Kumkum Bhagya- The beat that matched with mine (part-5)

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Thanks guys…hope all are enjoying this ff…so I am happy and thanks to my regular readers ,silent readers and all…keep supporting..your comments are making me to feel crazy and to write..so let’s get into the story..
     I am very lucky to have a partner like her. She is really a fairy or Angel in my life ..who changed my whole life.I feel like I am the most happiest man in this world..abhi was thinking about pragya who sprinkled colours to his life.pragya, what you are thinking about.abhi,it’s almost 4 am in morning..let’s leave to home .pragya, so soon with pout. Abhi,tell me..you don’t want to go home or you gonna stay here.pragya,till your suprise is not finished.abhi,what you mean..pragya,to know that follow me..pragya starts to walk and abhi moves with her.they reached near their car.abhi with irritation,tell me n.a…fuggie..what’s my next suprise. Pragya, wait mr. Mehra..that time abhi got irked and pragya was laughing at him.that time their driver comes.abhi,why ramu kaka is here.. ( ramu kaka is abhi’s driver).pragya,I only called him.abhi in shocked tone ,is he is my suprsie. .pragya laughed at him and abhi looks at ramu .pragya in loving tone, arey meri bachu. ..she pulled his cheeks but abhi pushed her hands.abhi,don’t butter me..pragya,first get in..we can talk later..abhi gets in and pragya sits beside him.pragya,kaka. ..you can go there straight. Abhi,where..
pragya,suprise…abhi ,he’ll with your suprise..pragya looks at him in anger.abhi,I just joked .. and why you called him.pragya,abhi actually I could not travel as it will take almost 3 hours to reach there.abhi,where we are going…Pune,..pragya nods no.abhi in husky voice ,goa.pragya nods no..abhi in sad tone ,where..pragya,abhi..don’t keep on asking me..it’s almost irritating me.. abhi,ok …it will take almost 3 hours right..I am going to sleep .he moves pragya’s hands aside and keeps  his head on her chest and pragya hugs him close to her.abhi snugs more to her and closed his eyes .pragya caressed his face and kissed on his forehead.
   ”  I don’t know when i slept as some One is waking me.I know it’s my love but I hate to wake up in early morning..that too awake in midnight..but she never understands me and that makes me to love her more…I opened my eyes to see her as she was looking at me lovingly rather than anger” thought abhi. Abhi in sleepy tone,we reached or we have to go..pragya,we reached.I don’t want him to get irritated in the morning as today his birthday thought pragya while asking abhi to get down.abhi looks around as it looks like some village.he looks at pragya in confused look who returns a smile to him.they walked in to a building which is almost old by years and there was no sign board of what it is..abhi and pragya walked in where small children’s shouts happy birthday rockstar uncle…abhi was shocked first  but smiles seeing small children’s.yes..it’s an ashramam where hundreds of children’s are staying there.abhi gets tears in his eyes as his past flashed before his eyes.when his parents died his relatives asked dadi to leave him and aliya in ashramam but his dadi opposed it…his thoughts were disturbed by pragya who asked him to talk with kids.he thanked her and starts to speak with them.later abhi and pragya served for all children’s with their own hands and too starts to eat with them.after that abhi sings as a request from children’s and makes pragya to sing.both had a great time and distributed gifts for all and leaves from there…

    While travelling, abhi thanks her for making his day memorable. Pragya asked him not to thank as she always want him to stay happy .pragya,and I want you to be a person with love not abhi the rockstar.abhi with a smirk,so you hate abhi the rockstar…pragya ,yes I love simple abhi not that rockstar abhi.
abhi smiles at her where pragya says I am feeling sleepy ..I gonna sleep and lies on his shoulder.abhi makes her comfortable and hugs her saying i love you..pragya mocks him saying more than you.abhi smiles at her last sentence and pulls her more close to him.
   They reached mm and both enters.it remains dark when abhi shouts robin …switch on the lights…all shouts happy birthday abhi….when lights were on.abhi looks at them all were happy except aliya and tanu.he knows the reason but never shows it.abhi holds pragya’s hands where she looked shocked .purab comes towards abhi and hugs him saying happy birthday bro..di. .how is this..I did as you said..abhi Looks at pragya who just nods her head.aliya comes and drags abhi saying spend sometime with me also bhai and asked him to cut the cake.tanu,abhi..why you didn’t pick my call.abhi was irked but replied that he forget his phone in his room itself.dadi asked him to cut the cake and abhi cuts it and feeds dadi and aliya.purab and pragya were standing at a distance.he cuts a piece and tanu was happy that he gonna feed him and opens her mouth but abhi moves from there.abhi feeds pragya and pragya too makes him to eat and abhi gives purab a piece.pragya hugs him saying happy birthday again..abhi ,how many times will you wish .pragya smiles at him.all were having great time but not tanu or aliya…
“How can he do this to me aliya ” tanu blurts her anger once tanu reached aliya.” I don’t know what magic she did as bhai never leaves her hand.I could not able to think how can he behave like that….” aliya tells in anger .tanu,you keep on thinking…nothing you can do as always our plan flops.aliya in irked tone,so you plan next time and I will not help and let’s see how you execute it …I want to be alone for sometime. ..I am leaving..aliya leaves from there where tanu sits on the bed thinking how to defame pragya.
Pragya,where he went…it’s almost 15 minutes I am searching for him…she sees mitali and stops her asking bhabhi,did you are abhi anywhere. ..mitali, ha..pragya i saw him going to his room.pragya thanks her and goes to his room.she sees abhi standing near balcony .she walks towards him where she could see him in tears. PRAGYA just kept her hand on his shoulders all of a sudden abhi hugs her crying.pragya comforts him.she don’t know the reason but she knows that abhi needs her.they remained same for sometime.finally abhi breaks the hug looking into her eyes.his eyes were red ..sure he cried a lot and her eyes gets tears seeing him in pain.abhi,thanks a lot for everything…you are my Angel who changed my life …..I really don’t know what I gonna do for you..pragya keeps her hand on his lips saying you love me more …enough for me ..trust me more..that’s enough…abhi smiles at her and starts to kiss her.pragya didn’t stopped him and both continued till they need break.pragya asked him to come inside and makes abhi to lie on the bed.she lies beside him and abhi hugs her immediately by keeping his head on her chest .pragya starts to caress his face and this was seen by tanu.tanu fumes in anger and screen flashes between Abhi pragya ‘s face and tanu’s anger …..
Hope you loved..all suprises are over…hope you enjoyed. ..sorry for late updates as my college has reopened…

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