Kumkum bhagya – Love is divine! Episode 4

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Recap: kalpi’s marriage is gonna take place soon. abhi kisses pragya, full family laughs at him. Pragya and abhi have a pillow fight. They sleep unknowingly. Daadi sees them sleeping.

The episode starts with raghav comming to mm. He meets kalpi and says i am soo happy to get mArried with u. Kalpi says thank god mom accepted our love. Raghav asks does she know that we are secretly married? Kalpi says no i dint talk about that to them. Once we get married i will say this to her. He says whatever happens we both are married and no can seperate us from now.. Kalpi ya… Kalpi takes rghav and introduces him to her family members. They are all happy with raghav. Kalpi is worried that abhi and pragya are still sleeping.. So she goes ho ito their room to wake them up and intro raghav. She goes to their room and sees them sleeping like children. She wakes them up. No one gets up. She gets more angry and shouts in abhi’s ear. Still he dint wakeup. She tried the same with pragya. The sMe with her. She gets very angry and thinks to pour a bucket full of water. She takes that and is about to pour but abhi unknowingly raises his hand and that made him to push the bucket on kalpi. Kalpi is fully wet. Suddenlythey both wake up and see kalpi. She lying on the floor with a bucket in her hands. They all laugh seeing her condition she gets more angry. Thinking coffee as water and pours it on abhi.

Abhi: what the hell have u dine?
Kalpi: omg sorry bhai i thought it was water.
Abhi: he says yuck look how i am.
Kalpi: (laughs) bhai u look like a teddy bear
Abhi: chup i dont wanna hear ur nonsense talks in morning itself

Kalpi leaves. Raghav asks kalpana to celebrate as they are gonna get married so kalpi says i have bought drinks yar…
Raghav: wt u?
Kalpi: me means i dint go i stole it from bhai’s room
Raghav: when?
Kalpi: 3 days back
Raghav: then pour two glasses and keep it in the fridge and come we will drink once it is nice and cool

So kalpi gets 2 big glasses and pours them in and goes to kitchen to keep them inside

Meanwhile in abhi’s room

Abhi: pragya i want apple juice yar…
Pragya: wt r u thinking are u a mahaan u’ll order me and i will take it and come here huh?
Abhi: haa i mean ok i will go and drink by myself (sadly)
Prgya: w8 even i will also come even i also want.
Abhi says come lets go

Pragya searches for apple but she dint get any so she opened the fridge and saw 2 glasses of juice(drinks)

She says abhi look some one made and kept apple jiuce come we will drink.
They both drinks them.

Abhi: arre chashmish do u know how to dance?
Pragya: ur asking me that i know to dance or not? How dare u…
Abhi: i will play music and u dance

Abhi takes the utensils and starts making music pragya is dancing.. (Like mental) abhi says stop ur make up is missing and puts a bowl in her head and flour in her face ketchup as lipstick.

Abhi sings song and makes sound while pragya dances (with eatable makeup)

Kalpi says ok now i’ll go and get our drinks . While abhi says u dance cery well and let me dance to and jumps..

Kalpi enters the kitchen and sees them dancing like mentals.. She gets tensed to see them and how to handle. Pragya turns to show her face to kalpi. Kalpi gets scared and runs. She returns back and takes these two people to their room. She makes pragya wash her face.


Precap: pragya (still in a drunk state) keeps a pillow on her tummy and acts to be pregnant in front of bulbul,purab,rv,ishani,kalpi n raghav all becomes very shocked.


Guys i hope u will like this episode i was very happy for seeing people supporting me to continue my ff. if u feel this is boring i will end it within 15 episodes. It is based on ur comments. 🙂 !! Keep supporting….

  1. Very hilarious!!! ???? both the dancing part and make up of Pragya!! ???? so funny!!??? now waiting for the nxt one!!

    1. Thank u maya!!!!!! 😀

  2. Oh my god abhigya episode was sooooooooooo funny ?????????♥♥♥♥♥○○○

    1. Thanks sasmerra!! 🙂

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Wowwwwwww…….Sooooooo funnyyyyyyy……..I loved it………

  4. Abhigya.........


  5. Episode was toooo funnyyyy ?????… Waiting for next one ???…

    1. Thankkk u soooooo muchh

  6. wow very funny waiting 4r nxt episode

  7. Its very funny dr.. it makes me smile louder

  8. Suwn funny episode especially abhigya s toooo cute thn pragya s too too took sooooooooooo cute…

    1. Thankkkkk youuuu!!! 😉

  9. sana (abhigya)

    Wooooooow awesome abhigya drunked state that scene was awesome incredible I couldn’t control my laughter waiting for the next episode

  10. Hey its awesome don’t end it

    1. Thanks sharaya i will not end it

  11. ????? hahahhaa ! Loveddd ittt! ????? amazing ,can’t wait for next one

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