Kundali Bhagya 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Rakhi tries to wake Rithwick

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Rakhi asks Sherlin to not worry as the waiter is unconscious and they must wake him up, Prithvi says that he feels that the waiter got unconscious because of weakness but she says that she thinks that it is some other reason, when Rakhi turns Sherlin asks him and he tells everything, Rakhi says that she must bring Mahesh, they both stop her saying that he will wake him up and then calls the doctor to just send her away,Prithiv say that she must not worry and Sherlin also conforms her after that she leaves.
Sherlin asks him what happened, he gets angry saying that she must not have come to her and must be with Manisha, Sherlin makes him realize that he is just a normal guy, Sherlin asks him to concentrate on his work.
Rishab is saying to Shrishti and Sameer that they both are very intelligent

and that they must look into the questions and finds if something is wrong, Preeta walk sin and he takes it to her, she starts to examine it and he is looking at her, Shrishti wonders what if she felt was right that Rishab loves her, Preeta says to him that he has written the right questions but forgot to writ one question and that is that who is behind her as she is not able to do anything by herself. He agrees and Preeta asks them both about the cameras, they says that they are everywhere, she is adamant that their plan will work and they will now know who the enemy is of the Luthra family.
Sherlin asks Prithvi as to what can they do now, he says that they must look after Manisha as she has already she threatened him many times, they plan to wrap Rithwick in the clothes and then when they hug, Rakhi comes and sees them, he then thinks of an excuse saying that he knows that she will not doubt him, she says that after seeing something like this anyone can doubt, she asks where the waiter is at which he says that he sent him away with the incharge after which .
Mahesh asks them to end the game as there are a lot of people missing, Dadi says to Mahesh that he must not cry as she is his mother and cannot let any9one says that he lost, they starts to argue, Karina ask him to call Sameer and he leaves, seeing the time Manisha taking support walks away from the party.
Manisha is about to fall and cannot control herself, Rakhi sees her and helps her, she asks her if she is hungry or if she has drink something anything, Karan sees her and then takes her with him to make their plan work, he says that he will take her to the room and when they are about to walk away she is about to fall and Rakhi comes, Manisha says that she is not worthy and that she is really not worry, Rakhi says that she knows this and then Karan takes her away.
Rishab makes the necessary changes and asks Preeta to take a look at it.
Prithvi is really confident and thinks that he will make Rithwick pay after the party, Sherlin comes from behind with his mobile, he I about to hug her but she stops him and when she leaves she notices something happening in Rishab’s room and the looks at them, Prithvi wonders what is happening and wheat Sherlin is looking at, he goes to her and then asks about what the sisters are doing, they are both listening.
Shrishti gets loud and is scolded by Preeta who says that she must remain quiet, she talks with Rishab and Samer about the plan and also asks Rishab to make Preeta come closer to him, and he gets very happy when she comes closer.

Precap: Karan is in the room with Manisha and asks her about the ring, Shrishti sees Prithvi and Sherlin together and catches then red handed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Bull shit and more bull shit every day

  2. What is the story line???. I lost track of the main story. For months all I see is petty childish fights that drags on and you are forced to change the channel. Ishq Suban Allah, Bepannah etc. listens to our comments constructively and their story moves on at least.

  3. Janelle James alexamder

    Kundali bhagya is shitty and boring ,since the show start over a year ago sherlin and prithvi is the bad guys time enough to bring and end to that very stale and boring storyline,make preeta and Karan get marry ,just develop a romantic story and stop this shitty story,it’s really boring.

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