Kumkum Bhagya- The beat that matched with mine (part-2)

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Thanks for your beautiful comments…really it means a lot to me….happy reading …
       Abhi sits beside pragya holding her hands after assuring that he is not hurting her .he just hold her lightly as he feels that he was holding something precious. PURAB waves bye saying don’t sit like this..di will not leave ..so please take some rest. Abhi nods as he knows it’s not concern but he is teasing him.he could not believe that his close friend purab proved him that he is in love with his Secretary..not again..his fuggie..seriously abhi..when did she became yours..abhi smiled himself and says come on fuggie..your silence is killing me..see I started to blabber something ..I could not resist from you..I feel I am completed after realising my love for you..today is the most important and wonderfull day..what ever may happen you are mine and I am all yours..please open your eyes n.a….abhi looks at her lovingly wishing her to open her eyes soon. Soon he drifted to sleep by looking at her..

     How it could happen..I did what you said but nothing happened to her asked tanu in loud voice to her mom.she asked tanu to keep quite..if someone hears then we are gone.tanu says now aliya nor nikkil will help me in killing pragya..so I have to kill her so that abhi will marry me.until she is in my life I could not marry him.please be calm…let’s see what happens tomorrow..now get back to sleep said her mom and left .

    It was past two when pragya opens her eyes.she could not open her eyes and feels heavy but it’s not more heavier than her hand…she looked down to see abhi holding her hand.she didn’t want to wake him but the scene in the room which caught fire flashed before her.she starts to sheiver more and abhi sensed it.he looks at her and it’s clearly visible that she is panting .abhi gets up and caressed her face.pragya hugs him saying help..someone..please hel. ..abhi rubbed ger back saying you are safe..see..I am here with you..pragya then broked the hug looking around.it’s abhi’s room and he was sitting beside her worried. She wants to scream but after looking at him she feels she is safe in his arms.pragya hugged him by placing her head on his chest and abhi rubs her back..fuggie..listen..you are safe.see we are in my room..I am here right..why are you shivering like this.pragya starts to cry .abhi could not understand.he caressed her face asking what happened.pragya’s breath becomes uneven.it may be due to her fear.abhi makes pragya to lie and he too lies beside her.pragya hugs him by throwing her hands around him and pulling herself to abhi.abhi too hugged her and kissed her on the top of her head and caressed her hair.soon her breath becomes even and abhi gets relief and he too sleeps beside her peacefully because his life is in his hands..more close to him..

             Abhi wakes up as the sunrays disturbed his sleep but before it disturbs pragya he placed his hands to stop disturbing his love’s sleep.she looks beautiful and I may stay here by looking at her thinks abhi and he slowly released himself from her grip and gets to fresh up once making sure that he closed the curtains .Tanu wonders how is pragya and comes to abhi’s room.she sees her sleeping peacefully. By making my life he’ll you are sleeping peacefully..but how can you when I am here ,tanu thinks to herself.she thinks to wake her but before that abhi comes there .he wants to avoid her but he should give her proper explanation but in this state he could not assure her..hey you here..asked abhi with small smile.ya. .I came to see her..tanu replied with fake smile.if you don’t mind can you leave now..actually I want to prepare a song..said abhi .no problem..ya sure i am leaving..said tanu before closing the door.abhi looked at pragya who was sleeping saying see..because of you I lied to her..I could not say to her that I want some time to be with you..this is bad fuggie..you are making me to lie..abhi mutters to himself and settles near her. Abhi slowly caressed her cheeks saying wake up..see..Sun is awake..I am awake..pragya just opened her eyes and turned opposite saying give me five minutes..abhi thinks she is making rockstar as a servant.

Abhi smiled saying please..wake up fuggie..pragya thinks if all mornings are like this..then there will be no more worries in her life.she just want abhi to care her more.She turns to him saying g..g good morning..and yawns.abhi,oh hello madam..for your kind information. .it’s morning not night..seriously how much you want to sleep.pragya sits comfortably beside him saying more..and smiles.that smile is enough for abhi..he lost in it.pragya,now where are you lost..whatever i am going to get fresh up .pragya passed him but when she placed her legs on the floor she lost the balance but abhi steadied her.abhi,where is your ..before he could complete pragya sits on bed looking at her legs which have scars oj the inner side of foot.abhi,I never noticed it and caressed her foot.pragya  fumes in pain.abhi,is it paining a lot..pragya nods her head like a child.pragya now how I will go to washroom..abhi,I will take you..he was about to carry her when he reembered what he told..pragya looked at him with her mouth open..abhi ,I mean..pragya,I am not coming.but to her luck dasi comes there asking them to come for breakfast..abhi,thank god..you came here dadi..actually she can’t walk and also wants to fresh up. .will you please help her..pragya too looks at dasi.dasi thinks to tease them but she knows it’s not the right time and helps pragya to fresh up.

PRAGYA while sitting on the bed ,I am too hungry..let’s have breakfast..abhi looks at her and thinks how cute she is and says ya. .I asked robin to bring out breakfast to our room.pragya in sad tone ,we can go there..I mean i want to have with all..abhi thinks and asked if so ..can you walk..pragya with pout, no..I can’t ..abhi in smirking tone, then..chup chap tum breakfast karo..we are not going anywhere.
Seriously I think to spend some time with her but she is not at all showing any interest in it..unromantic fuggie.thinks abhi.pragya sits there silent…abhi,ok. .stop your drama..don’t sit like that..we can go..now smile..pragya happily says ok but asked how..abhi scooped her in his arms and headed towards dinning hall.how sweet he is.I know he is doing something to tell me something..but I could not understand it..I should ask purab to confirm about this…thought pragya.

Abhi made her sit comfortable on the chair and sits beside her.how are you beta…and what’s the need to come down, dadi asked.ya..I would have called robin to give breakfast to you both..in your room,said mitali.pragya,no need bhabhi…dadi ..I am fine..actually I felt bored..abhi,excuse me..pragya turned towards him.you are making the world’s best rockstar as your carrier..servant..said abhi having his bread toast .pragya,oh hello..did i asked you to carry me..no n.a…you only carried me in your arms..said with anger..abhi,have some respect..how many girls are dying to fall om my hands but you are ..pragya,so go and carry those girls..not me..abhi thinks oh..god..what i
am doing.instead of expressing what I am feeling I am making her mood bad..pragya, I am not in mood to have this..better robin you bring breakfast to room..I am leaving…abhi was not listening to her ..he was busy with his breakfast. PRAGYA shouts again..I AM LEAVING..no response..she got irked and stands to leave but she could not.abhi laughs a little which irritated her..but soon her irked face turns to smile.abhi thinks what happened and looks at her but she was looking somewhere.by tracing her gaze he looks at purab.abhi thinks bad time entry purab..purab comes there asking what happened..pragya asked purab to take her to room as she is not in mood to have .aliya got irked by their fight..tanu too pised off.she could not do nothing as it will create doubt on her.purab helps pragya to walk and both leaves from there.abhi,arey..this purab na..will fail my plan in right time..

PRAGYA and purab reached Abhi’s room.purab,di. ..you know how much abhi was in fear yesterday..pragya smiles at him.purab,I am sure di. ..I know he doesn’t remember anything but have a different feeling on you..you know what happened yesterday..purab was about to say but he remembers what abhi told him yesterday.

Fb starts..
Abhi holds purab’ s hand saying thank you for making me to realise my love for her but don’t repeat in her because I don’t want others to tell her I want to propose her and she should accept me whole heartly..she should feel for me ..so promise me you won’t tell her that I am in love with her..purab says promise..pakka ..and both hugs…
Fb ends…

PURAB where were you lost..I don’t know what happened to you nor him..anything important. ..pragya asked him worridly..di. .nothing like that..i am just thinking about how abhi behaved yesterday. .that’s it….
PRAGYA,acha…ok..no problem..

After some times abhi comes to his room .he sees pragya reading a book.abhi comes to her and sits beside her.pragya looks at him and turns opposite side.abhi,arey. .I am sorry baba ..I just teased you..I can tease you only..you are my only girl..pragya looks at him asking what you mean…abhi then remembers what he told and says you are the only girl whom I could tease..don’t mind it.
Can we go out..we can go for a drive and a dinner,abhi asked it .pragya in eager tone.. but why so sudden. .abhi, for hurting you ..pragya ,is it so..let’s go..abhi,but first have this and he takes a spoonful of rice and feeds her.pragya too opens her mouth and abhi feeds her happily..after finishing their love moments…it’s almost past 4 so abhi asked pragya to get ready..abhi this time helps pragya to stand but she pushed his hands saying I am not having pain and I can walk myself.abhi looks at her shocked asking you made me to carry ..
Cheater …pragya says I am not a cheater. ..I am ok now as dadi applied an oinment and it almost healed .abhi,ok..thanks to dadi..I thought I should carry you all time but now I am free. PRAGYA,we have to go right….in irritated tone .abhi with smile..ofcourse..get ready..I will meet dadi and will inform you..

PRAGYA gets ready in her green saree ( lady mogambo style) with light makeup.abhi gets in and sees her lovingly….abhi,so madam is ready..pragya,I am ready but I am not comfortable with this..see some scars are visible…she shows her waist without knowledge.abhi looks at the area where she shows and pragya realized what she told to him and takes a duppatta near her and hides.abhi, arey show me n.a…he holds her hands.pragya,arey..I am not showing any fashion show..I was just sharing my pain but you are looking..unbelievable. ..she moves from there.abhi,you only asked me to see…and realized what he did..abhi looks at her who was busy in wearing earnings .abhi in mind . oh..god..I am losing myself these days. And says ..I am waiting down ..you come after getting ready ,abhi tells and leaves from there.pragya looks at him in mirror and tu mere jaan ….plays in background. …

you guys enjoyed….give your feedbacks …

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    superbb duper episode i love it but u kniw wat instead of abhis memory loss i am feeling pragya has lose her memory so funny haaa haaa

  7. That was good I like you writing style don’t mind if say that wud you describe more feeling for each other. Like how pragya’s feelings for abhi as you can see how abhi feels for pragya Apart from that I love it, really good writing

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