Kundali Bhagya 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan questions Manisha

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Prithvi and Sherlin are fighting, Shrishti sees them and goes to surprise them, she asks what are they doing here, she quickly blames that why were listening to the conversation, he Is not able to answer and so he takes Sherlin’s hand and then tries to make a drama, Rishab is not convinced and so does not listen to his excuse, Rishab says that he did not like the way Prithvi acted and so threatens him that he must behave in front of him because he does not like Prithvi, Shrishti ads about what will he do if Prithvi touches her again

Prithvi says that he now knows that Rishab doesn’t like hi but he is not interested and so he  must not worry as Prithvi does not want to be with any girl he has Preeta, Shrishti says to him that he must leave as they were discussing something important and

he must leave with Sherlin, Prithvi says that they can share but Rishab is not convinced, he also wants in on the plan but they are not ready and Preeta also awaits him to leave, she is wondering that she must take him away because Karan is about to come and  they then take everyone out, Preeta and Shrishti plan and leave.

Mahesh is with his friends when Rakhi comes, she is very depressed and Mahesh asks her, Dadi also comes and then they start to have fun but Rakhi says that they must cut the cake, Dadi stops her saying that Janki is coming with Sarla, Mahesh agrees that they must wait.

Preeta and the gang regroup, they all plan as to what they can do and Karan must have executed the plan by now but Rishab asks them to be slow,

Sherlin gets a massage from Prithvi who says that he is going to search for Manisha and she must also come, she wonders that Karan is also not in the party.

Karan takes Manisha into the room, he says that he really hates Manisha and does not like being close to her, he wonders about the questions and the video, there is no network, he thinks of bringing Shrishti as she has the questions that Rishab made for him. Manisha is slowly waking up.


Manisha asks Karan what he is doping to her, he asks about what she means but then she says that he at first wanted to drug her but then he sent the waiter to her and made her drink a spiked drink, she say that she thought that the waiter was her but the she gets quiet, he says that he was the one who did this and he wanted to make her tell the truth but then he says that he was the one who did this because now he will do what she did to him in the hotel, he asks her if she has a boyfriend who gave her the ring, she say that it is true and the boyfriend gave the ring to her, Karan then questions her again, saying that now everyone will know the truth as she just confessed it to him.

Prithvi s widely looking for Manisha, Sherlin also joins him who says that Manisha is in the washroom, he asks if she checked in the right manner, because if she says the truth then they will lose everything.

Preeta says that she feels really and that they planned a lot for this and now Karan is alone, Shrishti asks them to not worry as Karan already has the help, Rishab is also tensed.

Karan is trying to question Manisha asking her about the name of her boyfriend but she goes to sleep, he tricks her by saying that Rithwick came and when she gets up, he hears someone knocking from the inside of the wardrobe, he goes to check it.


Precap: Preeta is very worried about where Karan is, Prithvi is looking for Manisha before she says something that is wrong for their plan, he turns back and sees Janki.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Yesterday’s precap said Pritivi was caught Red Handed what a laugh!
    Pritvi is the the Star of the show how can ANYONE EVER CATCH HIM?
    We the viewers have to get a grip on ourselves this nonsense of “wicked always wins” has no end.

  2. The everygoingwickedwinningtrack, ever heard of it? Watch this show then…

  3. this drama is going around and around. Everything is happening in front of all. Only Preeta and Karan gets to feel that something is wrong. Seems like others are nuts or too innocent. Fake and very dramatic.

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