Kumkum Bhagya MYSTERY chapter 5

Pragya – he is

Points towards abhi

Danish- let me guess di father

Abhi – yes

Danish – and she is

Point towards MITALI

Danish – prachi di aunty

Mitali – how did you know

Danish – prachi di taught me this trick how to guess correctly

Danish- they both are

Points towards alia and ria

Danish – di aunty and sister and then this

Point towards dadi

Danish – grandmother of di and then last but not the least

Points towards Ranbir and aryan

Danish – brother

Ranbir coughs

Aryan – I am prachi brother he is my best friend

Danish – oh sorry

Alia – can you show us the rooms

Pratap – sorry

Alia – what

Pratap – sorry

RIA- we will not stay here

Pratap – you can stay but most of the room are locked and prachi has the keys in her room

RIA- then take it from her room

Saanvi – sorry miss

RIA- ria

Saanvi – yes ria Prachi,  me , sahana di have password door instead of normal door

RIA- then call her

She sees phone in saanvi hand and snatches it and calls prachi

RIA- hello prachi

Prachi – (in call) yes san

RIA- I am not san

Prachi – who are you then

RIA- I am ria mehra

Prachi – is there any problem

RIA- yes a big one

Then suddenly phone cuts

RIA- what happened to this stupid phone

Saanvi – I have two phones the phone you Snatched us SOME problem in calling

RIA- then why did you gave me this phone

Saanvi – I did not give you snatched

Then suddenly a someone calls pratap

She is

  1. Jasminerahul

    Happy to see you back.hope you will complete all your ffs.nice scenes.happy to see Anita.

  2. nice update it is very awesome and please put update on kumkum bhagya again .

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