Kumkum Bhagya- The beat that matched with mine (part-4)

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Hello …thanks a lot guys…and haritha thanks a lot for commenting and all others A BIG THANKS TO ALL…and I am sorry saru ( saranya) for saying boring updates…so let’s get into the story…

          PRAGYA,” why you pulled me …I don’t understand what’s your problem “.pragya was annoyed this time.” You are my only problem..your presence is the main problem.because of you I could not able to near abhi” blurted tanu in anger.” Am not the one who is behind him..he only follows me …and for your information we are connected by hearts and by your cheap plans you can’t seperate us ..” pragya told her softly. ” oh..stop your so called lectures..abhi mera hai..sirf. .or sirf. .mera ..” bursted tanu.” Oh my god tanu..you are..ok see i am again warning you..stay away from him..because you gonna hurt more.” PRAGYA told in warning tone.” You better stay away from him..” tanu tells and leaves from there.pragya, she never gonna understand…she leaves from there.

       All happened as I expected but how I gonna convince tanu.will she accept our relation.I know she will understand but what if her parents doesn’t. I promised fuggie that I will solve all the problems and will marry her but for that I have to convince tanu and her family…abhi was thinking about it while sipping his coffee in balcony.pragya just comes and sees him .abhi senses that she is around and looks at her.pragya sits beside him and was sad.abhi keep a his coffee mug on the table and looks at her .abhi,what happened…he asked concerned while placing his hands around her shoulders.pragya ,nothing ..I am okay.. abhi,no..there is something..pragya,I was thinking how you gonna tell tanu .abhi takes his hands while pragya looks at him confused.abhi,I was thinking about that..pragya,I know..you will not do anything..you will speak lengthy dialogues but will not do anything..abhi,how can I just solve this.. and how can you think that I will do nothing.. pragya,I don’t have any faith on you .and listen solve as soon as possible.. otherwise marry her and both go to hell …the last line was little bit harsher but she left saying .abhi In mind,this girl n.a…making me to dance on her tunes..I should find a way soon.
     Di, you forgot that tomorrow is his birthday…purab tells pragya in little bit happy tone .pragya,so we should plan something for him..purab looks at her.pragya, yes I created some drama so that i could find some time as he will be quite thinking about how to console me and i have planned some thing different .purab, it’s super di..if you need help..I will.pragya shares her plan and purab was excited…di. .it’s damm super..sure abhi would be surprised..but what about tanu..pragya smiling,you don’t worry..I will manage her but do your part correctly..he should not get any doubt about us.purab,sure di..I am leaving..I gonna prepare …

      It’s almost night around 11 pm. Whole day pragya ignores him and abhi was thinking the possible ways to console her. But it ends in some other fight..so abhi thinks to leave as such and decides to sleep and he forgot that tomorrow is his birthday in these stress. Abhi lies on the bed with his eyes closed when pragya enters in.she thinks he is worried about her and slowly walks towards him.she slowly wakes him by holding his hands. Abhi too realised that pragya is near him and gets  up.without any words abhi hugs her saying i am sorry…and cries .pragya didn’t expect this from him.she comforts him saying i am not angry with you..abhi breaks the hug while pragya wipes his tears saying..I am sorry..I over reacted ..I know that you are finding a way …abhi,I am sorry..pragya,arey ..it’s not your fault..and moreover I hurted you ..so I thought to take you for a long drive.abhi in suprised tone,you gonna take me for a drive.pragya nods her head asking will you come.abhi ,ofcourse..why I will not..let’s go..I too have to spend some time with you..because you ignored me whole day..it’s a punishment for you..pragya smiles at him saying let’s go..tomorrow is a day with me..ok..abhi ,don’t give more suprises in one day itself..i am sensing some pain in my heart.pragya pokes his shoulders.abhi holds her hands saying let’s go..come and both leaves.
    Abhi was about to take driver’s seat when pragya says I will drive..I asked you for a drive right..I will.abhi,it’s okay..I will.pragya in stern look,I will drive ..that’s it..if you want come or else go..abhi,okay…I am not driving..you drive..but one thing..pragya looks at him.abhi,you know to drive right. .pragya looks at him in how you mean..abhi,arey..it’s a confirmation as world’s best rockstar is coming..if something happens to him..pragya,don’t worry. .I am better in driving than you..abhi thinks she is pulling you to fight abhi..don’t mind her words.abhi,come on..it’s getting late..we can stop out fighting..pragya starts the car and through the ride pragya and abhi had some fights and some romance ,some taunts etc..
    PRAGYA,finally we reached Mr. Mehra. Abhi looks around.it’s almost 11:40 pm. Abhi,it’s almost dark .. are you sure you want to go.pragya,ofcourse get down..pragya and abhi starts to walk.abhi,it looks like some forest.
pragya,yes..ofcourse.it’s..and one second. Abhi looks at her .pragya blindfolded him.abhi,what you are doing..it’s almost dark..and you..pragya,don’t worry..I am hear right..hold my hands and pragya takes his hand in hers .she starts guiding him.abhi in mind,arey is she mad …I am in atmost fear..i could not explain what I feel…this girl na ..pragya,dont think too much..we almost reached.abhi doesn’t even know in which direction they are walking..she asked him to lift his leg to high as there is a stone..abhi thinks there is a stone..abhi..you are in a Forest. .so you can expect these..
   PRAGYA makes abhi to sit.for abhi it’s look like a bench.abhi thinks oh god. .I will have some rest…he breath in and breath out…suddenly he feels like floating..he can hear some voice on top of it pragya is making some noice..like I will come soon..dont worry..bye..abhi,listen..I gonna open my eyes. .pragya, arey no..but before that abhi opens his eyes..he was shocked first..he is in the middle of a lake …abhi,pragya tum. …but  pragya was not listening to him.abhi looks at her confused as she is behaving weirdly. PRAGYA,three …two..one…happy birthday rockstar…and she hugs him.abhi was almost shocked..he didn’t even remember that today is his birthday .he too hugs her saying thank you…and then he gets to know about her plan.abhi breaking the hug,so you planed this..pragya,rockstar…we have to celebrate in your style right..abhi,but..why you bring me here..we may have gone to some clubs right…pragya looks down in sad.abhi lifts her face.abhi,what’s wrong..I mean not to..pragya,hmm..I thought to celebrate here because my father used to bring me here like this every birthday..though I know he is bringing me here ..but there will be some happiness in this..and I really like this place as see under the moon and stars..with this sounds of water …waves…I thought you will like but..abhi,I am more happy..I don’t know you have a strong connection here..I am happy because this time I am celebrating differently with my soulmate. PRAGYA smiles at him.abhi,can we come here often….when we celebrate our birthdays, anniversary, our children’s birthday..pragya blushed hearing the word children.abhi teases her. PRAGYA asked him to first marry her and then plan for anniversaries and birthdays ….pragya,let’s cut the cake..abhi,cake…where it is..pragya,here you go..she places a chocolate cake with writings HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN MY LIFE – BY UR FUGGIE….abhi gets tears and pragya wipes it saying your birthday today..don’t cry ….you have to smile but first cut them.abhi cuts the cake and feeds her .pragya too feeds him.
abhi hugs her and pragya placed her head on his chest.she could hear his heartbeat which beats for her and abhi thinks it’s most unforgettable birthday in my life.he pulls her more and screen freezes between their happy faces. ….

So guys…i dont know hoe to write more dramatically…as its quite a short story…and more suprises are waiting for abhi…let’s see …

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