Kumkum Bhagya- The beat that matched with mine (part-1)

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Hi guys ….it’s sira here..I know I am new here to telly updates as I am a big fan for many fan fictions. ..and everyone are doing amazing…it’s my first try..I don’t know how it will be …may be blunder because I am new in writing ff….hope you will understand and will support me..it’s just a small one and also a tribute to all writters….

    This starts from abhi bringing pragya to mehra’s mansion.” Dadi will feel happy if she sees you” abhi said as he was taking pragya inside.pragya was not in her senses she was thinking about how will dadi react and how she gonna face other members.abhi snapped before her asking where are you lost..pragya nods her head negatively and both enters mm..Dadi sees abhi and pragya and was happy..finally pragya is back..may be she is not returning as her bahu but sure she will be one day..Dadi and dasi welcomed them and dadi took aarti .all family members gathers except tanu and aliya.”what the hell is going here aliya”tanu asked while entering aliya’s room.” You are in your senses right..can’t you see what’s happening..and please tanu..I am already In bad mood..dont irritate me..”snapped aliya in irritating tone.tanu looked her in hate and says looking like I am happy about pragya’s arrival.” Will you please leave me alone” aliya said in pleading tone and pushed tanu out of room.tanu got irritated and she left from there in anger.abhi thinks why dadi is behaving weirdly as she is welcoming her bahu. .but tanu is inside..why these things are happening..or I am thinking more…don’t stress yourself abhi..your Secretary returned..then what problem you have in your life..pragya looked at him and gestures dadi to look at abhi..Dadi too realised it and asked abhi to take rest as he will be tired.abhi nods and tanu comes there with fake concern.” Nikitha will stay here..” before abhi could finish tanu asked ” why..abhi..she can go to her home right..”.Ya but Sarla aunty and dadi are not back and will be back after one week so I thought she may stay here..for a week only ..right..abhi replied to tanu.Dadi, ya ..you are right abhi..it’s not safe to be alone. .don’t worry beta..go fresh up and come for dinner ok ..pragya nods her head and leaves from there.abhi too leaves from there.tanu, dadi..this is not right..I am going to marry abhi..but this time you are making pragya to stay here..dadi, she is bahu of this house..and are you afraid that if she stays here …your dreams will fail..tanu smiles saying let’s see how long she stay here..dasi, we too will see how long you gonna stay here..di come let’s go..after many days our happiness is back..we should not waste time by speaking to her..and all leaves tanu in anger..tanu in mind..let’s see pragya. .how long you gonna be here..until you are here..I could not marry abhi..I must do something.

In guest room. .pragya was getting ready when abhi comes there. Hai. .you are here..asked pragya by putting her bangles.abhi could not believe himself that he marched to pragya.pragya looked at him through the mirror..abhi placed his hands on her shoulders .pragya turned and looked at him.abhi was lost in her eyes.he could not understand what relation is between them but he believes that there Is a relation beyond friendship.pragya was the one to broke the beautiful eyelock. Abhi came to his senses and says let’s go..dinner will be waiting for us.pragya could not believe that in these days his talks had never changed..he is the same whom she loved most in this world and still loving him unconditionally. Abhi, should I pick you in my arms..arey come..stop day dreaming fuggi.pragya smilled at him and both leaves to dinning hall.

    PRAGYA and abhi comes there and all started to have dinner.abhi was just admiring at pragya who was talking with dadi and dasi. He thinks that I need a wife who cares dadi and takes care of family. He looks at tanu who was not even intrested with their talks .she was just having her food and was not even looking at anyone.all finished their dinner and headed to their room.
   PRAGYA lies on the bed and feels relaxed..back to her home..may be not in our room but soon I will try to remember him everything..pragya closed her eyes in tiredness.
       “Tanu..what you gonna do..do..I am not going to help you..I just need some sleep..but don’t come to me after doing your stupid things “aliya said and goes to her room in anger.whatever may be..I am going to do this…no one can save her ,tanu told to herself and starts to pour oil near pragya’s room.she then takes the match box saying bye ..bye..pragya arora..with wicked smile and lights it..the room gets fire…tanu then leaves to her room as tomorrow is going to be her day…
        PRAGYA wakes up and feels thirsty.she gets up and was about to switch on the light but before she could she could see bright light near the entrance..that’s when she gets to know that the room catched fire. She thinks to seek help but her voice is mutted ..no words are coming out from her mouth..tears are brimming from her eyes.she with most fear shouts help…help…fire. …these words she could say..dadi…dasi. …raj bhaiya…and with that her eyes closed and she falls on the ground …she was trying her best not to close her eyes but she failed…
      I think I should check fuggi if she is alright…why I am feeling restless..why I am feeling that she is in danger ….with that thoughts abhi comes out of his room.he was sleepy but one thing which he saw made him to open his eyes wide….fuggie..abhi runs to the entrance which was catched by fire…abhi shouts fuggie but no response..raj,mitali and others too came there.dadi shouts beta..yeh kaise..abhi asked raj to call doctor.abhi breaks the door and gets inside. Mitali and dasi holds dadi from not entering inside. Dadi …abhi is there na ..don’t worry..nothing will happen to her.mitali tried to calm dadi. Aliya comes out because of their talks and was shocked to see fire.she knows it’s Tanu’s work and gets back to her room to enquire her.

   Tanu. .wake up..I know you are not sleeping..tanu looks at aliya and gets up asking what happened.aliya,why did you …tanu,what I did..aliya don’t worry. ..I hope by now she would have died ..aliya, did you lost your mind..no one will die due to this..tanu,I too know sweetheart ..so I just added napthalene in it..so that the person inside could not breathe and due to lack of oxygen..they will…aliya,tum bhi na..if bhai comes to know about this..I am sure he will call of this marriage..tanu in irked tone,I am sure..no one will have doubt on me..ok come let’s go and see what’s happening there..aliya and tanu comes out.still aliya feels it’s not right to do something like this..aliya thinks why I am feeling pity for pragya..how can I ..I shouldn’t right…she just stands near mitali.

          Abhi placed pragya on the bed and asked her to open her eyes..he sees some scars in her hands and fore head. Abhi gets panicked and asked raj did he called doctor.before raj could reply the doctor comes..she asked them to wait outside.abhi and all members leaves while abhi was praying to god that nothing should happen.purab too comes there.abhi just hugged him saying it’s all because of me..Sarla aunty told that because of me..she is..before he could complete purab says abhi..it’s not your fault..and we never know this will happen..you don’t worry..nothing will happen to her..you are with her n.a…abhi, that’s the problem..because of me..she is bearing all pain..purab breaks the hug saying..arey stop blaming you..and one thing abhi ..suddenly how it caught fire..tanu thinks oh..this purab na ..always coming in my way..first I have to kill him..but if aliya knows this..she will kill me..I must as I am not involved in this..abhi,ya..I never thought about this purab..purab pacifies him saying let’s talk about it later and sees doctor coming out ..purab rushed to her askibg if she is fine..doctor, yes..sir..she is fine..but there are some scars ..but it will heel.she is little bit feared that’s it..her blood pressure is high ..I think because of fear..nothing more than that..a proper bed rest is required and that’s it..she will be fine soon.purab thanked her and raj says he will come with her and both leaves.all gets inside to  see pragya.tanu in anger goes from there.aliya too leaves to her room.

In abhi’s room
Abhi sits beside pragya holding her hand.dadi,abhi..you sleep..she will wake once is conscious beta..abhi just nods his head and all leaves from there.purab sits beside him and keeps his hands on his shoulders.abhi looks at him..purab asked him to come and both leaves to balcony not to disturb pragya ..purab and abhi settles in couch..purab,abhi..today I saw my old abhi who cares for his loved ones. I saw the same abhi when your parents died..I saw the same pain in your eyes …bhai..I know it’s for her ..abhi looks at him in confused look.purab,bhai..do you have any feelings for her..I know you are going to marry tanu but it’s all because of pressure but think if you can live happy once you marry her.abhi in cold tone ,purab I am confused yaar..I don’t know what feelings I have for nikitha..I don’t know it’s love or friendship or…but I could not see her in pain..my heart aches when she is in pain..and I know I will not be happy after marrying tanu but what can I do..I have to ..purab,abhi..listen..I am not saying you to sacrifice  your life for what you have done that day..even dadi doesn’t like tanu..she wants dias her bahu..and none of us is happy with your decision..it’s the truth abhi..

abhi,I know dadi is not happy and I too wish I want to marry a girl like fuggie but what can I do now..purab,call off this marriage..bhai…there is nothing than your happiness..if it lies with di..then what…don’t worry about press,media.they are not your part of life..for them..you should not sacrifice your life..abhi in confused tone ,do you think I am in love with fuggie..purab laughs at him saying ofcourse..you are ..see your face ..still in fear that di will leave you..this is true love bhai..abhi smiles saying I am feeling for her..purab ,let’s test..it’s love or friendship ..abhi ,how…purab asked abhi to close his eyes.abhi too closed his eyes..purab,abhi..think..you are in another earth..no one there..you only..only you..full of grass,waterfalls..abhi,hmm…and smiles.purab,you heard someone calling you abhi..it’s not dadi or me or aliya..it’s girls voice..pleasant voice..you can see only her back..she turned to your side and smiles..you too walks towards her.she tells abhi…abhi imagines pragya as that girl..he smiles more..purab,then you both are becoming friends and then both are having feeling for each other..you proposed her.abhi dreams as he is proposing to pragya..I LOVE YOU FUGGIE…I LOVE YOU TOO..one day her mother separates her from you..your heart aches more that you have lost your life..abhi thinks about his pain when pragya left him…and shouts fuggie…
PURAB laughs at him asking fuggie and pokes his shoulder…abhi too laughs at him..purab, what you feel now…abhi feeling shy …I am in love with her..fuggie..and hugs purab.purab too hugs him..

Hope you liked…next will be more intresting in way abhi trying to tell pragya what he feels for her …

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    Thank you..varsha …..thanks for your feedback. ..

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