Kundali Bhagya 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Karina is adament to make Preeta and Shristhi pay

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Ramona is walking hysterically, Karina enquires about the reason she is walking like thinks, Ramona refuses to say anything then she explains that she feels Sameer has gone way too far, karina is not able to believe that she feels Sameer is like this and he is really a nice girl, Ramona explains that she saw him in his room with the beautician who is Japanese, karina is not able to believe it saying that he only likes a single girl, then she thinks that it might be Shrishti and when she is sure then she thinks of what she will do to stop the engagement.
Karan explains that he is getting engaged because he wants to run away from Preeta, he mentions that the reason he is telling all this to him is because it is better to tell the feelings to someone who is not of their family as the family has an opinion and they does not seem to care, he leaves to get dressed, Preeta thinks that he is still not letting her explain, he is blaming her for all that has happened in his life but is still not listening to her explanation. He pleads that she does not tell anything to anyone, Preeta leaves after which karan is not able to understand her.
Preeta is walking when she sees karina then runs from her, she bumps into Karan, he holds her and karina comes asking him if he has seen a tall girl but he denies it, she explains that they feel it is Sherlin and if she is here then Preeta will also be here, they both plan to make sure that they insult her to the extent that they both never come to the house, Karina also scolds Preeta to leave and not listen to their conversation when they are leaving Preeta calls Karan back requesting that he not scold the girls as he feels that they will be off a nice heart.
Karina and Ramona reach the room, Karan comes asking about Preeta they both are stunned, Ramona explains that he should be worried for Maira, he immediately takes back his statement, they wonder that Sameer might still be with the girl so they go to check him in his room.
Shrishti brings Sameer to a room and it is very difficult as he is really heavy, she is finally able to lock the door, then she says to Sameer that she never wanted to make him unconscious and it was not the part of the plan, she sees that Maira has woken, she goes to her explaining that she has kidnapped her and she will not be able to move forward with the engagement, Maira thinks that she has a feeling she is Shrishti however she makes her believe that she is a Japanese.
Maira is shocked to see that Sameer is unconscious, she asks why is she doing this, she starts to yell, Shrishti binds her face with a dupatta, she then explains that Maira is really smart and she is true that it is Shrishti, she has no personal grudge and the reason she is doing this is because she wants to make her realize that she cannot marry karan as he is already married with Preeta, Shrishti threatens her to tell everyone that she doesn’t want to marry Karan as she wants to save Preeta, she then explains that she will write a letter in her name to the Luthra’s explaining how guilty she felt when she came to know that karan is already married, finally when it will end then she will not be able to do it as everyone will already be aware of the fact that she refused to marry karan, she leaves them both in the room.
Karan enters the room thinking where preeta is, he asks Karina where she thinks preeta will be and even if she came to the party, Karina mentions that she did not see her but if Ramona is right and Shrishti did came then Preeta will also be in the party as she will never want him to marry someone else, Karan leaves the room.
Shristhi gets to the room, she starts to write the letter to the Luthra pretending to be Maira but questions her grammar as she cannot find the right pattern with which she starts it, she is finally able to succeed in starting the letter.
Ramona exclaims that they were not able find Shrishti or Preeta in the house so they might wonder if they both really came, Karina explains her surety in the fact that they both will be in the party, she is adamant to make them pay for trying to ruin the party.

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  2. I understand that the actress Shristi is tons of fun to be with… off of the set. Whether it is the script or whether it is the actress her role is so pretentiously BORING that you wonder why she exists. She is too tall to be playing a brat ten year old, so I must assume that she is being used just like her sycophantic sister (with the breathing problems) to make all Indian women look as if they are particularly stupid, immature and thoroughly unlikeable. And these two aren’t even the nasty characters. If your heroines are so pointedly dumb one must ask, are these two actresses actually proud of what they are achieving/doing??? I can just imagine them bragging to their grandchildren, “Yes, with Ekta Kapoor we did a great job of bringing great shame to all Indian women across the world! “

  3. Verma4

    Please Karina, do not hold your fart in because that’s what gives you the shittie thoughts. Shit for brains.

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