kumkum bhagya – Humsafar ( stupidity in love ) chapter-2

    I was wondering for the person when I reached the spot. There is a beach near the resort and even it doesn’t look like India. I think he had kidnapped me and took here. Still I lost everything and I am not fear now as I don’t have anything to loss. After encouraging myself I stepped into the cold water. I could not see anyone there as it’s silent and a pleasant feeling calmed my anger . I sat on the muddy sand while the waves started to touch my legs and slowly till my hip but I am not scared about drowning inside because i have no reason now to live this life. After my brother and mother left me , I was left alone and many things happened in my life. I am not in my concious when that man touched me and I don’t know  how many I was being here. Though he is a big business , doesn’t he have a heart . Slowly I stood up as I closed my eyes in pain. The past days scenes were haunting me like a ghost. I slowly took baby steps with my eyes closed thinking that I am teaching you mumma.. I was just walking without thinking about anything and suddenly some force pushed me inside the water and I could not breathe properly . Though I didn’t opened my eyes and not even tried to get up. I know that I am dying without even seeing the person’s face but I don’t want to see who never cared about my feelings. Suddenly a pair of hands surrounded my waist and I opened my eyes in shock . That’s when I met his brown eyes which has a magnetizing effect on her. I unknowingly surrounded her hand around his neck and his hot breath tickles my face. I could hear his heart beat which is beating fast and with that I closed my eyes not able to breathe properly.

         I opened my eyes to see myself on the same bed but not alone as my bare waist was surrounded by the same hands as I could feel the same touch . I am not wearing anything and this time I am not shocked as I know what would have happened.

” why this happens to me every time… why I should faint every time and why he should do something when I am not in my sense … why I must be here and what’s happening in my life. … ”  I cursed my stars and tried to move to hand but all goes in vain.

I am not having strength to move him as he was stronger than me. I noticed his face near my crook of the neck and I could hear his snore . I looked at him pale as his face is glowing in smile.

” why won’t he smile after what he did to me.. I will be the one who should cry ”

  While he moved a little and I guess he is awake. I gathered my courage to confront him. Whatever may be the truth but I need his answers now. He looked at me while I pushed his hands and got up covering myself with the duvet. He looked at me confused and sits comfortable by placing his back on the headboard.  I could see a Strong ,  tall, handsome, studly figure who is rough and tough, aggressive with  sculpted muscles that are attractive.

” oh…stop drooling on him… because of him you are standing here clueless ”

End of her pov :

  Still now you are confused right guys…and want to know who are them …

Let’s see…

” what happened to me? Why am I here…who are you ? ” she shot his back to back with her questions that were creating a great mess in her mind.

He looked at her in Pity look and cleared his throat.

” i know you have lots of questions but before that shall we have breakfast..” he tells while taking out his mobile.

” seriously my life got damaged to the core and I am standing here with lots of questions .. you want me to have breakfast…” she bursted on him waving her hand before him but he didn’t even looked at her for once.

” how rude ” she thought standing there with the duvet draped around her.

” I want to wear any dress as my assistant will be joining here for breakfast and I don’t want you to open your mouth infront of him and I will answer your questions after the breakfast…” he tells while arranging their bed.

” would you think I will be quite after what you and that lady did to me.. sure I will say everything to him and even will call the police to arrest you…” she said folding her hand near her chest.

He smiled at her and says ” you better try to act in some drama’s as it suits you…”

” what the…” she yelled as he moved towards her. She starts to move back and hit the wall by her back.

He caressed her cheeks and his thumb reached the corner of her lips while she was trembling in fear.

” don’t act oversmart. …then you have to face the consequences ” He tells while sighing her to look at the bed.

She gulped her saliva in fear and holds his hand while he was about to move.

” I have nothing to loss. .. and I am not in fear now… you have to pay for what you have done in my life…” she tells while he surrounds his hand around her waist..

He pulled her towards him and nuzzled near her neck and bites her earlobe to which she let a moan instantly.

” don’t even dare to raise your voice on me…. I have kept a Saree in the wardrobe and I want no one to look at you like this… so change it and come soon…” he said in a husky voice and pecked her lips which didn’t last for a second and left from there.

She was shattered and she rushed to the washroom . Though she act bold infront of him she was deep broken from inside which coould not be repaired. She cried her heart out and after few minutes she prepares herself to face him . She thinks she have to escape somehow from him and will wait for an opportunity. She washed her face with plenty of water and then wiped her face. She looked at herself in the mirror and unknown tear  escaped from her left eye.  She wiped it with her back of the hand and looks for the saree he mentioned. Her eyes fell on the box and she opened it. The saree was
red and peach colour gives a royal look.the embriodery work is so attractive..The perfect blend of modern and traditional design and it’s  just like a beautiful royal painting.this gives positive energy to the person who is wearing and there was a full sleeve blouse which covers everything.

” so he don’t want others to see myself… he is quite uncomfortable in it… what I break this first… there may be a chance he will start to hate me…” she thinks as she throws the saree inside the cuboard.

She then looked at a dress which was in the corner and a smile formed on her lips.

” So there you are….” she tells while picking it and went to change herself.

Screen shifts between their faces…

Still want to know who is the guy and girl…

Who might be chameli…

What connection that the guy has with her…

Many more interesting twist……

Keep on guessing …

By aditi..

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