Kundali Bhagya 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update: The wedding concludes and it is Karan behind the veil.


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Kundali Bhagya 11th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Pandit asks booth of them to sit after they end the circles, Sarla is very happy to see that the last ceremony is about to begin which consists of filling the Mang with Sandor, Preeta wonders that she wanted Karan to be in her wedding as she still considers him as a friend, Karan while performing the ceremony is thinking that she has no idea he is the one doing the ceremony, the Pandit asks the groom to place the Mangal Suture on the brides neck, before com pelting the wedding. Everyone claps on the happy occasion.

Prithvi wakes up, he endlessly tries to free himself before succeeding, he then tries to open the door but it is locked, he wonders how he will get out of the room, thinking that he might marry Preeta, he thinks that someone might come in if he cannot go outside as he will

not let Karan marry Preeta.

Janki also wakes up and then she breaks free from the rope before running outside, she hears someone knocking the door but is shocked to see that it is Prithvi, he is Alsop shocked to see her,. she mentions that this means Karan is the one sitting in the Mandap, he explains that he will all that he can to marry Preeta, She pushes him back before trying to strangulate him.

The Pandit concludes the wedding before asking them all to take the blessings of their elders, they both get up to do it seeing which Shrishti gets really angry and leaves, They take the blessings of Bi jee before going to Sarla whom Preeta hugs, she blesses them both with the words that they live happily together, Prithvi smother also blesses them that they should live happily together, after they take Chacha’s blessing he explains that they have finally gotten married which means that their couple was blessed on the skies so when they face [problem they should only go to pray to him.

Sarla says that he should show them his face as the wedding has concluded.

Shrishti is walking when she hears someone fighting, she opens the door to know that it is Prithvi, he gets a chance to run away, Shrishti stops her from running away as she has married Karan, Janki is not able to control her emotions saying and starts to dance, She asks Janki is she had known it from the start but she explains that she came know it and someone else also knew about it, Shrishti get angry with Samer asking why he didn’t tell her as then she would have also enjoyed, but now they have to go and see what tantrum Prithvi has created.

Prithvi reaches the hall asking Preeta to stop, everyone is left confused seeing him in, they all wonder who is behind the veil, he goes to take off his hat but Karan takes him by the hand and unveiling that it is Karan, both Samer and Shrishti are happy to see that it is him.

Rakhi is with Mahesh explaining that he has not fulfilled his promise as he said that he is coming to them at the Mandir but he never came, she is crying when Dadi comes, Rakhi asks her that she would have come to her if she needed anything, she explains that she only wants to be with her son, she sits saying that she did not believe that she would be able to do anything without him but now has come to know realize that she is nothing without him and cannot even take care of herself so how can she manage the entire family, so she needs him as he the one who will take care of the entire family.

Prithvi’s mother asks how Karan married Preeta because he was the one behind the veil, she explains that she knew it from the start that Karan had some feelings for Preeta, Janki says that it is known as love, Prithvi says that it is called hate as he himself said that it is his hate which has forced him to marry her as he wants to hurt her for everything which he believes she has done to his family, Prithvi is explaining that he will do all that he can to make sure that Preeta lives happily. Also explaining that the wedding is not the right one as it was done without the permission and the blessings of the elders so cannot be considered valid. He says that now he will marry Preeta which was due to be conducted so now he will marry her in the same Mandap, Preeta is left confused, he says that she should not worry as he will marry her and should come with her, he opens the knot asking that they again start the rituals, Karan is left seeing her, she looks back at Karan who is very angry.


Precap: Karan is explaining that he knows that the way in which he married was wrong but at every question there was only one answer that he loves her a lot, he kneels back down asking her to take his hand assuring that he will not leave her hand under any circumstance.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. WooHoo 🎉
    Finally someone got the step on evil, self-talker(😂) Pritvi! Karan and a Preeta are married and while we all know it will be rough at first, at least they are finally together!

  2. Leisa s morris

    I know karan married her without elders blessings but dey r still married so don’t understand prithvis logic and going to do over ritual. If dat was d case most of zees marriages would b called off as dis is how most of them starts off. Soooo now is battle in d luthras house as noone wants preeta there especially sherlyn. Poor rishab d one he loved now belongs to his brother who is gonna make her life a living hell. D only one who is gonna benefit is Mahesh as he’s gonna get better soon unless sherlyn continued to enterfere with his meds and blames preeta. And for crying out loud how much longer before everyone finds out sherlyns pregnant? And how far along would she b cause I was hearing two months when it’s been two yrs sighhhhh

    1. Lol, yes Sherlyn’s baby should be in preschool by now!

      1. Verma4

        She’s been pregnant from the inception of the show.

  3. RivanyaComments

    bad start! Now Rishabh – preeta – karan love tri is broken 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎

  4. makers you ruined rishabh’s love to hell with this show and its fraudism

  5. one view that i see is that rishabh tried to convince preetha to walk out of this mad wedding..but karan was bold enough to stop that disaster from happening.. he claimed his love for preetha in the form of revenge atleast.. Rishabh just left her to her fate and dumb decision.. So i feel that karan is the life giving sourve now rather than rishabh with his gentleman qualities..
    Sometimes go win over evil, goodness has to be shown in another aggressive way too..

    1. Good Point and agreed Diya. The man was given some opportunities to tell his parents that he loved Preeta and not Sherlyn. He didn’t. I find it hard to swallow that a man who runs a major corporation very successfully requires/allows his parents to choose his marriage partner AND manages to hire the most ineffective P.I.’s in history. Those PI’s should have been able to expose Prithvi and sherlyn within 48 hours.

  6. In Kundli Bhagya Sherlin-Prithvi never be caught in Kumkum Bhagya – Aliya never be caught. The shows go on without they are caught the truth come out. The conspiracy theory is going on and on on Balaji telefilm productions. I lost interest in both the shows without any logic

  7. whats going on with kumdaly bhagya this preetas old aunt keep getting caught all the time by prithvi instead of hitting him with the damn thing in her hand she get caught and tied up and thrown in the cupboard lol she deserves that for being soooo STUPID …… as for this serial way too much inconsistencies in it… up to now all the murders and attempted murders , beatings, thrown over cliff etc. every evil act has remained unsolved what goes on this country is there no justice being served for all the crimes comitted …. and as for sherlyn she carrying another mans child and yet for revenge you get married to another … I have never seen any human being take sooooo long to make a child and the belly aint raising at all lol that baby way overdue tell me what type of man prithvi is … I say he is a real joker for a man instead of marrying the woman carrying your child he opt to pursue another with his obsession of love lol … I just want Mahesh to regain his memory so he could talk and expose those two murderers prithvi and sherlyn so their ass can be put behind bars for good let sherlyn make a jail baby she deserves whats coming to her…. this is another twisted serial also like I said NO JUSTICE whatsoever and the police themselves are also jokers they just turn up so with no evidence what so ever and arrest someone without any proof lol …. take what i tell you ALL these serials need overhauling lol

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