Kumkum bhagya (Pranbir) One Shot

Well, i guess no one is liking the current Pranbir’s track. So i thought to write an OS on them. Well i did write some OS before (long time) and let me tell you they are very long.

I have 2 ideas but the second one is a bit dark. So maybe i won’t post it.

So let’s just say that Abhi was proven innocent by Pragya somehow. Because i don’t want to write about that track.

So Abhi is proven innocent and has been released from jail. Prachi, Pragya, Shahana, Saritaji, Mehras and Kohlis, all are living together.

All of them were having breakfast peacefully after so many days of turmoil.

Daljeet Dadi:”thank god that everything is fine now.”

Aliya:”yeah and we must celebrate it. The business partners that were threatening to leave. We will show them that Bhai was innocent.”

Abhi:”ok, we will have a party tonight, small one. Invite them Aliya.”

She nodded.

Prachi and Shahana’s room:

Prachi was near the window lost in her thoughts.

Shahana:”Prachi, see na… which one is better for tonight’s party?”

Prachi chose one for her and then went in the bathroom.

Shahana to herself:”this girl, she will always hide her pain from everyone. Because of her promise i can’t even tell Ranbir the truth.”

Prachi came out after freshening up.

Shahana:”come on, we will select yours.” She finally chose one while Prachi was quiet.

Prachi:”i will go and see maa.” Shahana nodded.

She was walking to Pragya’s room when her foot slipped and she was about to fall. She closed her eyes anticipating the fall but nothing happened.

She opened her eyes to find a brown pair staring at her.

The same brown one in which she once saw immense love for her but now it was cold and distant.

She hated that and felt guilty as it is just because of her that he turned so cold.

Ranbir:”you can’t see where you are going?”

But he got no answer from the girl in his arms. That girl was only staring at him.

Even if Prachi could see the coldness in his eyes, it didn’t stop her from getting lost in them.

Ranbir straightened her back on her feet, only then Prachi came out of her trance.

R:”what are you looking at Prachi? You are seeing the hatred in my eyes… because now there is only hatred in them for you.”

Tears built up in Prachi’s eyes. She was trying her best to compose herself and not break in front of Ranbir.

She knew she would not be able to control herself so she turned back and went to her room.

Rhea watched them furiously and then followed Ranbir.

Prachi entered crying.

S:”Prachi…. what happened?”

She hugged Shahana and started sobbing. Shahana made her sit and comfort her.

S:”what happened?”

P:”i am not being able to bear his anger… (she continues to cry) he is trying to show that he hates me, but he doesn’t.”

S:”tell him, Prachi. Tell him the truth. Stop hurting yourself so much.”

P:”the promise…”

S:”to hell with the promise, Prachi. That one promise is ruining you. You became so quiet and distant. You love him so much, Prachi. Don’t hurt him and yourself.”

Prachi just listened to her and cried more.

Ranbir’s side:

He went into his room and soon Rhea came in.

Rhea, happily:”Ranbir… i am so happy. Dad’s free and now everything will return to normal. And soon we can plan our wedding too.”

Ranbir looked at her confused.

Rhea:”why are you looking at me like this? We are engaged so it’s obvious that we will get married right?”

Ranbir:”i know but it’s not going to be that soon.”

Rhea grew sad hearing that but quickly changed her expression and hugged Ranbir.

He tried to release himself but couldn’t as Rhea’s grip tightened.

Ranbir closed his eyes in frustration and the first person who came to his mind was Prachi. He recalled all his moment with her.

From the first time he hugged her after the kidnapping.

When he first realised his love for her. When she said yes as well.

Rhea, sensing that Ranbir was now relaxed in her arms, took the opportunity to kiss him on his left cheek.


As he was lost in her thoughts, he didn’t realise what he said.

Rhea broke the hug which brought Ranbir back to reality.

Rhea:”i will go prepare for the party.”

He nodded.

Rhea left fuming and bumped into someone.

Rhea:”you… what the hell are you doing here, Prachi?”

Prachi didn’t answer her.

Rhea:”you were …. (she stopped looking around).”

Then dragged Prachi to her own room.

Prachi:”leave me, Rhea.”

Rhea:”no… why were you going to Ranbir? Stay away from him. He is my fiancé.”

Prachi:”i am staying away from him, if not, then i would have been with him in his room.”

Rhea, shouted:” Prachi…”

And she slapped her.

Prachi held her burning cheeks, with tears in her eyes.

Rhea, furiously:”stay away from Ranbir. Make Ranbir hate you. Hurt him, hurt him so much that he will be disgusted by you. He should forget that there was ever a girl that he loved. Understood?”

She left.

Prachi was lost in her thoughts.

Party time:

Abhigya and the other family members were attending the guests.

Ranbir and Aryan were also talking to some guests. And Rhea was with her friends.

Shahana and Prachi came down looking beautiful as ever. Shahana in a red dress while Prachi was completely in white.

Ranbir looked at her mesmerized and that didn’t go unnoticed by Rhea.

There were some boys at the bar talking.

Boy 1:”look at her…” (pointing to Prachi) “she is looking so hot. Today, we will have fun.”

And smirked to the other 2 boys.

Aliya went on stage and announced the reason for celebration. Abhi’s freedom.

Everyone clapped for them.

She also said that the party will be continued outside near the pool area.

So everyone gathered there and were busy with their own things.

The boys continuously eyed Prachi. And one of them signed the waiter to give Prachi a glass of juice which they spiked.

The waiter was about to reach Prachi but Ranbir took it first.

The boys were irritated by that.

On the other side:

Prachi started coughing and Ranbir noticed her.

He handed her the juice.

“Have it.”

She took the glass and had one sip ad she found it weird.

P:”it has a weird taste…”

R:”obviously just because i am giving you. If Parth was giving you it then it would have been different.”

Prachi looked at him and then finished the whole glass.

Ranbir left from there while Prachi started to feel weird. And sat down on a table.

After some time, she was highly intoxicated and started playing with the glasses.

The boys noticing that she was not in her sense came to her.

Boy 1;”ma’am, your mother ie calling you over there.”

P:”maa… but maa is here. (She pointed to the opposite direction)

Boy 2:”then maybe she was your aunt…”


Boy 1:”yeah, right. Let’s go.”

He held her hand but Prachi pulled away.

P:”i am coming, there is no need to hold my hand.”

Boy 1:”ok…”

They walked towards some bushes while Prachi was struggling to walk properly.

They reached near it but Prachi spotted Saritaji with Pragya.

P:”Sarita aunty is there. Then, where are you taking me?”

The first boy held her hands and dragged her. And Prachi even in her drunk state understood it.

She resisted them and pulled herself back.

P:”leave me…” And she bit the boy’s hand.

He released her immediately due to the pain but the other 2 boys were quick to hold her.

Boy 1:”you are so daring right? You bit me…”

He came near Prachi and caressed her face while she moved away in disgust.

Then suddenly a voice came over:”what’s going on here?”

Prachi turned around.


Prachi jerked the boys’ hands and ran to Aryan. She stumbled a bit and he held her.

Aryan:”are you ok?”

Prachi:”i am feeling dizzy…”

Aryan to the 3 boys:”what was going on here?”

Boy 1:”ohh come on. She is so hot, dude and has a nice body. We will let you have your turn as well.”

Aryan, angrily:”you are not ashamed of yourself? You are talking like this about her. You got her drunk and was going to take advantage of her.” (To Prachi) “you stay here ok.”

Prachi nodded.

Aryan, coming near them:”and the girl who you are saying all this is my sister.” And he started beating them.

The boys also defended back. Ranbir came there with 2 beers in his hands and was surprised seeing the fight.

He stopped Aryan and the boys.

Ranbir:”bro, what’s happening? Why are you beating them?”

Aryan:”when you will know what they did even you will do the same?”

Ranbir:”what did they do?”

Aryan:”look at Prachi. Don’t know what they made her drink and was going to do with her.”

It was only then that Ranbir noticed Prachi who was sitting and rested her head against a light pole.

Ranbir also joined Aryan in beating them.

Aryan stopped Ranbir as he was getting out of control.

A:”Ranbir, enough. He is unconscious. You take Prachi with you and make her sleep. I will handle them. Go.”

Ranbir walked to Prachi who was still sitting there. He extended his hand towards her.

Ranbir:”come on, Prachi. Let’s go.”

Prachi nodded no cutely.


P:”everything is spinning around.”

R:”you want it to stop right, the spinning? (Prachi nodded) close your eyes and stand up.”

Prachi followed what he said and stood up. However due to her dizziness, she stumbled. Ranbir caught her by her waist and held her hand as well.

Prachi leaned in his arms.

R:”let’s go then. No one should see you like this.”

Prachi kept her eyes closed and followed Ranbir’s guide till his room.

Ranbir to himself:”my room is the closest. Otherwise people will see her in this state.”

He brought her inside and locked the room.

Prachi was swirling around playing with her stole and by mistake touch Ranbir’s cheek.

Prachi:”sorry sorry…”

Ranbir:”it’s ok. Come here. (He brought her to the bed and made her lay down) you sleep, ok?”

He was about to leave when Prachi held his hands.

Prachi:”please don’t go. Please…”

Prach sheepishly and cutely said.

Ranbir:”i must go, Prachi.”

She nodded no.

Prachi pulled him and he fell on the bed next to her. She hugged him quickly so that he doesn’t go.

Ranbir was surprised by her actions and didn’t have time to react.

P:”this is perfect.”

Ranbir relaxed immediately:”what is perfect?”

Prachi, hugging him tighter:”this…”

Ranbir didn’t know what to do. He hugged her back involuntarily. As if his hands decided by themselves.

He was surprised but happy hugging the girl he has been longing for so many days.

P:”i need to tell you something.”

R:”whatever it is, Prachi, we will talk tomorrow ok? You won’t remember anything otherwise.”

He tried to get up but Prachi slightly moved and straddled him.

Ranbir was even more surprised.

R:”Prachi… get up.”

Prachi nodded no.

P:”i need to talk to you.”

R:”ok, ok. You want to talk (Prachi nodded). We will talk but first get up. In this position, i would not hear a word of what you will say. Please.”

Prachi nodded and got off him. Ranbir stood up quickly and moved away from the bed.

She came to him and noticed a small wound near his lip.

P:”you got hurt because of me. (She pointed his lips) I am sorry. Is it hurting?” She touched it and came close.

P:”is it hurting?”

R:”no…” but he couldn’t complete his sentence as he felt soft lips kissing the corner of his mouth.

Ranbir backed off a little to look at Prachi dumbfounded.

P:”is it still hurting?” Ranbir was too taken aback that he couldn’t hear her.

Prachi again closed the distance in between them and kissed the corner of his mouth. She placed light kisses along his cheekbones.

Ranbir closed his eyes as he started to feel goosebumps by her touch.

R:”Prachi…” he held her shoulders and pulled her away.

R:”you shouldn’t do this. You are not going to remember anything tomorrow morning.”

He looked at Prachi who was trying to stop her tears.

Once the first few tears broke free, the rest followed in an unbroken stream.

He immediately wiped them off and concernedly asked:”what happened? Why are you crying?”

Prachi hugged him. Ranbir grew tensed seeing her like that.

P:”i am sorry, Ranbir. I am really sorry. I hurt you so much. I am very bad, the worst girl you could love. (Ranbir nodded no)

You love me so much and what did i do? I hurt you. But what could i do? Between our and Maa’s happiness, i chose hers.”

Ranbir was confused but didn’t ask. He wanted to know why she did all of this when it’s clear that she loves him. He was scared that if he interrupted her, she will not say anything so she let her continue.

P:”i chose Maa’s happiness. 20 years, i have seen Maa crying for her love and daughter, how could i not give her that chance?

When i got the opportunity, i just accepted it. Maa was so broken after hearing Papa’s wedding. I had to do it, Ranbir. I am sorry. When Rhea said she will stop the wedding, but in exchange she wants you. (Ranbir was shocked hearing that)

I didn’t know what to do. On one side there was us and on the other maa. I choose maa.

I thought to tell you, you will understand but then Rhea said to make you hate me. And i did it. I lied to you to hurt you.

Every time i hurt you, it would hurt me so much. My heart broke thousands of pieces just like yours.

I am really sorry, Ranbir.

Even earlier she told me to hurt you again, but i can’t. I can’t hurt you anymore.

Ranbir… (She broke the hug to look at him)

Please hate me… Please hate me so that i don’t have to hurt you.”

she pleaded Ranbir.

It was painful for Ranbir to see her like that. All he could do was to embrace her and let the torrent of tears to soak his shirt.

He ran his fingers in her hair in an attempt to calm her down. But he knew that Prachi needed to let go.

He was able to vent out his anger on her but she was suffering silently. They stayed in each other’s embrace for a long time until Prachi calmed down.

He brought her to the bed and they both laid down.

R:”how can i hate you, Prachi? After knowing all of this. (Prachi looked at him emotionally) Rhea has done many wrong things but now, i won’t let her trouble you anymore. I forgave her for your accident but not anymore. She needs to pay for her mistakes. I promise you, Prachi, I only love you.”

He kissed Prachi’s forehead and they fell asleep in each other’s embrace.

In the meantime: all family members were searching for Ranbir and Prachi.

Aryan informed them that Ranbir went to sleep and Prachi also went with Shahana. So they didn’t worry much.

However, Rhea didn’t believe him and tried calling Ranbir. She was even going to his room but her friends stopped her.

Next morning:

Ranbir was the first one to wake up. He looked at Prachi who was sleeping peacefully in his arms.

He smiled and thought:”i want every morning to be like this. Waking up with you in my arms. But for now, i need to know if you remember last night.”

He kissed her forehead and Prachi started to stir. He smiled and whispered in Prachi’s ear:”Good morning, Prachi.”

Prachi, who was waking up from a comfortable sleep:”Good morning, Ranbir.”

Ranbir chuckled as she didn’t realise:”I love you…”

P:”i lov…..” and she suddenly opened her eyes. She gasped and moved away from Ranbir.

P:”wha… what are… you doing here?”

R:”it’s my room.”

Prachi looked around and she realised that it was indeed his room.

P:”whaa..what i am doing here?”

Ranbir bit his lips to control his smile.

Ranbir to himself:”so she doesn’t remember.”

R:”you came here, so you should know.”

Prachi tried to remember what happened but everything was blurred.

She rubbed her forehead since she was having terrible headache.

Ranbir handed her a glass of water. And she gulped in down.

Prachi tensely asked:”what did i do last night?”

Ranbir smiled and pulled her by her waist.

R:”what do you think happened? You and I, the whole night, in the same room and same bed.”

Prachi looked on tensely. Ranbir caressed her face and she closed her eyes feeling his touch.

He smiled seeing how she gets affected by his touch.

He was in the same situation last night.

He whispered to her:”yesterday night, you showed me how much you love me.”

Prachi backed off a bit to look at him confused.


R:”you came so close to me last night, that now we cannot be apart now.”

He kissed her cheek. Prachi felt butterflies in her stomach, all her nerves fluttered in her abdomen area.

Ranbir looked at a breathless Prachi.

R:”you kissed me the same way yesterday. Not just kiss but everything.”

P:”hmmm no no.”

She moved away from him.

R:”what happened? Last night, you were so bold and came close to me. Now you are shying away.”

P:”you didn’t stop me?”

R:”i tried but at the end i gave up. And how could i refuse you?”

Prachi started crying and hugged her knees. Ranbir grew tensed.

He cupped her face in his hand.

R:”Prachi… Prachi, shhh. Nothing..”

But she continued crying.

R:”last night nothing happened. (Prachi looked on) i was kidding. Nothing happened, really nothing.”

Prachi glared at him and took a pillow and started hitting him.

P:”so you were lying to me?”

R:”and you should have seen yourself.”

P:”i am not going to spare you.”

Prachi chased him around the room.

Suddenly, Ranbir held her hands and pulled her towards him.

He once again caressed her cheeks:

R:”last night, you just kissed me here (pointing to his cheek), we talked for a long time and then you hugged me and slept. Nothing more happened.

And yes, last night, i controlled myself not to kiss you. Because you were not in your senses. But right now…”

He came close to her.

R:”you can stop me if you want…” he came closer. Prachi closed her eyes due to his proximity. They were inches apart when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Prachi quickly moved away from Ranbir and realisation started to dawn in.

She was not supposed to be here. He was hating her yesterday but now… she was breaking her promise to Rhea.

But somehow she didn’t feel guilty about it. There was a pinch of happiness.

Pallavi:”Ranbir, wake up. Come fast for breakfast.”

R:”yes mom.”

Pallavi left after that. Ranbir also noticed that Prachi’s demeanor changed.

R:”you should go before someone sees you.”

Prachi nodded lost in her thoughts and left his room.

Ranbir chuckled to himself once she left.

The girls’ room:

Prachi rushed inside and straight when to the washroom. Shahana was confused.

Prachi looked at herself in the mirror and found her cheeks red.

She remembered how Ranbir just kissed her on the cheek and the nearly kiss on the lips. Unknowingly she smiled and felt shy about it.

Prachi to herself:”what’s happening? I shouldn’t react like this to his touch.

I am breaking my promise but… i am not feeling guilty about it, instead i am happy.

Why is it so confusing?”

“Nothing is confusing, Prachi.” Prachi turned to find Shahana.

“You love him, Prachi. Obviously you will be affected by his touch. Because his touch will make you feel that you are the most beautiful girl. And you are for him, Prachi. You should be happy. Don’t stop yourself from loving him.”

Prachi was lost in her thoughts.

S:”Ok now tell me. What happened last night?” She asked teasingly.

S:”you and Ranbir were together the whole night. What happened?”

Prachi glared at her but at the same time was shy.

P:”that’s the problem. I don’t remember anything. He said i kissed him but….”

S:”what? You… you kissed him. Wow, Prachi.”

P:”don’t go too far. I kissed him near his cheeks.”

S:”never mind, at least there are some improvements.”

P:”but shahana i don’t remember. He said we talked for a long time and then slept. What did i say to him?

Shahana signed her that she doesn’t know.

S:”i am sure you didn’t say anything wrong. So relax ok. Freshen up, otherwise everyone will know what happened seeing your red blooded eyes.”

Prachi nodded.

Meanwhile in Ranbir’s room:

Ranbir was smiling to himself remembering last night when Rhea entered.

Rhea:”Ranbir… where did you go last night?”

Ranbir’s smiled faded away remembering what Prachi told him last night.

Rhea:”i wanted you to talk to my friends but you just left.”

Ranbir:”i had some work.”

Rhea looked around and saw Prachi’s stole on Ranbir’s bed.

She clenched her fists.

Rhea:”important work? Aryan said you went to sleep. You could have inform me.”

Ranbir:”listen Rhea, i don’t like it when someone interferes with what i am doing. I am not habituated to tell anyone anything except Aryan. So please.”

Rhea, scared that Ranbir will go far away from her:”i am sorry, Ranbir. I was just worried about you. I will leave you to get ready for breakfast.”

Saying this she left.

Rhea went to her room and starting to throw things here and there.

Rhea to herself:”Prachi…. how dare you? You trapped Ranbir again. You were with him the whole night. You guys…. no no that’s not true. Ranbir’s only mine. Only mine.”

Ranbir was going out of his room hurriedly when he bumped into Aryan.

A:”wowww, what happened to you?”

R:”i got her back Aryan. I got my love back.”


Aryan hugged him in happiness.

A:”but how?”

R:”she told me everything in her drunken state. Well, she doesn’t remember anything but soon she will show her love for me.”

A:”congrats, bro…”

R:”come on. Let’s go.”

Aryan followed Ranbir to the girls room.

Shahana was surprised seeing them.

Ranbir:”where is Prachi?”


A:”just say it.”

Shahana pointed to the washroom.

Ranbir winked at Aryan who smiled at him.

A:”Shahana, Pragya aunty was calling you.”

S:”me… are you sure?” She asked suspiciously.

Aryan was about to say something when they heard Pragya actually calling Shahana.


Shahana left unwillingly.

A:”you are lucky.”

Ranbir just smiled at him and Aryan left.

After some time, Prachi came out of the washroom wiping her hair with a towel and went to the wardrobe.

She didn’t notice Ranbir who put his phone aside and was lost in her.

Ranbir noticed Prachi taking a pendant from the drawer and realised that it had their engagement ring in it.

Prachi wore it around her neck and tried to tie her dress string but couldn’t reach it. She moved to the mirror.

P:”Shahana please help na…”

Ranbir looked around.

P:”Shahana, tie it please.”

Ranbir got up and moved towards her. Prachi was busy wearing her earrings.

Ranbir came close to her and moved her wet hair to one side.

Prachi dropped the earring feeling his touch. She was about to turn around but Ranbir held her in place.

He tied the strings while having eye contact with her through the mirror the whole time.

Ranbir placed a light kiss on her shoulder. Prachi closed her eyes as she felt butterflies and goosebumps everywhere.

Ranbir turned her around and made her wear the earrings. Prachi looked at Ranbir lovingly. He felt her gaze on him but he didn’t look at her.

Once he was done, he cupped her face in his face and came close.

He kissed the tip of her nose and then her cheek.

He touched the pendant and held it in his hands.

R:”and i thought you remove the ring but you actually kept it even closer to your heart.

Prachi moved back at once.

P:”what are you doing here? And why do you keep kissing me?”

R:”arey, you are the one who started it yesterday. And now you are stopping it. By the way, why are you wearing it?”

He pointed to the ring.

Prachi snatched her pendant from his grip.

P:”I need to get ready.”

R:”go ahead. I won’t disturb you.”

Ranbir went to the bed, lay down and signed Prachi to continue.

She sighed in frustration and continued her work.

She wiped hair using the towel and brushed her hair.

Ranbir was looking at her lovingly while she was nervous. She avoided eye contact with him all the time. And he was enjoying this.

Once she was ready, she searched for her stole which was next to Ranbir on the bed.

P:”please pass it to me.”

Ranbir looked at her stole and mischievously nodded no.


She walked to him and took her stole, but Ranbir held the other end and pulled it. Due to the pull, she fell on him.  Ranbir quickly moved and changed their position. Now Ranbir was on top of her.

He moved her hair that was blocking his beautiful view.

He bent down and kissed her forehead.

R:”you are so beautiful.”

He caressed her cheek and moved closer to her lips. Prachi closed her eyes due to their proximity.

They were inches apart. And Ranbir was about to kiss her when Shahana and Aryan entered.

S:”ohhh, sorry sorry. We didn’t see anything.”

Pranbir moved away so quickly that Ranbir fell from the bed.

Aryan and Shahana laughed at him while Prachi chuckled at him.

Aryan helped him stand up while Shahana went to Prachi.

S:”i didn’t know that you will listen to me this quickly.” And winked at Prachi.

Prachi hurriedly left from there.

However, there was someone who saw everything from the window. And that person left angrily from there.

Ranbir, Aryan and Shahana talked for a bit and them went downstairs.

Breakfast table:

Everyone joined for breakfast.

Abhi:”Ranbir, Prachi why did you guys go to sleep early yesterday?”

Prachi:”actually i was not feeling well.”

Abhi nodded and looked at Ranbir.

Ranbir:”Chief, i was really sleepy and i actually had the best sleep of my life yesterday.”

Saying so he winked at Prachi who was glaring at him.

Rhea clenched her fists to control her anger. And Aliya also whispered to her:”Rhea, calm down. I told you that i will handle it.”

She nodded.

Rhea told everything to Aliya.

They all had breakfast and then everyone went back to their work.

Saritaji:”Prachi, please buy my medicines for me. I don’t want to go out.”

Prachi told her that she will go and Abhi said that he will come with her. Prachi was happy that she could get some time with her papa.

But Rhea stopped them.

Rhea:”Dad, i planned that we all watch film together today. So you please stay here. Prachi will go and come quickly. Right Prachi?”

Prachi looked on suspiciously.

Abhi:”Rhea, we will go and come back soon.”

Rhea:”please Dad. Please, you have to help me as well to put the projector. Please.”

Abhi:”Anyone can put the projector. I will go quickly with her and come back.”

Pragya:”what’s going on?”

Abhi explained her.

Pragya:”you help Rhea, I will go with Prachi.”

Rhea:”no… i mean i want to eat something that you make. Please… m.. maa.”

Pragya was emotional hearing ‘maa’ from Rhea’s mouth and nodded teary eyed.

Prachi left there silently.

Medical shop:

Prachi bought the medicine and was heading home when some goons came to her. They had knives with them.

Prachi was tensed and tried to run but they cornered her.

They started closing on her:

P:”don’t come close.”

Goon was laughing:”what will you do?”

Prachi bent down, collected dry soil and threw i into their eyes. She started to run.

Goon:”catch her…”

And they started to chase her.

Prachi ran and hid behind a car. She took out her phone and called Pragya. But no one answered.

She was about to call Abhi but the goon came there. So she hid.

Prachi to herself:”don’t know what they want. If i stay hidden here, it will not take them long to fine me. I need to go.”

She peeped out and saw that the goons were looking at the opposite direction.

She took the chance and run from there.

But one of them spotted her and they again began to chase her.

Prachi run to a street which was a bit crowded.

P to herself:”i should stay here. They won’t do anything in a crowded place.”

She hid behind a stall and tried calling Abhi. But again no one answered.

At home:

Rhea made all arrangements for the movie. She took everyone’s phone with the excuse of no disturbance during the movie and kept it aside on a small table.

She purposefully put everyone’s phone on silence. And smirked when she noticed Abhigya’s phone ringing.

Rhea, to herself:”no one will answer, Prachi. You did a big mistake by sleeping with Ranbir yesterday. Now you are going to pay for it. As punishment, you will die there and here i will make everyone hate you. Maa will not want to hear your name.”

On the other side:

Prachi tried again and again Abhigya’s phone but in vain.

Prachi:”why aren’t they answering?…. Shahana…”

She tried but still no one picked up.

She next tried Ranbir and Aryan’s as well but the same.

She was trying Ranbir’s number again when one of the goon held her hand.

Goon:”you think you are very smart, right? You are making us run.”

Prachi tried to release herself but he tighten his grip.

She noticed a bottle in the stall. She took it and hit him on the head.

The goon screamed in pain and held his head.

Prachi took the opportunity to run again.

While running, she dialed the police number. Once they picked up she told them everything and her location.

She again dialed Ranbir’s number but slipped on a rock as she was not paying attention.

Prachi fell down and she twisted her ankle. She hissed in pain.

Prachi to herself:”no, i can’t give up.”

She picked up her phone and stood up with difficulty. She was limping but she kept walking.

At home:

Aryan to Ranbir:”bro, we got everything.”


A:”don’t you find it weird that Rhea asked to give her our phones. Rhea, the one who cannot stay without her phone.”

R:”even i am finding it weird, Aryan. But what is she trying to do?”

Aryan looked around:”what if it’s something to do with Prachi?”

Ranbir, confused:”what do you mean?”

A:”Prachi and Shahana are not here while everyone is. Where are they?”

Aryan and Ranbir both went to search for Shahana who was in the kitchen with her phone.

A:”Shahana? What happened?”

S:”i just checked my phone and i saw Prachi’s missed call. But my phone fell down while i was calling her. Now it’s switched off.”

R:”but where is Prachi?”

S:”Saritaji said that she went to get her medicines buy she hasn’t return yet that’ll why i was going to call her.”

R:”Aryan, bring my phone secretly.”

Aryan nodded and left.

S:”maybe she is getting any taxi.”

But Ranbir was tensed.

Aryan came hurriedly.

A:”bro, there are missed call on mine and several on yours as well.”

Ranbir:”i will call her.”

Ranbir dialed her number.

On the other side:

The goons were close to Prachi as she couldn’t run anymore.

Prachi was hiding behind a tree while the goons were searching for her.

Her phone vibrated and she was relieved seeing Ranbir’s number.

She picked up but then realized that if she spoke, they will hear her.

She tried typing a message but the goons caught her.

He slapped her.

And the phone also fell down. All five goons surrounded her. 2 of them held her hands.

Goon:”you broke a bottle on my head right?”

He slapped her again.

Goon:”what do you think of yourself?”

Prachi was scared.

The goon took out a knife and caressed Prachi’s face with it.

Goon:”such a beautiful face… what a shame will it be if there is even a mark on this beautiful face? He moved the knife down and stopped at her neck.

He slightly cut her on her neck while Prachi hissed in pain. She tried to release herself but the other 2 didn’t let her go.

Prachi didn’t cut the call, Ranbir heard everything and rushed out of there without saying a word. Shahana and Aryan were confused. But Aryan followed him nonetheless.

He tried to locate her phone and got it. He put his phone on the loud speaker as he was scared of what they will do to her.

Hearing Prachi hissing in pain on the phone, Aryan guessed what was happening.

Prachi:”why are you doing this?”

Goon:”ohhh, you have no idea, right? Well, think sweetheart. Think, maybe you hurt someone. And now that someone wants you dead.”

Prachi was confused but one thing was sure they were about to kill her.

P:”what will you get by killing me?”

Goon:”money, sweetheart. Obviously. But you made us run all this time. Hit my man with a bottle, do you think i will let you off this easily.”

He clutched Prachi’s chin.

“Tie her up to this tree only. No one comes here anyway.”

The others followed his order and tied her.

The goon took of his belt and hit Prachi once. She screamed in pain.

Ranbir clenched the wheel hearing her scream and began driving faster. He was not that far away.

The goon hit Prachi again… and again…. and again.

Prachi’s body was hurting too much. There were bruises, cuts and scrapes everywhere. She could feel the blood dripping from her. She thought to try to release her hands from the ropes but it hurt too much.

She finally closed her eyes as the pain was being unbearable.

She waited for the next hit but ten seconds passed then twenty… she didn’t feel anything. Maybe seeing her state they stopped. Prachi slowly opened her eyes to find that the goons were being beaten up by Aryan and Ranbir.

Ranbir didn’t waste anytime. He saw her bruised and blood here and there all over her.

It was unbearable to see her like that and he could only see red at that time.

He held the belt stopping the goon and punched him hard.

The goon stumbled back and hit back but Ranbir dodged him. Aryan handled the other 2. And the last one went to defend his boss.

R and A fought them.

They didn’t care about anything.

Finally Aryan stopped Ranbir.

A:”we need to know who did this?”

R:”he is going to say it.”

Ranbir hit him once more and questioned him while Aryan went to release Prachi.

He carefully removed the ropes and supported her.

He removed his jacket and covered her.

Goon were tired with all the beatings and revealed the truth. Aryan recorded his confession on his phone.

Soon the police arrived and arrested them.

Ranbir helped Prachi to get in the car. He was being extra cautious so that he doesn’t hurt her.

Aryan was the one who drove back.

In the meantime:

The movie was reaching its end when another video started.

The video showed Prachi’s previous MMS, then her getting close to someone and kissing him. However the last boy’s face and the surroundings was blurred.

The video shows how Prachi kissed him, was straddling and hugging him.

Another part was that the boy was on top of her about to kiss her and the video stopped there itself.

All were shocked seeing the video.

Rhea came in front of all and gathered their attention.

Pragya:”what kind of joke is this?”

Rhea:”maa, that’s not a joke. I just wanted to show you guys, how Prachi is. Prachi traps innocent boys in her love and made them do anything. I started to accept her as my sister but then she was using these same tactics on Ranbir. How could i let her do it? She is my sister, that’s why i want to help her overcome this obsession of rich boys. Otherwise she will also be considered as characterless.”

Shahana:”enough Rhea. That’s enough.”

She came near Rhea and whispered to her.

“You know it very well. You know who the boy is, that’s why you blurred his face. But the truth is Ranbir will never love you.”

Rhea, to herself:”calm down, Rhea. You have to make everyone hate Prachi.”

Rhea:”so, as i was saying. This is not the only boy, there are other boys as well. God knows where did she go even now. Because buying medicines never take so long. I am sure she went to meet someone and she thought we are going to be busy with movie here, so no one will notice her. She can have fun outside, spent the night with a boy.”

Shahana slapped her while the others were shocked.

S:”don’t you dare say something about my sister. You are her twin but look at you. You hate her so much… you don’t deserve Prachi as your sister.”

Pragya:”Shahana, where is Prachi?”

Shahana looked at Pragya.

S;”she went to get Saritaji’s medicine.”

Pragya:”then why isn’t she back yet?”

Shahana looked on helplessly.

Aliya:”wow Pragya. Look at your daughter… this is your upbringing. Well, what can i say? When she was with you, it was fine, but now she is seen as Mehra’s house daughter. What will people say? She was going after boys but now…. She is trying to seduce her brother in law as well.”

Abhi:”Aliya… don’t say all this.”

Rhea:”no Papa. Buji is right. You cam even ask Pallavi aunty. Prachi is trying to seduce Ranbir.”

Abhi looked at Pallavi and she nodded yes.

Pallavi:”she is behind Ranbir only for his money. She was the one who trapped Ranbir with Maya and then became great by saving him. It was all her plan.”

Rhea:”Dad, i am saying all this because i want to help Prachi. We should talk to her. Maa…”

She went and held Pragya’s hand.

“Prachi never did it in front of you because she is ashamed of what she does. She would ruin my life, Ranbir is a boy. He can fall in her traps and I love him so much.”

She hugged Abhi crying.

Rhea:”i don’t want to lose him, Dad. I can’t live without him.”

Pragya, more to herself:”Prachi cannot do this. This is all a lie.”

Rhea:”it is true. Prachi did all of this. She is characterless and is trying to snatch Ranbir from me.

Suddenly they heard someone clapping.

Ranbir came in clapping his hands.

Ranbir:”wow, what a performance, Rhea?”

Rhea and Aliya was shocked to see Prachi alive.

Rhea:”Ranbir, look at this.” She played the video again. Ranbir did realise that it was the previous false MMS and the last one who was blurred.

It was him.

Ranbir was confused about how did Rhea get pictures of what was happening in his room.

He was lost in his thoughts when they heard a slap.

Prachi slapped Rhea.

Rhea:”how dare you?”

Prachi:”shut up. You have said enough already. What kind of girl are you? I forgave you for everything just because you are maa’s daughter. I never said anything to Papa. But still you continued. I thought once maa will come to your life, you will change but i was wrong.

You can never change. The girl who tried to kill her own sister along with her aunt can never change.

You made my fake MMS, you trapped me in drug case, stealing and at every occasion questioned my character.

But i was the biggest idiot to believe you. I did everything that you asked me to do. I broke Ranbir’s heart, lied to him and hurt him so much. Just because you told me that you will accept maa and give her her place in your house and heart. I did everything for my maa.”

Abhigya looked at Prachi.

Ranbir:”she showed you one video and all of you started to question Prachi. Then pay attention to this video. Why is the boy’s face blurred? Why? Because that boy is me. Some of you already know it but some doesn’t. Prachi and I love each other.

But there are certain people who can’t see us together. (He looked at Pallavi, Rhea and Aliya)”

Abhi:”what? But i always thought that you love Rhe…”

Ranbir:”no Chief. I love Prachi. And Rhea made Prachi do things and Prachi did those things just because she loves Pragya aunty very much. She sacrificed her happiness for you.”

Aryan and Shahana also supported Ranbir.

Ranbir to Rhea:”you like showing videos, right? Let me show you one.”

Aryan and Shahana played the first video which Rhea confessed for Prachi’s accident. And then in college where Rhea asked Prachi to give her Ranbir. (Aryan got it from the CCTV) then lastly Ranbir showed them the goon confession where he confessed that he was hired by Rhea and Aliya.”

Abhi walked to Rhea and slapped her.

Abhi:”i cannot believe that i didn’t see this. You both kept lying to me and hurting her.”

Aliya thought:”i am also trapped due to Rhea.”

Aliya:”Bhai, i did all this only for Rhea. You know how stubborn is she.”

Rhea looked at Aliya dumbfounded.

Rhea:”Buji, what are tou saying? You planned…”

Aliya:”shut up. I didn’t do anything.”

Rhea was angry that she blabbered all Aliya’s truth.

Abhi was shocked hearing his sister’s doings.

At the same time, Police also came and arrested both of them.

Pragya wanted to stop them for Rhea but stopped seeing blood on Prachi.

Pragya:”what happened?” She opened Aryan’s jacket and saw the blood.

Pragya to Abhi:”please call a doctor.”

The doctor came and checked Prachi. He bandaged her wounds, wrote down some medicine and instructed full bed rest for one week.

In this one week, Abhi apologized to both Prachi and Pragya.

Ranbir took care of Prachi. She was feeling guilty for all what she has done to him.

Shahana encouraged to apologize to Ranbir and everything will be fine.

So after she fully recovered, Prachi went out for the whole day.

Everyone was worried but Shahana told them not to as Prachi wanted to spend some time alone and would come back the next day.

Everyone especially Pragya wasn’t convinced but she couldn’t do anything.

Ranbir was restless the whole day without Prachi.

Then he got a message from Prachi, an adresse. Prachi told him to come there.

He followed her orders. Once he reached there, he entered the hall and found in in pure darkness. As he was about to go, the lights suddenly turned on. He looked at the floor who was covered with white balloons.

He moved the centre near a table. He found a gift and opened it. It was a watch. It was simple yet elegant.

Prachi came in front of him holding her ears and kneed down.

Prachi:”i am sorry. Really really sorry. I hurt you a lot. You love me so much and i just hurt you. I was being selfish. I purposefully hurt you. I don’t deserve your sorry. And you shouldn’t forgive me so easily. I deserve to be punish for this. And i accept any punishment from you. I don’t deserve your love. But i will say it i am really sorry for hurting you Ranbir. Really sorry.”

Ranbir looked at her.

He was no longer angry at her. He understood her, even he did the same for his mum’s happiness.

He kneed down too and removed her hands from her ears.

R:”it’s okay. I am still slightly angry with but i forgive you…. and if you want full forgiveness then accept my punishment.”

Prachi nodded:”tell me the punishment.”

Ranbir pointed to his cheek.

R:”one kiss and you are forgiven.”

He was just teasing her. He knew Prachi would say something but didn’t expect her to really do it.

Prachi leaned in and kissed him on his cheek and whispered in his ears.

Prachi:”i love you, Ranbir. I love you.”

Ranbir looked at her.

Prachi:”i never said it before, but i love you more than my life.”

Ranbir hugged her after hearing what he wanted to her from her since a long time.

He was on cloud nine.

Ranbir moved closer to her and kissed her forehead, then went down and kissed her cheek, and then he caressed her cheek.

He leaned in and they inches apart and finally they kissed each other. All their love and longing for each other was poured in that kiss.

The end.

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