Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update

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Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The inspector comes and says that if they are finished talking then they can take Karan home but first there are some formalities that have to filled Karan comes out of the cell.
Sherlin gets ca call form Rishab and is tensed to see that it is him, she wonders what he thinks of her and if he knows that she was with Prithvi, he asks the inspector to do what he wants to do because she is not picking up the phone and will come herself to take back the complaint, they all make him realize that it was nothing but a misunderstanding and she will come.
Sherlin says that she is fine however Rishab says that she does not sound fine and she must be at home, she says that she is at her house, he says that he is coming to meet her and she must remain there. Karan disagrees saying that she has done

something wrong.
Sherlin thinks that Rishab was very nice to her and she can continue her acting as he still is calm, she think of further doing this act. Karan and Preeta are in the car, she is very angry and is not talking to him. he asks her to talk she says that he must stop the car and when she gets out she starts to yell at him for doing such a thing, she blames that he doesn’t care for his family members and has no interest for their fillings, they gets really tensed when he goes to prison, she even does not let him explain and starts to cry, Karan seeing her concern hugs her apologizing for his actions explaining that he didn’t k now that he will get stuck into it like this, they are still hugging and when he backs out she is till crying and even does not stop, he vows that he will ask Prithvi and make him tell the truth, Preeta asks him to stop but he says that he will go to him immediately and asks him to speak the truth, Preeta says that he will not talk to him and it will be her but he says that he will do it. When they are going he is heading towards Sherlin’s house which angers her and she says that he will be at his own house, he disagrees saying that they will go to her house when he is not at his own house, they both argue over it and Karan says that they will be just waiting time.
Rishab and Sherlin are walking when he heads back to her house, he gets confused asking what she is doing, she thinks that she will not do it and Karan has done something wrong with her the same way she did it with Manisha, and she says that he might also do it with her. Rishab gets really angry and is about to hit her, he says that he knows his brother really well and is disappointed that she believes that he did this when she knows that Manisha was lying, he says that he will not marry her because she does not support his family, he also says that he is ready to face any charges for the thing which she believes happened with them on the night.
Karan and Preeta reach Prithvi’s house. They both are arguing over if Prithvi will be at his house or not, she says that she will prove him wrong and go to talk with hi, they’re at the door, she rings the bell a couple of times and he does not answer, Karan taunts her saying that he is not here, he also rings it but none comes and then she decides to call him, he picks up the phone saying says that he is in the hospital and Karan is holding Prithvi from his neck, Preeta pulls him back and says that’s he will talk with him, Prithvi asks her what happened, he says that he saw him leave with Sherlin from his house and can also prove it.
Prithvi says that he is right and Sherlin was really with him but only because he gave her a lift as a gentleman would do, he also points that she also travels with Karan which makes him angry and he says that his intentions are not like him, Prithvi also says that he lied to Karina only because his wounds were hurting a lot and did not want to wait for the doctor to come, also because he has no right over anyone of them and only her so he did not want to take their help in any situation. Karan gets really angry, Prithvi says that at that time she was with Rishab in the police station, he did not want to disturb her, he went out and saw Sherlin waiting for a cab and dropped her at her hose, Karan doesn’t believe him saying that he is a liar and making things up. Preeta asks him stop, Prithvi shows them his admitting card and time stamp on it saying that he was in the hospital at 9: 40 after leaving the house at 9: 00.

Precap: Karan say that he will prove to Preeta that Prithvi is a liar and fraud they both go on a challenge.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Lmao i dont know what is more hillarious d fact dat dis show is still ongoing or d fact dat prithvi always has an answer for any blame thrown at him. No one in real life is so masterful yet d writers make him out to b houdini coming out of every trap set for him. Dis serial is all about evil winning nothing else. Imagine a woman pregnant since d show started yet no belly practically not much symptoms and no one d wiser even those who think shes pregnant smh. But do u know wat d funniest part is goin to b? That is wen shirlin will tell everyone dat she is pregnant for rishab thereby foiling all d other plans lol. Hmmm i wonder how long after d wedding will.she.give birth but by then it wouldnt matter as she would b mrs luthra lol.

    1. Prithvi is King Vikram Aditya . He has an answer for everything.

  2. I just don’t understand how such a crap show’s attaining huge TRP’s. Just because it’s lead actors/actresses are well known, handsome, suave, beautiful blah blah blah.. but what’s the use when there’s no story & is stretching day by day. since the inception we see the villains are winning & all plans to expose them is getting foiled. The Hero & Heroin are aware that they love each other but are still confused & are not confronting. The lady villain is Pregnant since 2 years but hasn’t shown a bit of Baby Bump. The Hero is supposed to be a Cricketer but what’s he doing here when the IPL season is going around. Moreover he’s never seen playing any match (ODI/TEST etc). He’s often seen as a Casanova playing around girls. There’s also an elder brother who knows that his brother is in love with the girl but still yearning for her love. He also knows the nature of the Badasses but is still quiet playing a Helpless Chap..
    Finally I’ve only 1 thing to say…
    Band karo ye… TATTI yaar…

  3. Crooks are being glorified in this show. The poor leads looks like fools over and over. Characters who actually saw Prithv red handed murdering either goes in coma, suffer from amnesia or act just plain stupid to let Prithiv look good. We look stupid watching this Serial. Only the crooks are allowed to look great.

  4. Dipti swargiary

    This is the most faltu TV show waste of time I had the show

  5. Kundali Bhagya and Kumkum Bhagya came from the same family members. now Pragya’s daughters already 20 years old but Preeta still not married??????

  6. I just wonder how a writer can write such a brainless n foolish story,make actors n actresses look stupid,4 ow long wil u keep writin nonsense,dis story has no direction just moving in evil circles,pls d writers n producers need help,seriously

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