Kundali Bhagya 10th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Karan along with Preeta escape from the terrorists capture


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Kundali Bhagya 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Oum explains that he has opened the door, both Prithvi and Sherlin are worried, he says that they can call anyone who is inside, Sherlin goes saying that she is relieved the door was opened, Karina explains that she will go and get the dress, she is shocked to see that it is open the floor.

Prithvi opens the door of the other dressing room, he thinks of how he escaped and that they all are not like Karan and so he can fool them easily, he says that he then walks away.

Karan and Preeta along with Ayush and old lady hide in a room, she is laughing after seeing Karan, she is happy, he thinks that she might be her fan so says that he will take a selfie with her afterwards, she responds that she is the fan of their love, he says that they are not newlywed couple as she has nothing on her

hands, the lady says that she still wants to bless them.

Ayush asks where her mother is, Preeta gets worried regarding Rayounka, Preeta hurriedly leaves without listening to anyone that she should stay back, the lady says that Karan should also go with her but he declines saying that she can take care of herself, the lady says that she is lovable but if he is with her then she will be able to tackle any situation, he goes after her ordering that she follow her.

Risahb asks Karina if she is satisfied with all the shopping, Karina is really happy, Rishab turns and feels that he has seen Prithvi, they all get worried, Kartika comes saying that the driver has taken out the cars and they should leave, Sherlin sees Prithvi so excuses them of going to the washroom, Sherlin pats Prithvi from behind and when he gets up she says that he should never try to threaten her and also should remain loyal with her.

Karina asks Rishab to go and wait for her in the car as she has something to talk with the receptionist, Karina goes back and she sees that Sherlin and Prithvi are both talking with each other.

The police reach the hotel, they get a message from an unknown number and when they call it is the terrorist, the police try to threaten them saying that they should surrender otherwise will have to face some very serious consequence, he says that he has nothing to worry and no one will care if they die, but they have celebrity who is Karan Luthra and if their demands are not met then they will kill him. He says that he needs a helicopter and if that his demands are not met then he will kill the hostages.

The robber says that they must find Preeta and Karna. They also need the safe with them so that they can make something out of the deal, he asks his subordinates to find Preeta and Karan.

The police inspector is asked by the constable why they are not fighting with the terrorist, he calls the commissioner explaining that he is at the hotel, the commissioner get mad ordering that he rather focus on finding he terrorist, the inspector says that he has found them, they have taken the guests at the hotel as hostage including Karan, but he is not with them and it was him who had informed them of the situation, the commissioner responds by saying that he will have the force which he needs but they must catch the terrorist.

The terrorist plan to kill anyone who moves, one of them comes in saying that the police along with the media are standing outside the hotel, they plan to fight back and so start to mobilize their forces.

One of the accomplices of the robbers is still searching for the key but is not able to dint it, he then kneels taking out the shoes, when he pulls the socks he find the key in one of them so is very relieved that he has finally found it.

Karina comes to Sherlin’s room, she says that she wants to talk with her, rather has a question, Sherlin says that she can ask anything from her, Karina mentions that she might remember that when they were at the billing Rishab said that he has seen Prithvi so what was she doing with him, Sherlin gets worried thinking that Karina has seen her with Prithvi, Karina then mentions that she saw her when she came back to ask something from the receptionist, Sherlin feels relieved as it would have been a lot of problem if she had seen her with Prithvi in the changing room. Karina asks why she was with him, Sherlin says that she met Prithvi but it was a coincidence, she says that she never wanted to tell her but now when she has asked she will inform her of everything, Sherlin says that when she met him she warned him to stay out of their lives as it would create problems for them all, she also asked him to patch up with Preeta and marry as it would mean that Preeta leaves their lives, Karina leaves, Sherlin says that she has done all this for her own self.



Precap: The police are in a fight with the terrorists, they try to defend the hostages, one of them throws a grenade which harms Preeta, and Karan takes her in his arms to the doctor.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Verma4

    How stupid is this show and yet I cannot believe how it keeps getting high TPR ? Yes Karina, they are just good friends, I can see those big Dumbo ears on Karina. I would have asked Sherlin whether she used the washroom before or after?? It’s been more then two years and still Sherlin has not delivered the baby yet. She has been caring a few weeks more than an elephant.

  2. Will this storyline ever end? Foolishness over and over again! Aren’t the actors tired of it? I don’t watch it everyday. Even if I miss a week, there is no problem catching up. This show has become so stupid – I have no idea how they can have a high trp. That’s a mystery to me.

  3. Is writers smart… We are fools… Fake trp s who is watching this show seen 2 months back still same plot hats off audiences who is giving high trp to this scrap

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