten . like u would atleast have a feeling tht u have seen tht person somewhere or whatever! janki budiya is toh maharani! iski memory raasta bhool gayi! ghatiya preeta and karan useless in the show! ALWAYS crying, dreaming,or talking to themselves! prithvi is the lead role! thoda sa entertainment joh hai prithvi ke wajah se he aa raha hai! the funny faces he make when he is irritated are hilarious! preeta aur karan bhaad ai jao!

  10. Dear Zee TV
    Stop this stupid useless plots/dreams and vagaras in this serial. Ask the Producer/Director to entertain viewers and not to bore and frustrate.

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