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Hello guys… actually I am fed up with the on going track..so I thought to end in my way…
       ” get ready as you are going to be engaged to purab” aliya’s voice was lingering in her mind. She was standing there alone in her peach lehenga with light makeup and was looking outside . She is going to get engaged with purab whom she thought as a brother. They tried everyting but nothing could stop aliya from planing against them. She mentally cursed purab for accepting his relation with her. She doesn’t know what she gonna do as she have no other option even convicing abhi. She was in her deep thughts when abhi comes there singing his favourite song. He stood astonished after seeing her beauty. He doesn’t know what he feels for her but something attracts him which he could not resist. He slowly moves towards her while pragya looks at him with suprise. He closes the gap between them saying looking beautiful in this dress..he tucks the hair behind her ear which was blocking his view on her….pragya smiles at his sentence and abhi holds her hand saying let’s go..as everyone is waiting for you. PRAGYA asked him where is purab..Abhi feels a pain but he doesn’t show up and covers smiling and says he will come . He almost drags her from there to the hall where everyone id waiting for them. Dadi looks helpless at pragya who looks sad at her. Dadi prays to god that some miracle should happen to stop this engagement . Abhi makes pragya to sit and asked where is purab. PRAGYA looks at aliya and tanu who were smiling at her helpless state. Aliya comes near pragya saying wishing you a happy married life ..pragya. she smiles saying acceot you are loser ..pragya looks at her in anger. Aliya, why you are behaving like this.. soon you gonna engage to purab but I am waiting for you after your engagement.. I am eagerly waiting for that. Tears welled up on pragya’s eyes but she wiped soon before anyone sees her. Abhi calls purab but it’s switched off. Abhi , where he went..I have arranged everything for this engagement..where he went.. aliya, bhai..give him some time.. he needs to get ready as it’s his engagement..tanu murmers  ,aliya..where is he.. are you sure..he will come. Aliya , I am sure. .you just stop thinking like this.. all were waiting  for purab and there comes a shock for everyone. PURAB comes there in a drunken state. He walks straight while abhi looks at him. All looks shocked at him as he was drunken .

PRAGYA gets up seeing purab and tanu , aliya were also shocked.. Abhi nearing him where purab stands near the stage , whats this purab..you remember you are marrying pragya..today is your engagement.. purab nods his head saying i know it’s my engagement and also I came to know the relation  between you and her. Abhi making him to stand straight ,what you are blabbering.  PURAB , I am saying the truth..Abhi ,you are not in your sense..you are drunken purab. PURAB ,I know I am drunken as I could not contr myself after knowing the truth. Abhi slaps him asking you are doubting pragya who loves you..you know she is innocent and a very nice girl.. purab looking at abhi says I know she is nice girl but she have a relation with you Abhi ..how can I  accept her.  Abhi , purab..stop your rubbish talk..how can you say me and pragya..purab takes his phone from his pocket and shows the video where abhi says she looks beautiful and also their seven rounds . Abhi , purab..it’s.. purab , I don’t want to get engaged to a girl who loves another man. I want to break this relation.. Abhi holds his collar saying you cant break as such..you are marrying her that’s it.. purab pushed him saying no ..I can’t  and leaves from there.

   PRAGYA runs from there crying while abhi follows her. She rushes into his room and starts to cry. Abhi comes  after her and looks at her who is crying aloud. Abhi placed his hands while pragya turns to face him.pragya, I already told not to rush him..see today he left from there..but now I could understand what he feels for me.( She thanks purab for breaking her engagement ) … now what will I answer to ma and you know she is a heart patient..Abhi , we can explain to her about this matter as I am responsible for this right.. pragya looks at him. Abhi , and you know what..purab is not the right person for you..I know he is not serious with you..so I planed this engagement to prove that he is wrong match for you.. pragya without looking at him says I am leaving..and don’t worry about me..I will be okay and ae will meet tomorrow. By saying that she leaves from there.she comes down and gives a deadly glare to aliya and tanu. She hugs dadi and she smiles at her and takes sarla and dadi from there..
PRAGYA calls purab when she reached home and purab , di..are you happy now. PRAGYA,no I am not..why you said like that..now see the relation between you and  Abhi is broken..that too because of me.purab in convincing tone ,dont worry di…soon abhi will forgive me once you marry him..then all problems are solved.  PRAGYA says thanks and purab says  di no thanks between us..let’s see what’s abhi’s reaction tomorrow.. pragya cuts the call saying i am waiting to see his reaction too…
  She was about to sleep when she gets a call from abhi. PRAGYA thinks why he is calling me ..in this time. She picks the call and with that she heard his breaking voice of hello. PRAGYA feels worried for him as she is also responsible for hurting him. Abhi clearing his throat , I called you to say that tomorrow morning come straightly to register office .pragya thinks why he is asking me to come. She tells okay with that he cuts the call.
What happened to him , pragya thought while laying on the bed closing her eyes hopes for a peacefull tomorrow….

This is the first part…actually it’s of two parts…so drop your views….

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    Awesome di and pls don’t mistake me that I’m asking u again-pls try to update ur old ff ‘yeh hai aasqui ‘ I’m missing it badly and I know ur writing serval ff together(accidental love,jab we and this shots too)and pls look after that ff too my kind request and this shot was asusal awesome and sorry for disturbing u because I love ur ff’s so that only I’m repeatedly asking u sorry……..

  4. Oh my god damn awesome….

  5. Prathi

    Superb dear! Waiting for next part

  6. Aww sweet heart..that was fantastic epi dear…10000 Times better than real KKB…really Superb update dear..

  7. simply super

    kkb writer not have brain to new things they only repeat it

    love u sweetheart…………

  8. Awesome. .fabulous dear…plz upload jab we met ff soon..plz aditi…

  9. Awesome dear…. Abhi sudden reaction super…

  10. Saranya24

    Wow super waiting fr nxt part?????

  11. sooooo super my sweetness u always make us relieved by ur writing but I don’t think this can happen in the real series bcos I don’t think makers have any gab left for intelligence and happiness in their heads so I think our heart desires could be day dreaming,,,,heehee update the next part soon dear

  12. super. 1000 times better than real kkb

  13. Awesome aditi dear…nice concept… pls continue…eagerly wait to know about abhi’s decision…. pls post it soon yaar….

  14. Sowji


  15. wow another awesome ff by my favorite di its really amazing di pls continue

  16. wow superb part loved it

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