Kundali Bhagya 11th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Preeta scolds Karan for his behaviour

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Sherlin explains that Preeta wanted to marry Rishab but now when they are both married, she went after Karan and would even sleep with him, he slaps her ordering her to not take Preeta’s name from her mouth, he mentions that Preeta did not tell him and he asked Raj who told him the truth, he did not think it necessary to find the name of the person she was marrying, but she said it herself and now he knows that it was Prithvi. Mahesh takes what she is holding, he asks her why did she take the property papers, what does she have to do with them. He is sure that she first took the keys from Rishab wardrobe then she came to find the papers in Rakhi’s room, she tries to explain, he however mentions that he never had the courage to open her wardrobe so how did she do it.

She tries to explain but he does not listen asking her how did she do such a heinous act, he knows the truth and raj has given him his mobile which has all of his calls with Sherlin so now he has proof, he mentions that Preeta always said that she was not the right girl but his family always insulted her, he now knows that she has come to his family for her revenge, he takes the jewelry and papers, after he puts them in the wardrobe, he tries to throw her out but she insists that she will not leave, she claims that she will never meet Prithvi but will stay with them,.

Sanjana walks in, she hears Sherlin’s voice and goes up stairs, Mahesh says that he cannot forgive her because she is pregnant with someone’s else child, Sanjana is shocked to see what is happening between Mahesh and Sherlin, She pleads that she will try to be a good wife and take a fresh start, Sanjana plans to get away from the Luthra family, she also decides to hire a new lawyer as her daughter will soon need it.

Mahesh answers that he is not moved by her words, he knows that Rishab loves Preeta, Sherlin was just a mistake and he will do everything to correct the wrong which his family has made, he leaves Sherlin.

Karan is inside the Mandir, Rishab asks what the matter is, he says that Preeta called him but his phone was switched off, Pandit asks where Mahesh is, they all worried because he is not answering his phone, Karina decides to text him, informing the entire incident.

Preeta is scolding Karan for his behavior, Shrishti comes asking what the matter is, she explains that entire incident that happened with him, she says that Mahesh called her but she was not able to answer, she got worried so called Rishab but his phone was also switched off, she had to call Karan even though she did not want to but he instead of listening to her started to say bad things which angered her, she is feeling sorry for the girl who will have to marry Karan because of his attitude, she leaves the room, Shrishti also feels worried thinking that Preeta is in love with Karan, she also has fallen in  love and now does not know what to do.

The Pooja is continuing, Kartika is thinking of what Sherlin said, she leaves the Pooja, Chachi goes to ask her what the matter is, she explains that Tanvi came to her room, she was scared of Sherlin, not able to tell anything, she also left their house without telling anyone but Rakhi that she was sick and need to go, Chachi is sure that it was not sickness but fear of Sherlin that lead to her leaving their house, she assures Kartika of a plan which she has developed and will tell her after the Pooja otherwise Rakhi will become suspicious.

Preeta is calling Mahesh she is very worried because he is not answering his phone, Mahesh picks the call, Preeta apologizes to him asking if everything was alright, Preeta ask if everything was alight, he thinks that she still cares for his family even after everything that has happened, she again asks him, he mentions that everything is fine and he wants to meet her to apologize, he asks her to wait or him as he is coming to her house where he will explain everything, she also assures that she will wait for him. Preeta wonders what has happened which has caused such extreme tension to Mahesh, she is waiting for him.

Shrishti is with Janki who asks her what she is thinking, she explains that everything has reached such a low point that she does not understand how to correct it, Janki mentions that nothing is such wrong, Shrishti tells her everything that has happened between the two families, she explains that she is trying to find a solution while everyone else is looking at the problems, she explains that she has planned to delay her wedding.


Precap: Sherlin runs away, everyone goes after her, she takes Preeta as hostage accepting that she is pregnant with the child of the person whom she loves, mentioning that it is Prithvi, Preeta is left stunned.

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Where r these precaps coming from cause not seeing anyting like in in following episode

    1. The precap will be in next 30-40 episodes
      After that Preeta get accident or something will happened to her

      Maybe her doppelganger will take place
      Again Sherlin continue her drama…………
      Crap goes on……………………………….

    2. Kundali bhagya tv show is one of the most nonsense tv show in the world and preeta , rishabh are the tanlentless actor

    3. U like this show??

  2. Kundali bhagya ki heroine preeta kumkum bhagya ki heroine pragya ki behen he toh preeta buriya hoga gayi hain mera mataap hain ki kumkum bhagya ki toh ab bissh saal gujar jukhe hain aur abhi tak oversmart preeta ki shaadi nahin huwi bakwash ka tv show yeh kundali bhagya . M i right. hahaha!!


    What can we expect from Ekta? What does she know to do?

    Preeta probably will lose her memory or ekta will do some fit ins to continue the show


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