kumkum bhagya – innocent love part 5

Hi guys thanks for your huge support….sriti you asked me how to upload the photo as a icon …actually I have registered so that I could keep it as a pic.I hope you understand me….and all others I havnt watched the movie you are saying….sorry guys may be it would like be…I will first see that movie and will change according to it.

The episode starts with purab says oh ho guys…can you stop your romance for sometime please.I am here to say something…pragya broke the hug and feels shy.purab: abhi I came here to say that you are going to delhi for one weak.pragya: what but why.Abhi asked ha purab why should I.
Purab: actually yaar…comissioner wants to go but he got injured and CM asked you to go.
Abhi: but how could I leave now…and looks at pragya
Pragya: don’t worry…I am having a plan.let’s go to Pune …
Abhi: what you mean ..I can’t understand
Pragya: it means I am also coming with you
Abhi : no you are not coming …it’s not safe for you
Pragya: I could not be without you after you confessed . Now don’t leave me alone.
Abhi cupped her face and says you are not coming ok….pragya says I am coming ok.
Abhi shouts “: see purab I am explaining to her like to a child but she is not understanding.
PURAB thinks oh God …I am trapped between their fights.
Pragya: then purab ask him why he proposed today.let he be himself n.a.
Abhi : who told I proposed you
PRAGYA in anger : how you mean and holds his collar.
PURAB noticed all are looking at them.
PURAB : guys stop fighting like a kid
PRAGYA looks around and turns to opppsite direction
Abhi too feels embarrassed
PRAGYA turns to him and says I am coming that’s it…..and leaves from there
Abhi: why can’t she understand yaar…it’s not safe for her
Purab: you and your girl.handle her …I am leaving.
Abhi Thinks how to convince her.

Next day morning, without informing pragya ,abhi left to Mumbai station.Abhi enters the train and sits on his seat.he checks the number and rest himself.he opens his eyes and shocked to See pragya before him.
Pragya: hello …..DCP sir. .
Abhi: you..what are you doing here.I said you are not coming but..
PRAGYA cuts him oh hello Mr.DCP sir I am not following you..I am here on my way.so you please don’t anger me.Abhi holds his shoulders and says you are not coming …understood .pragya almost shouts : arey. …a man is teasing a girl in public place you guys are watching…what a citizen’s…you are …if this happens to your sister or mother you will be seeing like this.
Abhi whispered in his ears: why are you calling them and what is about their mother’s,sisters.
Pragya: wait and watch DCP sir.

All the people surrounded abhi and pragya and one man holds abhi’s collars…
Other man: hey you cheap….you are teasing a innocent girl.
PRAGYA acts to be sad
Abhi shouts that I am deputy commissioner of police….will you do your job please
.all left and takes their seats.pragya burst out in laughing…and says don’t try to involve in my matters ..you will end up with problems.Abhi was at the edge of anger so he sits opposite to her.he didn’t even look at her and takes his iPod and plugged his earphones.he sleeps by listening to songs.pragya looks at him lovingly. …near ti him a girl was sitting ..she was looking at abhi In awe.pragya got angry meanwhile abhi noticed it but he remains silent.
It was afternoon when all were having their lunch.pragya was eating and wakes abhi to have lunch.Abhi looks angry at her and the girl near him asked him do you want to share with me.pragya says no need.Abhi says who asked you …yes my princess.the girl asked princess. Abhi says ha. ..I don’t know your name n.a. so I called you like that.
The girl says my name is nishi.Abhi says I am abhi and forwards his hand but the girl hugged him.pragya was at peak of jealousy. She called abhi to come with her.Abhi excuses himself and went with her.
PRAGYA shouts are you teasing me
Abhi : are you jealous.
PRAGYA : no I am asking you…why are you doing like this
Abhi says what I am doing….and why should I …whom are you to me
PRAGYA was taken aback…she asked what you said who am I …and holds his collars …Abhi says leave I am having many work..pragya says why are you not listening to me
Abhi: why should I…if you listened to me
PRAGYA says But I but abhi cuts her.listen I am not in mood to argue and leaves From there.pragya says Itne attitude …wait I will show who am I…

Abhi was talking with nishi. …pragya ignored them and was reading a book.Abhi thinks why he is not fighting with me…is she really angry and continues his talks.a man comes there ….pragya says sid ,you….and hugs him.Abhi was in shock.he thinks who is he.why he is hugging my pragya.sid whispers what are you doing…Abhi is seeing us.pragya says I know…do what I said.
Sid breaks the hug.pragya asked him to sit with her.Sid holds her hands and abhi was in peak of anger.pragya looks at him and continued her takks.Abhi holds pragya’s wrist and drags her towards washroom.
Pragya: arey leave me…it’s paining.
Abhi: what you think of you..how can he touch you and…
Pragya: are you jealous
Abhi: pragya it’s not the time to play…come on Sat who is he
Pragya moves towards him…it’s paining n.a….I felt the same when you hugged her.
Abhi: but…
Pragya: he is my friend siddharth.actually that day I called you to say something n.a….Abhi thinks about their talks
Pragya: I came to say that I am going to leave to Delhi for a month but it ended up with fight…ok I thought I can explain you in train but
Abhi: but what you didn’t say
Pragya: I tried to buy you didn’t listened to me.
Abhi looks at pragya.pragya hugs him..Abhi keeps his head on her shoulders…I am sorry if I hurted you.
PRAGYA says no I am sorry.
Abhi says ok no sorry between us ..Let’s go.pragya stops him saying if I see you are talking with that girl then I will go with sid
Abhi says ok…I will not
PRAGYA smiles at him and both leaves
Sid: oh God you both got patched up…thanks guys and I am leaving now
It was night when abhi looks at pragya.she was sleeping by placing her head near the window…he asked the girl near pragya to exchange the seats and sits near pragya.he holds her and made her to keep her head on his chest.he surrounds his hands around her and pragya feels him and hugs him.Abhi smiles at her and kissed on her forehead.

After sometime everyone starts to sleep.Abhi made pragya to lie on the seat.pragya holds his hands. PRAGYA says don’t move …you will not leave me na.Abhi nods no ….nishi asked abhi to put his middle birth but abhi says no I am not feeling sleepy and asked others to sleep.pragya makes abhi to sit near the window and hugged him by placing her head on his chest and both dozed off…

In midnight,abhi feels pragya shivering…he thinks may be A.C Is making her to shiver and he took his jacket and makes her to wear.he hugged pragya tightly and sleeps.

Next Morning,pragya gets up and sees abhi sleeping by holding her.pragya loosened his grip and went to washroom.abhi too wakes up and gets a coffee for both of them.pragya comes and sits beside abhi
PRAGYA : good morning she
Abhi : good morning..and hands the coffee cup to her.
Both had their coffee and soon they reached Delhi….

They both gets down….Abhi looks around.pragya asked what are you looking for .
A man comes there and forwards his hand
Welcome abhiskek .pragya looks at him confused.Abhi says arey bro and hugs him.pragya asked who is he and abhi says ha it’s akash. ..assistant commissioner in Delhi…more over,he is my younger brother.and purab it’s pragya…
Akash : ha bro I know purab informed me..hi bhabhi.
Pragya smiles at him.akash says ok let’s move and takes pragya’s luggage.pragya says no …it’s ok I will carry.akash says it’s ok bhabhi…I will carry.Abhi says after seeing your bhabhi..you fogot me.akash says it will be like that bhai…and three laughs.

A man sees them and makes a call…sir abhi reached to Delhi and akash picked him but there is a girl with them…ok she I will follow them and cuts the call..

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